Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-power Industrial Ethernet Communication Chips with Integrated Real-Time OS Offload Engine

  Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-power Industrial Ethernet Communication
  Chips with Integrated Real-Time OS Offload Engine

   New R-IN32M3 Series Includes Support for Multiple Protocols Required for
     Industrial Ethernet Communication Including CC-Link IE and EtherCAT

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TOKYO -- November 26, 2012

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced
semiconductor solutions, today announced the R-IN32M3 series of industrial
Ethernet communication chips with support for multiple communication protocols
in response to the rapid adoption of industrial Ethernet communication

One of the most distinctive features of the R-IN32M3 is the high-speed
operation with the basic function of the real-time OS in hardware to implement
high-speed real-time response and high-precision communication control for
industrial Ethernet communication. Because the hardware in the new R-IN32M3
series covers heavy load operations for the CPU, the combination of the CPU
and integrated real-time OS off load engine (HW-RTOS [Note 1]) result in
ultra-high-speed real-time responsiveness five to ten times that of a
conventional software real-time OS. In addition, the fluctuation caused by
inconsistencies in the operation time with conventional CPU processing is
reduced substantially from one-fifth to one-tenth of the previous level. The
new R-IN32M3 series include an integrated ARM Cortex-M3 CPU (100 MHz). The new
Ethernet controllers accept protocols for industrial Ethernet communication
such as CC-Link IE [Note 2] and EtherCAT [Note 3] and will accept the control
area network (CAN) [Note 4] which is heavily used in industries and generic
interface such as universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART). There
are also plans to provide support for the SSCNET III/H [Note 5] optical
network standard, which uses fully synchronous communication to deliver
improved performance.

The industrial Ethernet communication market, which demands faster
communication between devices and their efficient central control, is growing
rapidly because there is increasing need to boost factory production
efficiency and improve the precision of machine control. Increasing high-speed
real-time responsiveness and reducing processing time deviation in
communication and machine control are particularly important issues. Also,
cutting costs, reducing power consumption, and improving safety are much more
important than in other markets. The newly developed R-IN32M3-CL and
R-IN32M3-EC are designed to meet the industrial network market requirements.

Key Features of the R-IN32M3 Series

(1) Integrated real-time OS offload engine (HW-RTOS) and Ethernet accelerator

Industrial Ethernet communication applications require support for a large
number of tasks, high-speed time synchronization, and low power consumption.
By implementing real-time OS processing in hardware, which previously imposed
a substantial load on the CPU, and standard Ethernet communication protocol
processing such as checksum calculation and header sorting, processing speed
is increased five to ten times. The HW-RTOS driver is µITRON compliant. Plans
call for support for additional OSs to be added in future.

(2) Multi-protocol support (CC-Link IE, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, etc.)

The R-IN32M3-CL with CC-Link IE support integrates a slave controller
supporting CC-Link IE Field as a circuit. CC-Link is a 1 Gbps industrial
Ethernet communication standard that is the industry’s fastest and is promoted
by the CC-Link Partner Association, a Japanese organization promoting open
networks. The R-IN32M3-EC with EtherCAT support, on the other hand, integrates
a slave controller supporting the EtherCAT industrial Ethernet communication
standard. Both feature an ARM Cortex-M3 (100 MHz) 32-bit RISC CPU, a media
access control (MAC) with low-latency 2-port switch function required by
industrial Ethernet protocols, and large on-chip memory. Support by protocol
software for EtherNet/IP, FL-net and some others are under final preparation.
In addition to communication interfaces with industrial Ethernet support,
communication interfaces such as CC-Link, CAN, serial peripheral interface
(SPI), and UART can be implemented as well, allowing R-IN32M3 series products
to be used as gateway modules to an industrial Ethernet network.

(3) R-IN32M3-CL with 1 Gbps MAC and R-IN32M3-EC with 10/100Mbps EtherPHY

The R-IN32M3-CL, which implements the CC-Link IE protocol in hardware,
incorporates a 1 Gbps Ethernet MAC, so 1 Gbps Ethernet communication can be
achieved by adding an external 1 Gbps EtherPHY. The R-IN32M3-EC, in contrast,
integrates a 2 port 10/100Mbps EtherPHY, so no external PHY and smaller module
board is required, which contributes to making a smaller module board. Note
that the hardware purchase cost is roughly identical whether an external or an
internal PHY is used.

[Note 1] The HW-RTOS utilizes dedicated technology based on the ARTESSO
architecture of Kernelon Silicon.

[Note 2] CC-Link IE is a high-speed field network that can deal with control
and communication simultaneously based on Ethernet.

[Note 3] Renesas Electronics uses EtherCAT technology under license. EtherCAT
is an industrial Ethernet communication standard developed by Beckhoff, an
industrial equipment manufacturer based in Germany.

[Note 4] CAN is a vehicle network standard promoted by Robert Bosch GmbH of

[Note 5] SSCNET III/H is one of the high-speed motion network standards of
communication developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of the first products in R-IN32M3 series, the R-IN32M3-CL and
R-IN32M3-EC, will be available in January 2013, priced at US$25 per unit. Mass
production of the R-IN32M3 series is scheduled to begin in June 2013 and is
expected to reach a scale of 300,000 units per month in April 2015. (Pricing
and availability are subject to change without notice.)


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