Emerson Report points to aerospace cluster for Toronto to bolster industry, innovation and jobs

Emerson Report points to aerospace cluster for Toronto to bolster industry, 
innovation and jobs 
TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2012 /CNW/ - Contained in the Aerospace Review report 
released today by Hon. David Emerson is a proposal to establish an aerospace 
cluster in southern Ontario to operate in tandem with the existing cluster in 
Montréal, forming a vital technology corridor to enhance the capabilities of 
both centres. 
A public-private partnership has formed to promote the establishment of such a 
cluster at federally owned Downsview Park in Toronto, adjacent to the existing 
aircraft assembly facility operated by Bombardier Inc. The Downsview Aerospace 
Cluster for Innovation and Research (DAIR), which involves Ontario's very best 
educational institutions and aerospace technology leaders, has an ambitious 
plan to recast the former military airbase as a global aerospace hub that 
would function as an innovation incubator and attract considerable investment. 
The cluster is central to meeting challenges to Canada's fifth-place global 
ranking as an aerospace technology provider. One of the constraints to 
industry growth is an aging workforce and resulting skilled-labour shortage. 
The partners are motivated to develop new technologies through research and 
innovation, aid in workforce training and skills development, and participate 
in supply-chain development geared to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 
Already, Bombardier has selected Centennial College as its trainer of choice, 
helping to prepare its existing and future workforce with new skills required 
in the assembly and maintenance of its aircraft. 
Founding cluster partners Bombardier, Centennial College and the University of 
Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies are looking to grow the group. 
Interest has been expressed by aerospace industry leaders including Pratt & 
Whitney Canada, SPP Canada Aircraft, Messier-Dowty, Honeywell and UTC 
Aerospace Systems. Additional academic partners, including Ryerson and York 
universities, will collaborate on an innovation research centre at Downsview, 
deemed essential to an industry poised to grow rapidly through 2030. 
The City of Toronto has passed a resolution in support of the proposed 
Downsview cluster and there are positive indications of support from the 
Ontario government. The Downsview aerospace cluster is expected to draw other 
major partners from the public and private sectors, including universities, 
manufacturers, and research and development agencies. DAIR would like to thank 
Industry Canada for funding the important and timely Aerospace Review. 
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