Bruker Launches the METALJET™, a Novel and Extremely Bright Microfocus X-Ray Source for Structural Biology Applications

  Bruker Launches the METALJET™, a Novel and Extremely Bright Microfocus X-Ray
  Source for Structural Biology Applications

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SYDNEY -- November 18, 2012

At the 2012 triennial International Small-Angle Scattering Conference
(, Bruker launches the METALJET, a novel and extremely
bright microfocus X-ray source for structural biology applications. The unique
METALJET is now offered exclusively by Bruker as a source option for D8
VENTURE^TM protein crystallography systems and for NANOSTAR^TM Small Angle
X-ray Scattering (SAXS) systems.

METALJET Extremely Bright X-ray Source (Photo: Business Wire)

METALJET Extremely Bright X-ray Source (Photo: Business Wire)

The METALJET source for Bruker structural biology systems was developed in
collaboration with Excillum AB and Incoatec GmbH as the most intense home-lab
microfocus X-ray source available today outside of synchrotron beamlines. This
revolutionary new liquid metal source technology is well suited to meet the
ever-increasing demands of modern structural biology, and particularly of
protein crystallography and of small angle X-ray scattering.

Just like conventional rotating anode generators and microfocus sources, the
METALJET uses the impact of electrons onto a metal target to generate X-rays.
However, the solid anode of conventional generators is replaced by a
high-speed jet of liquid metal that can accept a much higher power load. The
result is an X-ray beam that is brighter than what is currently achievable
with the most powerful laboratory X-ray sources.

The transmission and delivery of such a small X-ray beam also requires
technical innovations in the design of X-ray optics, since a smaller X-ray
source requires greater precision during the deposition process of the
multilayers for X-ray mirrors. The new HELIOS MX^TM X-ray optics, developed by
Incoatec for the METALJET, transmits the X-rays to the crystal sample in a
uniformly small diameter, greatly exceeding the intensity of traditional X-ray

Despite this unparalleled analytical performance, the new METALJET source also
features a cost of ownership that is very competitive with conventional
rotating anode sources.

The unprecedented brightness of the new METALJET source will allow researchers
to bring into the home lab many experiments that previously could only be
accomplished at a synchrotron. The METALJET enables structural biologists to
collect data on smaller, more weakly-diffracting crystals, improving home-lab
productivity more than ever before.

Oscar Hemberg, PhD, the CEO of Excillum AB, said: “We are very proud that
Excillum’s liquid-metal-jet-anode X-ray source technology now will be
introduced to Bruker’s customers after two years of intense product
development and thorough internal evaluations at Bruker.”

Dr. Vernon Smith, Business Development Manager for Structural Biology at
Bruker AXS, stated: “Adding the METALJET to our D8 VENTURE and NANOSTAR
systems tremendously strengthens our position in the high-end structural
biology market. Our customers need cutting-edge tools for their demanding
research projects. Introducing the best-performing X-ray source for the home
lab underlines our commitment to meet our customers’ demands and to be at the
forefront of technology.”

Professor Tim Salditt of the University of Goettingen, Germany, added: “I was
the first customer of a METALJET X-ray source back in 2009, and I must say
that in addition to the obvious benefits of the extreme brightness of the
source I am very impressed with the stability, reliability and ease of use of
the technology.”

About Bruker Corporation

Bruker is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and
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About Excillum

Excillum AB was founded in 2007 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Excillum
develops, designs, and manufactures extreme-brightness microfocus X-ray
sources for demanding applications.

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About Incoatec

Incoatec GmbH was founded in 2002 by former members of GKSS Research Center in
Geesthacht near Hamburg, Germany, and Bruker AXS GmbH. Incoatec designs,
manufactures and supplies X-ray optics and microfocus X-ray sources for
diffractometry, spectrometry and synchrotrons. For more information, please

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