LynuxWorks LynxOS-178 Deployed by Rockwell Collins in Pro Line

LynuxWorks LynxOS-178 Deployed by Rockwell Collins in Pro Line Fusion
Series of Flight Deck Systems 
SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/27/12 --  LynuxWorks, Inc., a
world leader in the embedded software market, today announced the
certification by Rockwell Collins of LynuxWorks' LynxOS-178 Version
2.2.2 real-time operating system (RTOS) for use in their Pro Line
Fusion integrated avionics system. 
Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion was granted certification in spring
2012, from Transport Canada (TC) on the Bombardier Vision* Flight
Deck. This marked the first certification of Pro Line Fusion on a
customer aircraft. The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck with Pro Line
Fusion is featured on Bombardier's Global 5000* and Global 6000*
business jets and will be featured on the Learjet 85* aircraft. 
"The latest certification of LynxOS-178 by Transport Canada in the
Rockwell Collins Pro Line avionics system is another major milestone
for LynuxWorks in the avionics market," stated Robert Day, Marketing
VP for LynuxWorks. "This further demonstrates that a standards-based
approach for software reuse in airborne systems is viable and can
significantly reduce the time and cost of achieving certification."  
Bombardier Aerospace and Rockwell Collins were the first to feature
synthetic vision on a head-up display, which leverages LynxOS as part
of the Pro Line Fusion avionics system on the Bombardier Vision
Flight Deck.  
Earlier this year, LynuxWorks received Advisory Circular AC 20-148
approval from the FAA for reusable software components (RSC)
authorized for the LynxOS-178 product used in the Rockwell Collins
Adaptive Flight Display Runtime, Common Computing Module Runtime,
Data Concentration Module Runtime and Synthetic Vision Module Runtime
for Pro Line Fusion.  
About Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion
 Pro Line Fusion offers
unmatched breadth and capabilities that span from turboprops to air
transport and military aircraft. The system integrates and displays
essential flight information 
 through empowering graphically rich
interfaces, including high-integrity head-up guidance featuring
synthetic and enhanced vision and the industry's largest format LCD
primary flight displays (15 inch). These state-of-the-art interfaces
make flying more intuitive and greatly enhance pilot situational
awareness during all phases of flight. 
Standards-Based Approach for Reuse
 LynxOS-178 addresses system
developers' need to meet FAA certification by providing a time, space
and resource partitioned commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) operating
system that fully satisfies the objectives of the DO-178B, level A
and the ARINC 653 standard as well as full conformance with the IEEE
POSIX Standard. Currently, when a systems integrator or developer
wants to integrate components of any other RTOS, or any previously
certified DO-178B software in multiple hardware environments, each
new hardware/software configuration or system must be recertified. In
other words, integrators and developers cannot take full advantage of
the software's existing certification across other multiple
platforms, but instead must go through the entire certification
process for each new system they build. The RSC acceptance letter
from the FAA for LynxOS-178 can be used to support virtually any FAA
Technical Standard Order. 
About LynxOS-178 RTOS
 LynxOS-178 is a COTS RTOS that fully satisfies
the objectives of the DO-178B level A specification and meets
requirements for Integrated Modular Avionics developers. LynxOS-178
delivers the security and real-time responsiveness needed for
safety-critical systems and provides a low-risk path to DO-178B
certification for developers to meet the technical requirements in
the production of software for airborne systems. In addition,
LynxOS-178 provides full POSIX conformance, enabling developers to
take advantage of the time-to-market and investment-protection
benefits of open standards-based development. The powerful formula of
DO-178B certification and POSIX conformance allows developers to meet
the most stringent requirements for real-time safety-critical
applications while at the same time ensure application portability,
software reuse and interoperability between embedded systems. 
About LynuxWorks
 LynuxWorks, a world leader in the embedded software
market, is committed to providing open and reliable RTOS and software
tools to embedded developers. The company's LynxOS family of
operating systems offers open standards with the highest level of
safety and security features, enabling many mission-critical systems
in defense, avionics and other industries. The latest product in the
portfolio, the award winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation
kernel and embedded hypervisor that forms a platform for the
development of high-assurance systems. Since it was established in
1988, LynuxWorks has created technology that has been successfully
deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by
leading communications, avionics, aerospace/defense and consumer
electronics companies. LynuxWorks' headquarters are located in San
Jose, CA. For more information, visit 
Media Contacts: 
Kirsten Long
LynuxWorks, Inc.
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