Global & China Agricultural Machinery Market 2013 Forecast Report

      Global & China Agricultural Machinery Market 2013 Forecast Report

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  DALLAS, November 21, 2012

DALLAS, November 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- updates its store with "Global and China Agricultural
Machinery Industry Report, 2011-2013" market research report.

Since the implementation of policy of subsidies for purchasing agricultural
machinery in 2004, Chinese agricultural machinery industry has made great
strides. Firstly, the total power of agricultural machineries soars from 640
mln kw in 2004 to 977 million kw in 2011, with a CAGR of 6.2%. And the total
power is expected to surpass 1 billion kw by 2012, realizing the objectives
set in the 12th Five-Year Plan period ahead of schedule. Secondly, the
agricultural machinery structure gets optimized, with the machineries with
high power, high performance and compound operations maintaining strong
growth. In 2011, the ratio of large and medium-sized tractors to small-sized
tractors was 1:4.1, and the ratio is expected to reach 1:3.9 by 2012. Next,
the agricultural mechanization of China has developed into the intermediate
stage. In 2011, the comprehensive agricultural mechanization level (plowing,
planting and harvesting) reached 54.8%, up 20.5 percentage points over 2004.
And the figures in 2012 and 2013 are projected to be 57.0% and 58.5%,
respectively. Finally, the agricultural machinery service organizations are
increasingly expanding, with the service capabilities ever improved.

The report outlines the status quo of Chinese agricultural machinery industry
and underlines major markets of agricultural machineries such as tractor,
harvester and transplanter. Due to the changing market demand as well as the
favorable agricultural machinery subsidy policy, the made-in-China large-and
medium-sized tractors have seen rapid development in recent years, especially
products of over 100 horsepower. In the context of overall downside of tractor
products in H1 2012, the sales volume of large-and medium-sized tractors over
100 horsepower soared by 66.5%.

In China, the machinery harvesting level has always been weak, especially for
corns. Spurred by a series of favorable policies since 2009, the corn
harvester market has seen a boom, particularly in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, the
sales volume of corn harvesters made by key Chinese manufacturers increased by
38.1% year-on-year; and in the first seven months of 2012, the sales volume of
self-propelled corn harvesters hit 10,910 units, up 127.0% year-on-year.

In China, the transplanter market has two features. First, the walking
transplanter has been playing a dominant role, with the sales volume in 2011
making up 66.5%; second, the market is with a relatively low concentration
degree and monopolized by foreign brands. In 2011, the combined market
occupancy of Kubota, Yanji Rice Transplanter Manufacturing and Shandong Fuerwo
Agricultural Equipment stood at more than 50%.

Further, the report studies six global agricultural machinery producers
including John Dcere and CNH as well as 14 Chinese industrial players such as
YTO Group Corporation, Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry, Luoyang
Zhongshou Machinery & Equipment and Chery Heavy Industry.

John Dcere, which is the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the
world, possesses seven China-based production bases (including two joint
ventures) located in Jiamusi, Tianjin, Ningbo and Harbin, and primarily
produces tractors, combine harvesters, etc. On November 2, 2012, one of its
subsidiaries, John Dcere (Harbin) built in July 2011, was formally put into

CNH has two subsidiaries in China, referring to CNH (Harbin) and CNH
(Shanghai). The former was founded in 1999 and specializes in the production
of high-performance tractors over 140 horsepower. To extend its business
range, the company started agricultural machinery production base project in
New Industrial City at Southern Harbin in September 2012 and planned to
produce such machinery as tractor, combine harvester and trusser.

YTO Group, the largest tractor producer in China, has famous brand named
Dongfanghong. In July 2012, the core agricultural machinery subsidiary
(601038.SH) under YTO returned to A share (listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
in 1997, 00038.HK ), and planned to invest RMB1.149 billion in high-power
agricultural diesel engine project, Xinjiang agricultural equipment
construction project, new-type wheeled tractor core competence promotion
project as well as upgrading and expansion of fuel injection system products.

Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry, the second largest tractor producer
in China, swept the market share of 19.5% in the large-and medium-sized
tractor market in 2011, just behind YTO Group; in the small-sized tractor
market, Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry made up 10.4%, ranking the
fourth place. While consolidating the domestic market, the company has been
committed to carry out global strategy in recent years. And it has won several
international orders from countries like Algeria and Ethiopia in succession in

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Table of Contents for the report "Global and China Agricultural Machinery
Industry Report, 2011-2013" include:

1 Agricultural Machinery Industry Development Worldwide 1.1 Overview 1.2 Major
Countries 1.2.1 The United States 1.2.2 Germany 1.2.3 Italy 1.2.4 Japan 2
Agricultural Machinery Industry Development in China 2.1 Policy Environment
2.2 Overview 2.2.1 Industry Scale 2.2.2 Main Products 2.2.3 Import & Export
2.3 Development Level 2.3.1 Agricultural Machinery Equipment Level 2.3.2
Agricultural Machinery Mechanization Level 2.3.3 Agricultural Machinery
Services 2.4 Development Pattern 2.4.1 Regional Patterns 2.4.2 Company
Patterns 3 Major Agricultural Machinery Products in China 3.1 Tractor 3.1.1
Development Status 3.1.2 Large and Medium-sized Tractor 3.1.3 Small Tractor
3.1.4 Competition Pattern 3.2 Harvester 3.2.1 Mechanization Level 3.2.2
Production 3.2.3 Sales 3.3 Transplanter 3.3.1 Development Status 3.3.2 Market
Characteristics 3.4 Agricultural Vehicles 3.4.1 Development Status 3.4.2 Key
Enterprises 3.4.3 Major Regions 3.5 Field Machinery 4 Key Provinces &
Municipalities in China 4.1 Shandong 4.1.1 Total Amount of Agricultural
Machinery Equipment 4.1.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.1.3 Agricultural
Machinery Services 4.1.4 Development Plan 4.2 Heilongjiang 4.2.1 Total Amount
of Agricultural Machinery Equipment 4.2.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level
4.2.3 Agricultural Machinery Industrial Parks 4.3 Henan 4.3.1 Total Amount of
Agricultural Machinery Equipment 4.3.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.3.3
Development Plan 4.4 Hebei 4.4.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery
Equipment 4.4.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.4.3 Development Plan 4.5
Anhui 4.5.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment 4.5.2
Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.5.3 Agricultural Machinery Operation 4.5.4
Development Plan 4.6 Hunan 4.6.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery
Equipment 4.6.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.6.3 Agricultural Machinery
Services 4.7 Jiangsu 4.7.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment
4.7.2 Agricultural Mechanization Level 4.7.3 Agricultural Machinery Services 5
Key Agricultural Machinery Companies Worldwide 5.1 John Dcere 5.1.1Profile
5.1.2 Operation 5.1.3 Development in China 5.2 CNH 5.2.1 Profile 5.2.2
Operation 5.2.3 Development in China 5.3 Kubota 5.3.1 Profile 5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Development in China 5.4 AGCO 5.4.1 Profile 5.4.2 Operation 5.4.3
Development in China 5.5 Claas 5.5.1 Profile 5.5.2 Operation 5.5.3 Development
in China 5.6 Same Deutz-Fahr 5.6.1 Profile 5.6.2 Operation 5.6.3 Development
in China 6 Key Agricultural Machinery Companies in China 6.1 YTO Group
Corporation 6.1.1 Profile 6.1.2 Operation 6.1.3 First Tractor Company Limited
6.1.4 Key Projects 6.2 Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
6.2.1 Profile 6.2.2 Operation 6.2.3 R & D Capabilities 6.2.4 Development
Strategy 6.3 Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 6.3.1
Profile 6.3.2 Operation 6.3.3 Development Strategy 6.4 Shandong Changlin
Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. 6.4.1 Profile 6.4.2 Operation 6.4.3 Agricultural
Machinery Subsidiary--Shandong Changlin Agricultural Equipment Co.,Ltd. 6.4.4
Development Strategy 6.5 Jiangsu Changfa Group 6.5.1 Profile 6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Agricultural Machinery Subsidiary-Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment
Co., Ltd. 6.6 Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd. 6.6.1 Profile 6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Development Strategy 6.7 Shandong Wuzheng (Group) Co. Ltd. 6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Operation 6.7.3 Development Strategy 6.8 Henan Benma Co., Ltd. 6.8.1
Profile 6.8.2 Operation 6.8.3 Development Strategy 6.9 Chery Heavy Industry
Co., Ltd. 6.9.1 Profile 6.9.2 Operation 6.9.3 Development Strategy 6.10
Luoyang Zhongshou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 6.10.1 Profile 6.10.2
Operation 6.10.3 Key Projects 6.11 Shandong Jinyee Machinery Manufacture Co.,
Ltd. 6.11.1 Profile 6.11.2 Operation 6.11.3 R&D 6.12 Shandong Juming Group
6.12.1 Profile 6.12.2 Operation 6.12.3 R&D 6.13 Xinjiang Machinery Research
Institute Co., Ltd. 6.13.1 Profile 6.13.2 Operation 6.13.3 Revenue Structure
6.13.4 Competitive Advantage 6.14 Gifore Agricultural Machinery Chain Co.,
Ltd. 6.14.1 Profile 6.14.2 Operation 6.14.3 Revenue Structure 6.14.4 Gross

