Pure Energy Minerals Begins Work on Nevada Lithium Claims

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 19, 2012 /CNW/ - Pure Energy Minerals 
Limited (TSX-V: PE) (the "Company" or "Pure Energy") is pleased to announce 
that GeoXplor Corp. ("GeoXplor") has  begun an expanded geophysical gravity 
survey (the "2012 Survey") of the Company's Alkali Flats claims (the "AF 
Claims"), on its Nevada lithium brine project. The 2012 Survey will refine the 
definition of the target basin identified in a previous gravity survey and 
establish a framework for the next potential stage of exploration work.  
GeoXplor will contract Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc. ("Hasbrouck") to interpret 
the data compiled during the survey. 
GeoXplor completed an expanded gravity geophysical survey in August 2011 (the 
"2011 Survey") on behalf of Pure Energy. The 2011 Survey shows a well-defined 
basin which is a potential reservoir for lithium-bearing brines. It also shows 
additional basin potential further to the south and southwest adjacent to 
Montezuma Peak considered to be the primary source of lithium brines being 
mined within Clayton Valley, Nevada. 
The 2011 Survey was interpreted by Hasbrouck with data compiled by utilizing 
industry standard gravity instrumentation equipment, software and field 
procedures. The 2011 Survey was done on a nominal 300 x 800 meter grid. 
The lithium mineralization model applied in the 2011 Survey was based on 
gravity data compiled on surveys completed within the adjacent Clayton Valley 
lithium brine production property where lithium brines are produced from 
porous tuff horizons within the general alluvial valley fill. The key 
components of the lithium mineralization model are: 
(1)        a depositional basin; 
(2)        lithium enriched volcanic tuffs deposited within unconsolidated 
sediments in a basin environment; and 
(3)        Rhyolite tuff in the nearby Montezuma Mountain Range that are 
considered to be the primary source of lithium for the defined basins in the 
Silver Peak, Nevada region. 
Clayton Valley is home to the only lithium brine producer in the United 
States, Chemetall Foote Corporation which operates the Silver Peak plant. The 
Silver Peak plant has been in production since 1967 and is estimated to 
produce as much as 1.2 million kilograms of lithium per year. Pure Energy's AF 
Claims are approximately 8 miles from the Silver Peak plant. 
The Company's CEO Jason Dussault commented, "I am very happy to announce to 
our shareholders that we have begun work on our Nevada lithium brine project, 
the Alkali Flats Claims. Our operator on the project, GeoXplor Corp., has 
considerable experience in the region. Mr. Jim Hasbrouck of Hasbrouck 
Geophysics, Inc., who has been retained to interpret the data from the 
project, has been interpreting gravity survey data in the State of Nevada for 
several years and brings a wealth of knowledge of local geologic variations. 
GeoXplor Corp. and Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc. have performed all the previous 
field work for the Company on the prospect and the reports from both the 
initial geophysical exploration stages and our National Instrument 43-101 
report are available to download on the Company's website." 
ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD Pure Energy Minerals Inc. Jason Dussault, President For 
further information contact:  (604) 608 6611 www.pureenergyminerals.com 
About Pure Energy 
Pure Energy Minerals Limited  is an innovative junior mining company based in 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company is engaged in the 
acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties throughout the 
world. Currently Pure Energy is focusing its efforts on lithium mining 
opportunities and related technologies. The Company's Alkali Flats Project in 
Esmeralda County Nevada represents a 4,800 acre claim block in proximity to 
the Clayton Valley Playa, where lithium rich brines and evaporates have been 
accumulating for tens of thousands of years. The area is home to the only U.S. 
based lithium producing plant, the Silver Peak plant operated by Chemetall 
Foote Corporation, a subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc. The Silver Peak 
plant has been in production since 1967. 
For further details about the Company and its projects please visit Pure 
Energy's website at: http://pureenergyminerals.com/ 
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