Market Tech Media: Reviews by Consumers Reveal Online Marketing Faults, Many Prefer Traditional Advertising

 Market Tech Media: Reviews by Consumers Reveal Online Marketing Faults, Many
                        Prefer Traditional Advertising

A new study from trusted tech company Adobe Systems Inc. reveals that
consumers are largely not affected or attracted to products or services
advertised through online platforms. As a company specializing in targeted
promotions, Market Tech Media reviews online ads as an ineffective approach.

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VALENCIA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2012

VALENCIA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --For many tech-savvy Americans,
advertisements on the Internet seem to have existed since the creation of
cyberspace. While it is true that online marketing tactics have evolved to fit
the unique needs of online shoppers, a recent article from the Silicon
Valley/San Jose Business Journal reveals that consumers are more annoyed with
online ads than intrigued by them. Market Tech Media reviews all kinds of
advertising strategies and has found that, surprising to some, traditional
methods of print advertising prove to be the most effective, especially in
terms of local business promotions.

According to the article from Business Journal, "A digital advertising study
done by Adobe Systems Inc. says that consumers think online advertising is
ineffective and annoying." In addition, the study found that "two-thirds of
respondents found television commercials more effective than online
advertising and no respondents liked advertising in an app." Even more
intriguing to some, the "likes" for brands found on social media sites are
found to rarely translate into any actual commercial activity. Market Tech
Media reviews the results of this study and is not shocked by the results. The
marketing company notes that it is likely that Internet users know what they
are looking for and are not likely to pay any attention to ads that just get
in the way.

In response to the study, Market Tech Media reviews online marketing in a
recent press statement, "Really, no one likes pop up ads. Even TV ads are
annoying without DVR services, but when was the last time someone objected to
grocery cart or receipt coupons?" Although online and television
advertisements are not likely to disappear, this company believes traditional
print marketing could prove more effective and pleasing to the advertiser.

Market Tech Media reviews the best locations for using its key force of
advertising—register tape. In partnerships with major grocery stores across
America, Market Tech Media supplies register tape that comes out with the
customer's receipt. These ads are tailored to the community and local
businesses, ensuring that customers are not interrupted by the advertisement,
but often attracted to the business instead. The company concludes by noting
that this form of printed marketing can prove more effective, because
customers are likely to look at their receipts and interpret them, in
comparison to "tuning out" when faced with online or television ads.


Market Tech Media reviews effective ways to impact local markets by providing
ways for area businesses to promote to consumers within their communities. In
addition to its Adcart and Bounceback advertising program, Market Tech Media
reviews supermarket register tape promotions as one of the best ways to reach
local consumers. Clients of this Market Tech Media enjoy the benefits of
advertising through the Register Tape Advertising, and continue to experience
repeat business as a result of this form of marketing.

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