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SoCalGas Shares Holiday Safety Tips With Customers

              SoCalGas Shares Holiday Safety Tips With Customers

SoCalGas offers tips that can keep you safe during the holidays and throughout
the year

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --As preparations begin for the
holiday season, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is reminding its
customers of important safety tips to keep friends and loved ones safe during
the holidays and year-round.

Customers should be vigilant and question anyone who presents themselves as a
representative of SoCalGas. The following tips can help you protect your home
from utility-worker imposters:

  oAll SoCalGas employees carry proper photo identification when called out
    to any job.
  oVerify the employee's uniform and identification before letting anyone in
    the home or on their property. Most field employees also drive a company
  oCustomer safety is a top priority for SoCalGas and employees will always
    be happy to wait while the customer confirms their identity.
  oNever leave the house unlocked and unattended.SoCalGas does not ask
    customers to leave their homes unattended.
  oMost of the time a SoCalGas employee visits a home or business in response
    to a service request.If no one scheduled an appointment, call SoCalGas at
    1-800-427-2200 (or 1-800-342-4545 in Spanish) before allowing anyone
    inside the home or property.

As temperatures drop, another threat to safety is carbon monoxide (CO)
poisoning. CO poisoning can occur as a result of a poorly ventilated heater or
a CO leak from another source. Symptoms can include nausea, headaches,
paralysis and even death. SoCalGas wants its customers to remember the
following tips to help prevent CO poisoning:

  oHave natural gas furnaces checked at least once a year by a licensed
    heating contractor or SoCalGas.
  oVacuum and clean regularly in and around the furnace, particularly around
    the burner compartment to prevent a build-up of dust and lint.
  oNever store items in, on or around the appliance that can obstruct
  oMost forced-air units have a filter that cleans the air before heating and
    circulating it throughout the home. Check furnace filters every month
    during the heating season and clean or replace the filter when necessary.
  oWhen installing a new or cleaned furnace filter, be sure to re-install the
    front panel door of the furnace properly so it fits snugly; never operate
    the furnace without the front-panel door properly in place because doing
    so may create the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  oCheck the appearance of the flame. If the flame is yellow, large and
    unsteady, the furnace needs to be inspected immediately by a licensed
    heating contractor or SoCalGas to have the condition corrected.
  oUsing an unvented gas heater in your home is dangerous and a violation of
    the California Health and Safety Code.
  oNever use your oven, range or outdoor barbecue to heat your home because
    these appliances are not designed for this purpose.
  oIf you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from CO poisoning,
    call 911 immediately.
  oVisit for more information on staying safe.

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