State of the Cure Report Finds Funding of Cure Research for Type 1 Diabetes Drops by Half

  State of the Cure Report Finds Funding of Cure Research for Type 1 Diabetes
  Drops by Half

 The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance analyzes the obstacles that hinder cure
         progress and rallies donors to maximize their contributions

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NEW YORK -- November 19, 2012

On November 19, 2012, the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance announced the
release of their annual research report, State of the Cure, which is the only
analytical and comprehensive review of progress made toward a type 1 diabetes
cure during 2012. It is for anyone whose life has been touched by type 1
diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes.

The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance was founded by Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Co-Chairman Brian G. Kelly to bring a business like perspective to the
development of a type 1 diabetes cure. In 2009, after several years of
learning about type 1 diabetes and realizing that a cure was not on the
immediate horizon, he began to consider what he could do personally to
accelerate the development of a cure for his son and the millions of other
children living with type 1 diabetes every minute of every day.

State of the Cure reveals that funding levels for cure research have declined
by almost half. None of the major non-profits have an initiative to prioritize
and fund cure projects that have the highest potential to succeed in the near
future. Only 5 projects that could deliver a Practical Cure in the next 15
years are currently in human clinical trials.

“Unless focus is placed on practical cure research, it is unlikely that
life-changing progress will be achieved,” said JDCA General Manager Phil Shaw.
“We need more quality projects in human clinical trials. There is no time to

State of the Cure is the first report to tackle the development of a type 1
diabetes cure from a broad perspective. It monitors scientific advances and
tracks funding trends and strategies at the major diabetes non-profits,
including the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Research Institute
Foundation, JDRF, and Joslin Diabetes Center. How do organizations like the
ADA raise money? What are they doing with donor contributions? How do they
choose which research to fund? The report addresses all of these topics.

While State of the Cure shares discouraging findings, the JDCA believes that
donors can reverse these trends. Donors have the power to specify how their
money is used in a letter attached to their donation. Donors can unite their
voices to accelerate the development of a Practical Cure for loved ones living
with type 1 diabetes.

About the JDCA

The JDCA is an independent analyst of the type 1 diabetes charitable universe
and brings a business-like perspective to focus research toward a Practical
Cure.The mission of the JDCA is to unite donor voices and accelerate the
development of a cure for established diabetics.

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