Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Trend Micro Canada's Top Tips for Safe and Secure Online Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Trend Micro Canada's Top Tips for Safe and 
Secure Online Shopping 
'Tis the Season to Stay Secure 
OTTAWA, Nov. 22, 2012 /CNW/ - With this year's cyber holiday shopping season 
about to begin, Canadians in record numbers will be online looking for perfect 
gifts, deals and bargains. Unfortunately shoppers and sellers aren't the only 
ones who will be busy. Cybercriminals are bound to be out in force this season. 
An estimated sixty percent of Canadians --an increase from 49% in 2011(1) -- 
will go online during the course of their holiday shopping to find the lowest 
available price, research potential gifts and purchase gifts for friends and 
family. In the process, many will unwillingly hand over personal banking and 
credit card information, or accidentally download malware. 
"Online shopping is designed to make holiday gift giving convenient. That 
convenience should not come with the added worry and cost of lost information, 
privacy and security," says Trend Micro Canada's Laura Maio, director of 
marketing. "A few minutes of your attention will go a long way to make sure 
your online activity and mobile device is secure. And that adds up to a safe 
and stress free holiday shopping experience." 
Online shoppers need to take the following precautions: 
1. For Mobile users: Use your smart phone or tablet's built in security 
Take five minutes to configure location and security settings. 
2. Avoid using free but unsecured wifi. 
Automatically accessing open wireless means opening the door to anyone. Keep 
your automatic wifi option turned off on laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 
3. Look before you click. 
Scrutinize every link, or mobile app regardless of source. According to recent 
Trend Micro research, one in five users end up at an unexpected on line 
location after clicking a link. Some of these locations download malicious 
apps, others offer "too good to be true" deals designed to reveal individual 
private banking or credit card information. Every link is not what it seems 
-- the first Android Trojan came under the guise of a Windows media player. 
4. Before saying yes, understand what you are being asked. 
Be careful about granting access to personal or device information or allowing 
apps to perform unnecessary functions in order to work. Many free mobile 
apps use mobile adware to recoup the cost of the app, and these ads frequently 
pose serious privacy-related threats, accessing information such as call 
history, phone numbers, user location (determined by GPS) and unique 
information about the phone, without the user knowing. 
5. Consider the small cost of an effective security app for your phone or 
Sometimes common sense isn't enough to prevent a digital disaster. For 
example, Trend Micro's Mobile Security for Android secures mobile banking 
transactions, blocks access to malicious sites and notifies users if the 
mobile app has malicious, or privacy-breaching tendencies. 
Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), the global cloud security 
leader, creates a world safe for exchanging digital information with its 
Internet content security and threat management solutions for businesses and 
consumers. A pioneer in server security with over 20 years' experience, we 
deliver top-ranked client, server and cloud-based security that fits our 
customers' and partners' needs, stops new threats faster, and protects data in 
physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Powered by the industry-leading 
Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ global threat intelligence 
data-mining framework, our products and services stop threats where they 
emerge - from the Internet. More than 1000 talented threat researchers around 
the world support these efforts. 
(1)Deloitte 2012 Holiday outlook survey 
Trend Micro Canada Media Contact: Claire M. Tallarico 416 616 9940 
SOURCE: Trend Micro Canada 
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