Selected Charts in this Report include:

  *Gross Output Value of Agricultural Machineries Worldwide, 2008-2013
  *Agricultural Mechanization Progress of Major Countries in the World
  *Output Value and Shipment Value of Agricultural Machineries in Japan by
    Product, 2011-2012
  *Major Policies on Chinese Agricultural Machinery Industry, 2011-2012
  *Subsidies for Agricultural Machinery in China, 2004-2013
  *Investment Driven by Subsidies for Agricultural Machinery in China,
  *Major Economic Indicators of Chinese Agricultural Machinery Industry,
  *Output of Major Agricultural Machineries in China, 2007-2012
  *Import & Export Value of Major Agricultural Machineries in China,
  *Export Volume of Major Farm Produces in China by Destination, 2011
  *Total Power of Agricultural Machineries in China, 2004-2013
  *Power and Ownership of Major Agricultural Machineries in China, 2009-2011
  *Power of Agricultural Machineries Per Hectare of Farmland in China,
  *Ownership Ratio of Small-sized Tractors and Large-and Medium-sized
    Tractors in China, 2001-2012
  *Comprehensive Mechanization level of Crops in China from Ploughing, Sowing
    to Harvesting, 2004-2013
  *Mechanization level of Crops in China by Ploughing, Sowing and Harvesting,
  *Mechanization level of Major Crops in China, 2010
  *Agricultural Mechanization Level of Major Chinese Provinces and Cities,
  *Number of Agricultural Machinery Operation Service Organizations in China,
  *Gross Output Value in China Agricultural Machinery Industry by Region,
  *Gross Output Value in China Agricultural Machinery Industry by Enterprise,
  *Major Economic Indicators in China Tractor Industry, 2011-2012
  *Output and Sales Volume of Large-and Medium-Sized Tractors in China,
  *Sales Volume of Large-and Medium-Sized Tractors in China by Horsepower,
  *Demand for New-Type Tractors above 200 Horsepower in China, 2012-2015
  *Output of Small-Sized Tractors in China, 2004-2013
  *Market Share of Chinese Large-sized Wheel Tractor Enterprises, 2011
  *Market Share of Chinese Medium-sized Wheel Tractor Enterprises, 2011
  *Market Share of Chinese Small-sized Wheel Tractor Enterprises, 2011
  *Top 5 Enterprises in the Large-and Medium-sized Wheel Tractor Market in
    China, 2011
  *Harvest Mechanization level of China, 2007-2011
  *Output of Harvesting Machineries in China, 2004-2013
  *Sales Volume of Harvesting Machineries in China by Product, 2012
  *Sales Volume of Transplanters in China by Product, 2010-2012
  *Transplanter Demand Structure in China by Sales Volume, 2010-2012
  *Sales Volume and Growth Rate of Transplanter in China by Region, 2011
  *Output of Low-speed Vehicles in China by Product, 2007-2012
  *Sales Volume of Low-speed Vehicles in China by Product, 2007-2012
  *Output and Proportion of Low-speed Truck of Top 10 Chinese Enterprises,
  *Output and Proportion of Top 10 Chinese Three-wheeled Vehicle Enterprises,
  *Sales Volume of Top 10 Chinese Three-wheeled Vehicle Enterprises,
    Jan.-Sep., 2012
  *Output and Sales Volume of Top 10 Chinese Low-speed Truck Enterprises,
    Jan.-Sep., 2012
  *Output Structure of Low-speed Vehicles in China by Region, 2012Q1-Q3
  *Sales Volume Structure of Low-speed Vehicles in China by Region, 2012Q1-Q3
  *Output of Field Operation Machineries in China, 2004-2013
  *Gross Power and Gross Value of Agricultural Machineries in Shandong,
  *Ownership of Major Agricultural Machineries in Shandong, 2009-2012
  *Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Shandong, 2006-2013
  *Mechanization Level of Main Crops in Shandong, 2011
  *Total Output Value and Added Value of Agricultural Machinery Service in
    Shandong, 2006-2012
  *And many more

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