Health Services Preferential Access Inquiry Media Policy

Message from the Executive Director 
CALGARY, Nov. 29, 2012 /CNW/ - Journalists and other media representatives 
play an important role in the democratic process - providing the public with 
news and information about government initiatives and reporting on the views 
and opinions of all parties involved. The Health Services Preferential 
Access Inquiry wishes to establish a positive relationship with the media to 
promote public awareness and understanding of its Public Hearings process 
associated with the responsibility it has been given by the Government to 
investigate the serious allegations of preferential access to medical services 
in Alberta (commonly referred to as 'queue jumping'). To this end, rules and 
procedures have been proposed while ensuring that the participants engaged in 
the judicial process remain unimpeded in their work and responsibilities. 
The Public Hearings will take place in Edmonton from December 3(rd) to 13(th) 
at the Shaw Convention Centre.The general public is invited to attend. 
A tentative schedule of witnesses to appear at the Hearings will be released 
by the Inquiry on November 30(th), 2012. 
Sheila-Marie Cook, CVO
Executive Director 
The Commissioner has authorized the sound and visual recording of the public 
A Media Centre will be established at the site of the public hearings and the 
Inquiry Media Staff will assist in providing these services to any duly 
accredited member of the media. Members will be asked to check into the 
Centre and present their credentials at the beginning of each day's hearings. 
The Media Centre will be equipped with photocopying/fax facilities, 
wireless-internet, audio/visual feed services and access to the Inquiry's 
website which will feature a webcast of the proceedings for the public. In 
addition, copies of the daily transcripts and the registered exhibits will be 
made available for reference purposes within the Media Centre. Daily 
transcripts will be made available on the Inquiry's website within three hours 
of the closing of the hearings for the day. Remote visual coverage of the 
proceedings in the hearing room will be available on screens in the Centre. 

    --  Cameras and microphones will be located at pre-determined
        places in the hearing rooms.  Only fixed cameras and the fixed
        lighting system will be allowed.
    --  Copies of the recorded and visual proceedings will be made
        available at the end of each day to members of the media who
        have made prior arrangements with the Inquiry for this service.
    --  No media scrums, interviews, or reporting will be allowed in
        the hearing rooms or within the distance of ten (10) meters
        from the hearing room entrances.
    --  Should the Commissioner decide to proceed in camera or to issue
        a publication, disclosure or communication ban, the Inquiry
        Media Staff will take all necessary measures to ensure that all
        tape recording or sound recording machines have been turned
    --  Interview requests should be directed to the Inquiry Media
        Staff.  Interviews will be conducted during breaks in the
        hearings.  The Inquiry Media Staff will not schedule interviews
        with Intervenors however, where possible, may direct the Media
        to the appropriate media representative for the parties.

The Use of Personal Electronic Devices in the Hearing Room

Any personal electronic device (PED) using cellular GSM-based or other 
wireless technology set so as to receive or transmit information, data or 
other signals via radio frequency, including mobile telephones, iPhones, 
BlackBerrys, Palm Treos, and portable computers, must, subject to the terms of 
this Notice, be turned off while the Inquiry is in session.

Notwithstanding the above, an individual user of such a PED who is a 
journalist from a recognized media organization may obtain permission in 
writing from the Inquiry to use the PED to "TWEET" or otherwise transmit 
digital information concerning the proceedings from within the hearing room in 
pursuance of the users' journalistic responsibilities.

Terms and Conditions
    --   User will identify himself/herself and the PED to be used to
        Inquiry Media Staff upon entering the hearing room
    --  User will sit in the back three rows in the hearing room
    --  User will not use the audio capacity, including the sounds and
        signals, of the PED in the hearing room
    --  User will not take or create any photograph or video in the
        hearing room
    --  User will comply with any publication ban imposed by the
    --  User will not transmit or disseminate information at all from
        the hearing room during the testimony of any person where so
        ordered by the Commissioner
    --  Use of PED by user will at all times be unobtrusive and silent
        and will not disrupt the proceedings or other persons or
        interfere with the digital recording system in the hearing room
    --  User undertakes to comply with any other direction from the
        Commissioner relating to the dissemination of information about
        the proceedings or the use of PEDs in the hearing room

Media Contact Samantha Beckett Phone: 403-270-2059 ext. 110 Cell: 403-804-9239

SOURCE: Health Services Preferential Access Inquiry

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