GE Announces Industrial Service Technologies to Help Airlines, Railroads, Hospitals, Manufacturing and Energy Companies Increase

  GE Announces Industrial Service Technologies to Help Airlines, Railroads,
  Hospitals, Manufacturing and Energy Companies Increase Productivity and
  Reduce Costs

  *Potential to eliminate $150B in waste across major industries by
    connecting machines and the Internet
  *Nine new technologies and services introduced to create optimized
    networks, plants and facilities, and assets
  *New joint venture with Accenture announced to improve airline travel with
    new “predict and prevent” aircraft maintenance technology

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SAN FRANCISCO -- November 29, 2012

Minds+Machines 2012 – GE (NYSE: GE) today announced nine new industrial
service technologies and a joint venture with Accenture that will help drive a
productivity revolution and transform global industries. Combining product
diagnostics software and analytics, these technologies will connect machines
to machines, machines to people, and machines to business operations allowing
airlines, railroads, hospitals, manufacturing and energy companies to operate
more efficiently, reduce costs, and potentially eliminate $150 billion in
waste across major industries.

The nine new intelligent services will expand GE’s Industrial Internet
technologies and deliver four categories of outcomes and benefits to customers
including optimized networks, optimized plants and facilities, optimized
assets and service quality and productivity. The new technologies, available
today, cross major industries, including energy, oil & gas, healthcare,
aviation, rail, and manufacturing.

Additionally, as part of GE’s $1 billion overall investment into new service
offerings and support for emerging business models announced last year, GE
Aviation and Accenture today announced a new joint venture, Taleris™, which
will provide airlines and cargo carriers around the world services to improve
a plane’s efficiency by using aircraft performance data, prognostics, recovery
and planning.

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said, “The Industrial Internet is
revolutionizing the services we provide our customers, helping them become
more efficient and productive. GE will leverage our $150 billion services
backlog to develop technologies that improve the performance of our industrial
products and grow our dollars per installed base 4-5% annually.”

According to findings of a new GE report, “Industrial Internet: Pushing the
Boundaries of Minds and Machines,” the power of 1% efficiency across
industries is substantial savings. For example, over 15 years, just 1% fuel
savings in the energy industry could save $66 billion, 1% fuel savings in
aviation could yield more than $30 billion in savings and in healthcare, 1% of
efficiency gained would mean $63 billion in global healthcare savings.

“The internet has changed the way we consume information and talk with each
other, but now it can do more. By connecting intelligent machines to each
other and ultimately to people, and by combining software and big data
analytics, we can push the boundaries of physical and material sciences to
change the way the world works,” Immelt said. “GE plans to launch 20 new
additional Industrial service technologies in 2013 to continue to drive this
productivity revolution.”

The products being announced today include:

Optimized Networks

GE networks all the active parts of our customers’ businesses, from assets and
operations to the people who make everything run. This will minimize
complexity and eliminate waste, allowing customers to fulfill the business
mission better.


  *Flight delays cost airlines $40 billion every year worldwide. Ten percent
    of these delays are related to unexpected aircraft maintenance issues. GE
    Aviation’s Intelligent Operations services use proprietary algorithms to
    monitor data collected from aircraft equipment, to diagnose and predict
    aircraft maintenance issues before they occur. If an average domestic
    airline (14 million passengers, 85,000 flights per year) implemented
    Intelligent Operations services, 1,000 delayed departures and flight
    cancellations could be avoided each year, helping more than 90,000
    passengers get to their destinations on time.

    GE and Accenture’s new joint venture, Taleris, will use Intelligent
    Operations technology to analyze data from “tip to tail” sensors for
    multiple aircraft parts, components and systems and make predictive
    recommendations to optimize aircraft maintenance and flight operations.
    Accenture will provide the architecture to integrate this intelligent
    information for customers, as well as planning and recovery to optimize
    the timing and route planning for proactive maintenance across a fleet of
    aircraft. Taleris will be assuming the planning and recovery business from
    Navitaire, an Accenture company that provides technology services for the
    airline industry. The final formation of Taleris is subject to regulatory
    review. A launch customer will be announced shortly.


  *GE Transportation’s software solutions deliver customer value and
    productivity by improving asset, operations and network performance. GE
    offers solutions across the entire transportation network including
    railroads, shippers, intermodal terminals, and repair shops. The
    technologies -- RailConnect Transportation Management System and Movement
    Planner System – utilize analytics to give real-time access to critical
    information so railroads can move more freight faster and more
    intelligently. For North American Class 1 railroads, realizing operational
    efficiencies is the key. The industry operating ratio is ~73% and a 1%
    improvement represents $600 million or more in annual savings. In terms of
    network velocity, Norfolk Southern, a large North America Class I Railroad
    and a launch customer, estimates that for every 1 mph increase in network
    speed saves as much as $200 million in annual capital and operating
    expenses. The launch customer for this product is Norfolk Southern.


