Women manage today's finances while men invest for the future

- 12(th) annual TD Women Investor Poll reveals attitudes and habits of 
Canadian investors - 
TORONTO, Nov. 28, 2012 /CNW/ - Women may run the household finances, but are 
they sufficiently involved in planning for their long-term financial future? 
The TD Women Investor Poll found that half of Canadian couples share 
responsibility for most household finances, but among couples where 
responsibilities are divided, women are more likely to handle day-to-day 
finances, while men are more likely to manage the investments and long-term 
retirement planning. 
Managing money in your relationship
Fewer women than men said they are responsible for managing investments (32% 
vs. 49% respectively), dealing with financial professionals (33% vs. 44% 
respectively) and planning for retirement (30% vs. 38% respectively). Women 
were more involved than men in household budgeting and spending (49% vs. 24% 
respectively) and paying bills (58% vs.49% respectively). 
"There are several barriers that women tell me they face when it comes to 
managing their family's financial future," says Sandy Cimoroni, President, TD 
Mutual Funds, and Executive Sponsor of TD's Women Investor Strategy. "Many 
women say that they just don't have time to dedicate to managing their 
investments, or they feel they don't have the knowledge that they believe is 
necessary to make sound investment decisions. One way to overcome these 
barriers is to find an advisor you trust, and together you can work within 
your busy schedule, and create a financial plan that can help you and your 
family attain your goals." 
Defining financial success: a comfortable retirement
When asked to define financial success, both men and women define it as having 
enough money saved to have a comfortable retirement (women: 80%, men: 74%). 
However, only approximately one-third say they feel very well-prepared when it 
comes to their retirement savings, with more men than women feeling 
well-prepared (men: 34%, women 27%). 
"Our research showed that women are less likely than men to feel that they are 
financially successful or on track to reach financial success. In fact, only 
60% of women felt financially successful or on track to reach financial 
success, compared to 68% of men," says Kim Parlee, Vice President, TD Wealth 
Management. "While it's essential to plan and save, it's also really important 
to feel confident about your investments and the progress you're making 
towards your financial future. Mapping out your financial goals for 
retirement, and your strategy to help you meet them, can help increase your 
confidence. Understanding how to invest in order to attain your goals is also 
important - educate yourself, talk to your family and work with professionals 
you trust." 
Tips for achieving financial success
Cimoroni provides the following advice to women to help them become more 
confident and successful when it comes to financial planning, managing 
investments and taking control of their financial future. 
1. Define your goals: Have a clear understanding of your goals. If 

     you're managing your finances together with your spouse or
     partner, discuss your priorities, your concerns, your risk
     tolerance and your overall preferences to ensure you're working
     together towards common goals.

  2. Create and follow a financial plan: According to the Poll, less
     than half (44%) of women have a financial plan, which is a
     necessary roadmap to helping you reach your goals. Start with a
     good understanding of your current financial situation.  Once your
     plan is in place, monitor your progress and continue to evaluate
     and update your plan should your personal/financial situation

  3. Think long term: Think about your goals for where you want to be
     and the life you want to live in the next 10, 20 or 30 years, and
     consider the expenses associated with these activities. Then
     calculate and work back to ensure you're saving and investing in a
     way that will help enable these goals become a reality.  Another
     important consideration is retirement savings: it's never too
     early (or too late!) to start planning and saving for the years
     you'll spend out of the full-time workforce.

TD Women Investor Poll Report
For a report detailing the statistics outlined in this press release, as well 
as additional information, please see the "TD Women Investor Poll Report." To 
view fact sheets with regional-specific statistics, please see the Alberta 
fact sheet and British Columbia fact sheet.

About the 2012 TD Women Investor Poll 
TD Bank Group commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct an online 
custom survey of 2,014 men and women. All respondents have investable assets 
and sole or shared responsibility of the household financial planning or 
investment decisions. Responses were collected between August 24 and August 
30, 2012.

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