Wii U Begins the Next Level of Gaming in UK from 30th

Wii U Begins the Next Level of Gaming in UK from 30th November 
WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwire) -- 11/28/12 --  
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There is now only a few days to go until Wii U launches across UK on
30th November. This latest home console from Nintendo is in full HD
and due to the innovative Wii U GamePad controller, offers more
choice and variety of gameplay than ever before. The Wii U GamePad
offers an integrated second screen and can also be used independently
of the TV set with certain software; it also features full motion
controls, an inbuilt camera, microphone and stylus for more detailed
touch screen controls. 
At launch this Friday you will be able to choose from the strongest
line-up of launch software in Nintendo history featuring 24 titles
including family favourites such as New Super Mario Bros. U and
Nintendo Land as well as third-party exclusives such as the highly
anticipated ZombiU from Ubisoft. 
New Super Mario Bros. U is a brand new 2D platform game that
introduces a giant world map full of distinctive Mario courses. The
Wii U GamePad can be used to play solo when the TV is in use but can
also be used to assist other players when playing co-operatively. In
Nintendo Land each of the 12 attractions in the theme park are based
on famous Nintendo franchises. Each attraction is a standalone game
with multiple levels and gameplay modes that fully showcase the new
gameplay possibilities of Wii U in various ways. Attractions such as
Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion create a new dynamic in
multiplayer gaming by assigning different roles to players using the
GamePad and those using a Wii Remote controller. 
Wii U will be available in three different hardware packs at launch.
The Wii U Basic Pack features a Wii U console with 8GB internal
storage(i) and a Wii U GamePad, both in white. The Wii U Premium Pack
contains a black Wii U console and Wii U GamePad, and with 32GB of
internal storage(i) provides more space for downloadable digital
content. The Premium Pack also contains a stand for the Wii U GamePad
and console, a charging cradle for the Wii U GamePad, a sensor bar
and the Nintendo Land software. A further limited edition ZombiU
Premium Pack is available that features ZombiU and a black Wii U Pro 
Controller instead of Nintendo Land. Both types of Premium Pack also
offer the Nintendo Network Premium reward program. All three packs
also feature an HDMI cable and AC adapters for the console and Wii U
In addition to introducing new ways to play, Wii U also offers a
variety of online and non-gaming entertainment features to enhance
the overall experience by connecting the console to the Internet. At
launch a System Update(ii) will be available that allows Wii U owners
access to innovative applications such as Miiverse, Nintendo eShop,
Wii U Chat and a dedicated Internet Browser. 
Miiverse is a brand new network communication system that lets you
share experiences, discuss games and discover new game content with
other players from around the world. Nintendo eShop is the digital
storefront for Wii U which will offer a variety of content including
exclusive games, game demos, trailers as well as select digitally
distributed games that are also available at retail stores(i). Wii U
Chat uses the built-in capabilities of the Wii U GamePad to allow a
unique form of real-time video chat with friends via the TV screen,
while the Internet Browser makes it easy to surf the Internet from
the comfort of your sofa by using the GamePad for browsing and having
the ability to display Internet content for the whole family to enjoy
on the TV screen. Parents will be able to use Parental Controls to
determine exactly which online and offline content their children
will have access to on Wii U. 
After performing the Wii U System Update, existing Wii owners will
also be able to perform a System Transfer(iii), allowing them to
transfer, among others, WiiWare and Virtual Console games from their
Wii to their new Wii U console. Those who already own a Wii will be
pleased to hear that nearly all Wii peripherals will be compatible
with the Wii U console - with neither hardware pack including a Wii
Remote controller, Wii owners won't need to repurchase peripherals
they already own. For players who don't already own a Wii console,
Nintendo has created a Wii Remote Plus Additional Set containing a
Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk and sensor bar. 
Whether playing alone or with friends, Nintendo will deliver brand
new entertainment experiences to your living room when Wii U launches
across Europe on 30th November. 
For further details:  
Wii U website http://wiiu.co.uk  
Nintendo Support website http://support.nintendo.co.uk  
Wii U (UK) on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WiiU.co.uk  
Wii U (UK) on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/NintendoWiiUUK  
Nintendo of Europe on Twitter https://twitter.com/nintendoeurope  
Nintendo UK on Twitter https://twitter.com/nintendouk 
(i)A section of the internal memory is reserved for system data. The
available storage space for saving data after excluding the area
reserved for the system and built-in software is approximately 3GB in
the Wii U Basic Pack and approximately 25 GB in the Wii U Premium
Pack. With the Wii U Basic Pack, an additional storage device maybe
required in order to download a game from Nintendo eShop (depending
on the size of the game). The amount of available storage space can
be expanded with external USB storage media. Wii U supports USB hard
disk drives with a dedicated power source, called self-powered USB.
Please keep an eye out on our Wii U Support website for the most
up-to-date overview of compatible USB storage media devices. 
(ii)In order to perform a System Update the Wii U console needs to be
connected to the Internet. Due to the amount of new features and
applications included, the System Update may take an extended amount
of time when performed during the initial setup (for some users it
could take an hour or more to download and install). During this time
the Wii U console must not be turned off. Please visit our Wii U
Support website for more details on the System Update process. 
(iii)The length of time it takes to transfer content from a Wii
console to a Wii U console varies depending on the volume of data
being moved across. In some cases the transfer process can take up to
an hour and a half. During the transfer process the Wii U console
must not be turned off. Please visit our Wii U Support website for
more details on the System Transfer process. 
Note - In Europe retailers set their own prices by law so please
check your local retailer website for price information. 
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