Tullow Oil Chooses FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications

Tullow Oil Chooses FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications for
Software License Optimization 
100% ROI, Cost Avoidance and Enhanced User Productivity Achieved
Within First Weeks of Implementation 
11/28/12 --   Flexera Software, the leading provider of Application
Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises,
announced today that Tullow Oil plc, Africa's largest independent oil
company, has selected FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications as
their Software License Optimization solution of choice. FlexNet
Manager for Engineering Applications delivers the most complete and
meaningful insight into application usage to efficiently manage
concurrent software licenses. It is used by six of the ten largest
oil and gas companies in the world. Within a matter of only a few
weeks, Tullow Oil's investment in FlexNet Manager has already paid
for itself in software license cost avoidance, maintenance savings
and improved user productivity. 
Eliminating Costly Software Overspend and Denials of Service 
Core to Tullow Oil's business is its ability to discover and extract
oil and natural gas from underground fields. This activity is
facilitated by engineers who use sophisticated and costly
geotechnical software that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
per license. Like many engineering applications, these run on a
concurrent licensing model, which means that if all the licenses are
in use and someone else tries to launch the application, they'll be
denied use. According to Tim Burke, Head of Global IS Operations at
Tullow Oil, this was happening too frequently -- and it was causing
expensive problems: "Our engineers are very important to Tullow's
business and their downtime is costly. Denials of service cost the
business money and slow down our ability to find, appraise and
produce hydrocarbons." 
But because Tullow Oil had limited visibility into their software
license estate to analyze use, the company had limited means to
assess how many licenses were actually needed -- and whether denials
of service were due to lack of sufficient licenses or something else.
As a result, with significant pressure to minimize denials of
service, Burke's team could only be reactive, which often meant
purchasing costly additional licenses that, in retrospect, often were
not always needed. "Line managers would come to us and say, 'We need
a new license.' Without the historical data to show actual usage
trends, we'd have no way of knowing whether the need was legitimate
-- so we'd buy the license to prevent downtime." 
Burke knew the situation wasn't sustainable, especially given Tullow
Oil's rapid growth -- the company has been doubling in size every
three years. He started searching for a solution, and quickly
realized that FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications was the
right choice. "I'd worked with Flexera Software previously, and
understood the power of their tools for managing licenses across the
entire software estate and providing intelligent reporting."
Moreover, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications was already
used by many of the top oil and gas companies in the world. Wanting a
best-in-class tool, they moved quickly to purchase the system, and
were up and running in only a couple weeks, including integration
with Tullow Oil's other geotechnical systems. 
100% ROI within weeks 
Within only a few weeks of being implemented, FlexNet Manager for
Engineering Applications' value was tested. A line manager approached
someone on Burke's team asking for an additional license for an
important geo-technical application, which cost around $200,000. An
analysis of that application using FlexNet Manager for Engineering
Applications revealed that utilization was actually only at 60%, but
that some engineers were logging in and not logging out, resulting in
the denials of service. "Having this information allowed us to have a
conversation with our engineers about best practices to avoid these
denials of service," explained Burke. "As a result, we changed bad
habits and secured an agreement to change behavior, created more
capacity for the licenses, and avoided having to purchase more." 
In another denial of service situation shortly thereafter, using
FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications Burke's team discovered
that the problem arose from consultants using the system, who were
only working for the company temporarily. "We were able to manage the
peak and rent a license for the time the consultants were in -- again
being able to avoid purchasing a costly license and maintenance." 
Right out of the gate, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications
was field-tested, and delivered on its promised benefits. "Within a
few weeks our investment had paid for itself by allowing us to avoid
new purchases and drive better behavior amongst the user community,"
said Burke. "The ROI is high." 
Increased User Satisfaction 
Perhaps an unexpected benefit from implementing FlexNet Manager for
Engineering Applications was the credibility it provided the IS team
in the eyes of the engineers. With data in hand, Burke's team is now
able to have a conversation with line managers about why denials of
service are happening, and discuss very easy steps users can take to
avoid them. "Having the data gives you the confidence to have the
business conversation with the line manager, because you can show you
know exactly what's going on," said Burke.  
In fact, Burke was recently forwarded an email from an engineer to a
line manager, in which Burke's team was complimented for their
excellent work and the noticeable improvements in software
availability. "They're impressed that we have the information and are
in control of software license management," said Burke. 
FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications is part of the FlexNet
Manager Suite for Enterprises, which includes the following

--  FlexNet Manager Platform
--  FlexNet Manager for Microsoft
--  FlexNet Manager for Adobe
--  FlexNet Manager for IBM
--  FlexNet Manager for Symantec
--  FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite
--  FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications
--  Workflow Manager

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