Linde sees rapid growth as chosen gas supplier by three leading Gen 8.5 display manufacturers in China

  Linde sees rapid growth as chosen gas supplier by three leading Gen 8.5
  display manufacturers in China

  Wins three major bulk gas contracts and opens new gas facilities to enable
        development of next-generation Ultra High Definition displays

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SHANGHAI -- November 28, 2012

Capitalising on the growth of the display industry in China, the Linde Gases
Division, part of The Linde Group, has become a major supplier of bulk and
electronics specialty gases to China's flat panel display industry. Linde's
Joint Ventures Linde LienHwa and Linde GISE have been awarded major bulk gas
supply contracts by the three largest display manufacturers in China - Samsung
Electronics, BOE and ChinaStar Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) - for their
Gen 8.5 facilities to increase the cost effectiveness and environmental
efficiency of their display manufacturing process. The total investment in
on-site gas generation plants and related equipment for the three projects is
in the range of EUR 100 million.

To support innovation in the display sector, Linde also established two new
high-purity nitrous oxide (N[2]O) gas facilities in Taiwan and Korea and newly
acquired a third plant in China. The aim of this major investment is to
accelerate the adoption of metal oxide transistors by display manufacturers,
which will enable the cost-effective development of next-generation ultra high
definition (UHD) 3D TFT-LCD and OLED displays.

This increase in new business has seen Linde become the leading gas supplier
of choice to the display industry in China. The majority of this growth has
been fuelled by the adoption of the leading SPECTRA-N on-site nitrogen
generator series that offers up to 30 percent lower power consumption and the
success of Linde’s Electronics Specialty Gases facility in Suzhou distributing
a comprehensive range of over 40 specialty gases to any display fab anywhere
in China.

Andrew Lau, President and General Manager of LLH China, expressed his strong
confidence in the electronics business in China and affirmed: ”These
significant wins not only strengthen our industry references in China, but
also demonstrate our continuous commitment to our customers with the state of
the art manufacturing solutions.” The details of the three landmark
partnership agreements are:

Samsung Electronics

Linde LienHwa (LLH), The Linde Group’s joint venture with LienHwa MiTAC Group
of Taiwan, has signed a long-term deal with Samsung Electronics to supply
gases for its latest 8.5 generation display manufacturing plant in Suzhou
Industrial Park (SIP). LLH will provide Samsung Electronics with a turnkey
installation of the TFT-LCD plant’s bulk gases supply systems, with a
gas-on-line date of the end of 2013. Overall investment for the project is
around RMB 500 million (EUR 50 million), doubling LLH’s capacity in SIP. This
major gas supply contract is strategically significant for LLH’s position in
eastern China.


LLH has opened a major ultra-high purity gas plant at BOE Technology Group Co.
Ltd’s (BOE) latest 8.5 Gen Display manufacturing facility in the Beijing
Development Authority. The on-stream supply marks a significant milestone in
the cooperation between LLH and BOE, and follows 15-year bulk gas supply and
electronic gas agreements signed in 2010. It is the first project of its type
supported by the Chinese government.


Linde-GISE, The Linde Group’s joint venture for industrial gases in the
Guangdong province of China, has made a significant investment of RMB 200
million (EUR 22 million) to construct an on-site gases supply facility in
CSOT’s Gen 8.5 display fab in Guangming High Technology Park in Shenzhen,
which is designed to produce 100,000 LCD panels per month and 17 million LCD
TV modules per year. As part of the deal, Linde-GISE has built a SPECTRA-N
on-site nitrogen generator, the largest of its type in China, delivering up to
30,000 Nm^3 of ultra-high purity nitrogen per hour. Linde will also provide
CSOT with an on-site turnkey gas supply installation delivering bulk oxygen,
argon, hydrogen, helium and carbon dioxide gases.

Peter Owen, Head of Linde’s Global Electronics business and Asia Joint Venture
Management, said: “Working with Samsung Electronics, BOE and CSOT enables us
to further develop and extend our leading gases solutions in the Chinese
display market. These agreements strengthen our position as a leading gas
supplier for the country’s electronics industry, and demonstrate the
increasing demand for our gases from electronics manufacturers looking for the
most technologically advanced, cost effective and environmentally sustainable

Linde is also well positioned to take advantage of the new growth and
investment in next generation display technologies. The company is helping
manufacturers to develop UHD displays through the adoption of metal oxide
transistors. Metal oxide transistor manufacturing requires high volumes of
high-purity N[2]O that is used to create functional layers of the microscopic
thin-film transistors required to control each of the millions of pixels that
make up the visible image. Linde’s new N[2]O plants in Taiwan, Korea and China
will facilitate the development of higher resolution screens for mobile, home
entertainment and computing markets.

Linde also expects to widen the supply of its patented on-site fluorine (F[2])
technology to additional display customers throughout China and Asia. This
follows the recent prestigious industry certification by the Korea Display
Industry Association (KDIA) that Linde on-site fluorine technology has been
successfully evaluated as a replacement for high global warming potential
(GWP) sulphur hexafluoride (SF[6]), currently used for dry etching of display

In 2013, Linde will continue to lead the market in the supply of gases to
China and Asian display manufacturers, building on its recent heavy investment
in on-site bulk gas infrastructure, expansion of local specialty gas
distribution, provision of sustainable manufacturing technologies and its
strategic partnerships with Samsung Electronics, BOE and ChinaStar
Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT).

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