Top Tech Analyst Publishes Investor Updates With Newly Revised Outlooks for Analog Devices, Linear Technologies, Texas

 Top Tech Analyst Publishes Investor Updates With Newly Revised Outlooks for
   Analog Devices, Linear Technologies, Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated
                      Products, and Microchip Technology

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PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 27, 2012

PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Inning Technology Research
(, an online investment newsletter focused on
technology stocks, has published updated outlooks for Analog Devices (Nasdaq:
ADI), Linear Technologies (Nasdaq: LLTC), Texas Instruments (Nasdaq: TXN),
Maxim Integrated Products (Nasdaq: MXIM) and Microchip Technology (Nasdaq:

So far, the roadmap Editor Paul McWilliams laid out for 2012 has been
extremely accurate. In March, just two days before the market peaked and
began its over two-month slide, he warned Next Inning readers that stock
prices were peaking and a correction was headed our way. Following this, once
the markets bottomed, he predicted we would see prices rally through the Q2
earnings season. As it turned out, this was one of the strongest rallies the
market has seen in a very long time.

However, following the close on September 14, 2012, McWilliams published an
updated Strategy Review and, in that, predicted again that the markets were
due for another drop ahead of the November election. This time he nailed the
year-to-date high to the day. If you are a tech investor, you'll want to be
sure to read what McWilliams predicts will happen next.

McWilliams spent a decades-long career in the technology industry and has
earned a reputation for his skill in communicating complex technology trends
to individual investors and professional analysts alike. His reports have won
over readers with their ability to unravel the complexities of the industry
and, more importantly, identify which companies are likely to be the winners
and losers as technology trends change.

To get ahead of the Wall Street curve and receive Next Inning's in depth
earnings previews for free, you are invited to take a free, 21-day, no
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In his quarterly earnings preview for Analog Devices, McWilliams takes a deep
dive into the world of "high-value" analog integrated circuits. Here he
evaluates Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Maxim, Microchip and Texas

There are a number of common threads that tie these companies together with
market valuation being the most obvious. Even though TI is going through a
significant business model transition at this time and is actually a highly
diversified semiconductor company, it still trades at a price-to-sales ratio
of 2.6 to 1, nearly 50% above Intel's ratio of 1.8 to 1.

However, when we look at the niche players in the sector we can see price to
sales ratios there run as high as 5.8 to 1; Analog Devices comes in second in
this category at 4.5 to 1. According to McWilliams, there are four distinct
reasons why these high-value analog companies are valued so richly by Wall

Some pundits claim that digital semiconductor companies and the deep
penetration of microcontroller technology into the perennial strongholds for
analog ICs will eat into the market for high-value analog. While McWilliams
acknowledges there is no stopping the march of Moore's Law and that it
captures new analog functions every year, he says there is a flip side to the
coin that is often ignored.

In his special preview for Analog Devices, McWilliams explains this flipside
and digs deeper into a number of questions investors in the high-value analog
IC sector need to evaluate:

-- What is TI in the midst of changing in its business model and how does that
threaten the four classic high-value analog IC companies discussed above? Are
any of the four threatened to the degree that McWilliams would avoid the

-- Which of the five companies are trading far enough below what McWilliams
considers to be a "full value" price that investors should consider buying
shares today?

-- What is the paradigm all analog companies face that McWilliams calls the
"Evolutionary Path of Analog" and why does it threaten companies that are not
prepared to deal with its reality?

-- What are the four unique factors that set Analog Devices apart from the
other four companies? Does McWilliams think Analog Devices is the most
underestimated and undervalued of the five companies? What three vertical
markets does McWilliams think will drive growth above expectations at Analog
Devices going forward? Does McWilliams think near-term expectations from the
analysts covering Analog Devices are realistic? What does McWilliams view as
a full value price for Analog Devices and the other four high-value analog IC

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning's model portfolio has returned 213%
since its inception versus 55% for the S&P 500.

About Next Inning:

Next Inning is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides
regular coverage on more than 150 technology and semiconductor stocks.
Subscribers receive intra-day analysis, commentary and recommendations, as
well as access to monthly semiconductor sales analysis, regular Special
Reports, and the Next Inning model portfolio. Editor Paul McWilliams is a 30+
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