Reitmans (Canada) Limited - Normal course issuer bid

MONTREAL, Nov. 26, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - Reitmans (Canada) Limited (the 
"Corporation") announced today that it has received approval from the Toronto 
Stock Exchange ("TSX") to proceed with a normal course issuer bid. Under the 
bid, the Corporation may purchase up to 2,557,275 Class A Non-Voting Shares of 
the Corporation (the "Shares"), representing 5% of the issued and outstanding 
Class A Non-Voting Shares as at November 15, 2012. The average daily trading 
volume for the 6-month period preceding November 1, 2012 is 63,164 Shares. In 
accordance with TSX rules, a maximum daily repurchase of 25% of this average 
may be made, representing 15,791 Shares. 
The bid will commence on November 28, 2012 and may continue to November 27, 
2013. The Shares will be purchased on behalf of the Corporation by a 
registered broker through the facilities of the TSX or alternative Canadian 
trading platforms. The price paid for the Shares will be the market price at 
the time of acquisition, and the number of Shares purchased and the timing of 
any such purchases will be determined by the Corporation's management. All 
Shares purchased by the Corporation will be cancelled. The Corporation may 
also purchase Shares for cancellation by way of private agreements under an 
issuer bid exemption order issued by a securities regulatory authority. 
Purchases made by way of private agreements under an issuer bid exemption 
order issued by a securities regulatory authority will be at a discount to the 
prevailing market price as provided in the exemption order. 
The Corporation currently has 51,145,506 Shares outstanding. During the past 
12 months, the Corporation purchased 1,000,000 Shares at a weighted average 
price of $12.615 pursuant to a normal course issuer bid. 
The directors of the Corporation have concluded that purchases of up to 
2,557,275 of the issued and outstanding Shares may be an appropriate and 
desirable use of the Corporation's available funds and, therefore, would be in 
the best interests of the Corporation. As a result of such purchases, the 
number of issued Shares will be decreased and, consequently, the proportionate 
share interest of all remaining shareholders will be increased on a pro rata 
All of the statements contained herein, other than statements of fact that are 
independently verifiable at the date hereof, are forward-looking statements. 
Such statements, based as they are on the current expectations of management, 
inherently involve numerous risks and uncertainties, known and unknown, many 
of which are beyond the Company's control. Such risks include but are not 
limited to: the impact of general economic conditions, general conditions in 
the retail industry, seasonality, weather and other risks included in public 
filings of the Company. Consequently, actual future results may differ 
materially from the anticipated results expressed in forward-looking 
statements. The reader should not place undue reliance on the forward-looking 
statements included herein. These statements speak only as of the date made 
and the Company is under no obligation and disavows any intention to update or 
revise such statements as a result of any event, circumstances or otherwise, 
except to the extent required under applicable securities law. 
Jeremy H. Reitman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Telephone:(514) 
SOURCE: Reitmans (Canada) Limited 
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