PROPAC Pharmacy Finds Prescription for Success With Sage 300

PROPAC Pharmacy Finds Prescription for Success With Sage 300 ERP and
Sage Exchange 
IRVINE, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/20/12 --  Sage North America today
announced that Vancouver, Wash.-based PROPAC Pharmacy benefits from a
smooth audit process and has eliminated duplicate payments processes,
thanks to help from a Sage business management system featuring Sage
300 ERP and the Sage Exchange payments platform. PROPAC is one of the
largest long-term care pharmacies in the Pacific Northwest, with more
than 100 employees and two pharmacies. 
Sage 300 ERP for seamless reporting, simpler audit process
implemented Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) for its
enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution soon after forming the
new company in 2007. Sage 300 ERP is a comprehensive financial
business management solution for midsized and smaller businesses
looking to connect operations and gain insight that drives growth and
profitability. With a high volume of bills to process -- 3,000 per
month -- PROPAC needed a seamless ERP system. 
"Sage 300 ERP is vital for report generation, especially during bank
audits," said Teresa Coleman, controller for PROPAC. "The complex
financial reporting involved with pharmacy dispensing and billing
means banks can have a challenging time following the transactions. A
clean audit trail is essential to illustrating the accuracy of
reported revenue and accounts receivables. Having Sage 300 ERP
interfaced with our dispensing system means there's no manipulation
of accounts receivable, since revenue reports are generated within
the ERP system. The integrated system results in a cleaner, easier
audit process." 
PROPAC integrates revenue reporting with dispensing data using
additional Sage 300 ERP modules. The company can generate source
journals and queries directly from the databases, allowing the
auditors to easily follow the audit trail from dispense to payment. 
Sage Exchange for PCI compliance, payments integration
 In 2011,
PROPAC added Sage Exchange, a service by Sage Payment Solutions, the
Sage North America payments division, and a secure, integrated
payments platform that automatically posts transaction detail to the
Sage 300 ERP solution. A Payment Card Industry (PCI), Payment
Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)-certif
ied payments
platform, Sage Exchange can help small and midsized businesses like
PROPAC eliminate dual data entry, reduce errors and streamline
Previously, a PROPAC billing representative would enter the
customers' card numbers into the credit card machine, receive
authorizations and then store the information in a locked box until
the accounting department could enter the transactions into Sage 300
ERP and shred the documents. 
"With Sage Exchange, the account is reviewed with the customer, card
information is entered into the Sage Exchange virtual terminal,
authorization is received and the payment batch is posted in our Sage
300 ERP solution at the same time settlement information is received
from the bank," said Coleman. "No credit card information is written
down or stored, so we can further ensure customers their credit card
data is safe. We also save time by not duplicating each step in the
transaction process." 
Sage Exchange also helps PROPAC more easily manage its autopay
program. Previously, billing representatives manually entered each
credit or debit card from the authorization form after verifying the
balances and creating a log showing the customers' account numbers
and amounts to be charged. Then the log was given to the accounting
department so each amount could be manually posted to customer
accounts. Some accounts required a mailed receipt of credit card
authorization, along with a receipt showing the payment posted to the
"With Sage Exchange, a representative can verify the autopay balance
to be charged, charge the authorized card and post the payment all in
one step," said Coleman. "The overall process went from requiring two
employees and a full work day to requiring one employee and half a
work day, including the printing or emailing of any paid receipts
needing to be sent to customers."  
A customer experience-focused business solutions partner
focused on building trust, creating relationships and providing the
best customer experience. "Sage is a good partner for us, because
they're also focused on the customer experience," said Coleman. "The
Sage Summit customer conference gives me knowledge of new features
and products to improve our accounting process and workflow. Sage is
there to answer specific business-related questions, plus encourage
customers to give feedback on product developments." 
Privately owned and located in Vancouver, Wash., PROPAC Pharmacy is a
long-term care pharmacy servicing residents in skilled nursing
facilities and assisted living communities all over the Pacific
Northwest. PROPAC was originally formed in the early 1980s. When the
original owners sold the pharmacy to a large national player in the
1990s, many employees stayed with the company. After another
acquisition in 2007, several of the same employees started their own
pharmacy under the PROPAC name. The company currently has 100
employees dedicated to providing a positive customer experience and
has established a strong reputation as a reliable pharmacy that
nurses and medical professionals can rely on for quality care with a
positive attitude. For more information, visit: 
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