Bruker Announces the N8 HORIZONTM, an Innovative, Compact Small Angle X-ray Scattering System for Advanced Materials Research

  Bruker Announces the N8 HORIZONTM, an Innovative, Compact Small Angle X-ray
  Scattering System for Advanced Materials Research

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SYDNEY -- November 18, 2012

At the International Small-Angle Scattering Conference (,
Bruker today announced the launch of the N8 HORIZON Small- and Wide-Angle
X-ray Scattering (SAXS and WAXS) system for materials research applications.

N8 HORIZON (Photo: Business Wire)

N8 HORIZON (Photo: Business Wire)

The new N8 HORIZON features an innovative and compact vertical instrument
design and as a consequence provides advantages over conventional horizontal
SAXS systems, such as ease-of-use, convenient sample handling, small
footprint, and low cost-of-ownership. The N8 HORIZON is a powerful tool for
both high-end research and for multi-user facilities investigating a variety
of nano-materials from solid bulks, to fibers, surfaces or biological samples.

The N8 HORIZON is equipped with advanced technologies to achieve high data
quality with short measurement time. The latest IµS^TM micro-focus compact
X-ray source boosts the intensity of the X-ray beam at the sample. The large
2-dimensional VÅNTEC-500^TM detector based on the proprietary MIKROGAP^TM
technology features quantum-limited sensitivity to detect even weak SAXS
signals. The revolutionary new SCATEX^TM scatter-free pinholes set new
benchmarks in terms of X-ray beam quality and enable high flux on the sample
with improved signal-to-noise.

The N8 HORIZON addresses many requirements of a multi-user facility. Novel
features, such as intelligent screen-keys for intuitive operation, ergonomic
sample loading, a small footprint, and an integrated camera for quick and easy
sample positioning maximize the ease-of-use and keep the learning curve for
operating the instrument short. Low power consumption, no water cooling and no
requirements concerning external infrastructure ensure low cost of ownership.

“The N8 HORIZON follows the Bruker philosophy of combining high technical
sophistication with ease-of-use, and will bring SAXS beyond the expert level
into the standard laboratory,” stated Dr. Geert Vanhoyland, Product Manager
SAXS at Bruker AXS. “SAXS is a key method for characterizing nano-materials in
their native environment, or under non-ambient conditions. It provides global,
statistically relevant insight into the 3-dimensional nano-structural
properties of new materials like catalysts, liquid crystals, etc. Moreover,
SAXS is non-destructive and requires virtually no sample preparation that
could influence the sample properties.”

“The N8 HORIZON perfectly fits into our successful Bruker SAXS portfolio, as
this new system will further strengthen Bruker’s position as the leading SAXS
company by expanding the market potential into applications which never used
SAXS before,” commented Professor Dr. Peter Laggner, the Director for
Nanostructure Solutions at Bruker AXS.

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