  *GE’s Grid IQ™ Solutions as a Service (SaaS) allows utilities to monitor,
    manage and control their grid more intelligently. Using a cloud computing
    services model, these capabilities can be deployed in 50% less time than
    traditional turnkey project models and 10% of the estimated implementation
    cost. This allows utilities to work on grid modernization projects without
    worrying about the financial impact of ongoing IT operations. Grid
    modernization projects are capital intensive, but GE’s SaaS offering
    allows the utility to modernize their operations on an OPEX basis versus a
    CAPEX basis. This change can minimize the utilities’ initial project
    expenses, and smaller utilities and cooperatives supporting municipalities
    can expect benefits that could double their net income. GridIQ™ SaaS
    replaces the utilities’ IT infrastructure requirements with cloud-based
    computing and helps utilities manage risks associated with long-term
    technology investment decisions. SaaS transfers the investment need from
    the utility to GE by deploying a standard system. The launch customer for
    this product is Electric Cities of Georgia and the City of Norcross,

Optimized Plants & Facilities

GE connects all the machines, equipment and people to make plants and
facilities perform better. This offers a complete view of plants and predicts
and prevents disruptions, allowing customers to get the most out of their


  *GE’s Hospital Operations Management (HOM) integrates bed assignment,
    departmental workflow, patient flow, transport, and equipment management
    to reduce wait times and enable more efficient quality care to be
    delivered throughout a patient’s stay, from admissions to discharge.
    Better communications around the hundreds of people, processes, and assets
    involved in healthcare can save hospitals both time and money, and help
    reduce the inefficiencies that cost hospitals millions of dollars each
    year. The launch customer for this product is The Mt. Sinai Hospital,


  *GE Aviation’s Fuel & Carbon Solutions uses proprietary algorithms to
    evaluate airline operations data and identify opportunities to reduce fuel
    consumption by more than 2%. If an average-sized airline (70 aircraft, $1
    billion annual fuel costs) implemented Fuel & Carbon Solutions to achieve
    2% improvement in fuel consumption, their annual fuel expenditure would
    decrease by $20 million and their CO2 emissions would decrease 60 metric
    tons - which is equivalent to removing more than 10,000 passenger vehicles
    from the road. The launch customer for this product is Air Asia.


  *GE’s Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) software gives
    manufacturers a plant-wide perspective on operations, enabling them to
    proactively detect and predict factors that could have a harmful impact on
    quality – plant conditions, equipment risk and process breaches. Increased
    operator efficiency can help reduce recalls nearly 20% making
    manufacturers less susceptible to the $10 million in brand damage
    typically associated with a product recall. The launch customer for this
    product is JHP Pharmaceuticals.

Optimized Assets

GE offers new software and upgrades that allow customers to monitor and
control assets better, helping to reduce resource use and improve reliability.


  *GE’s Flex Efficiency Advantage is real-time monitoring on power generation
    equipment. Power plants can react to real-time changes in power demands,
    grid conditions and fuelsupply, dialing up or down the amount of energy
    needed and where it comes from. Improved fuel performance and extended
    maintenance intervals help utilities to increase energy output as well as
    deliver better and more reliable customer service. A 5% increase in energy
    output can deliver a total of $1 billion in new value for power plants.
    The launch customer for this product is Korean Southern Power Co Ltd


  *GE’s DoseWatch provides visibility into radiation dosing so that
    physicians can eliminate radiation patients receive by 40%, while
    maintaining the high image quality necessary to diagnose and treat
    diseases like cancer.The software maintains patient safety and compliance
    with regulations while enabling hospitals to save on cost of care and
    patients receiving treatment for one disease are no longer exposing
    themselves to levels of radiation that could make them susceptible to
    other side effects.  The launch customer for this product is the
    University of Washington.


  *GE's Subsea Integrity Management technology is an underwater remote
    monitoring systemthatincreases production reliability. The software
    receives data from sensors measuring vibration, temperature, and leak
    detection for well heads, manifolds and production stations. With
    deepwater asset spend expected to exceed $225 billion by 2015, coupled
    with over $15 billion per year in lost production, GE's condition
    monitoring system will provide immediate and long term value to deepwater
    production customers. The launch customer for this product is Shell.

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