AviancaTaca Holding S.A. Records Net Profit of COP$101.04 Billion in the Third Quarter of 2012, up 14.8% on the Same Period in

  AviancaTaca Holding S.A. Records Net Profit of COP$101.04 Billion in the
  Third Quarter of 2012, up 14.8% on the Same Period in 2011

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BOGOTÁ, Colombia -- November 16, 2012

AviancaTaca Holding S.A (BVC: PFAVTA) presents revenues for the third quarter
of 2012. Financial and operational information is recorded in millions of
Colombian pesos, except where indicated, and complies with the generally
accepted accounting principles in Colombia (COLGAAP). The results shown are
stated in Colombian pesos at the average exchange rate for each period. The
average exchange rate had a revaluation of 0.22% in the third quarter of 2012,
compared to the same period in 2011.

     AviancaTaca Holding S.A. (“AviancaTaca”, “the Company”, “the Issuing
Authority” or “the Issuer”) corresponds to figures and operational references
                         of the consolidated entity.

                        2012 Third Quarter Highlights

  *In the third quarter of 2012, AviancaTaca reported revenues of COP$1.98
    trillion, a 3.5% increase in comparison to the same period in 2011.
    Excluding the one-time adjustment of expired tickets reported in the third
    quarter of 2011, operating income increased 8.1%.

  *Operating profit for the third quarter reached COP$209.22 billion, 12%
    below the same period for the previous year, mainly due to the increase in
    fuel costs. Excluding the one-time adjustment for expired tickets in the
    third quarter of 2011, operating profit for the third quarter of 2012
    increased 21.1%.
  *Excluding the one-time adjustment for expired tickets in the previous
    year, EBITDAR for the third quarter of 2012 increased 12.0%.
  *Net profit for the third quarter of 2012 was COP$101.04 billion, 14.8%
    higher than the net profit recorded for the same period in 2011.
  *Capacity, measured in ASK (Available seats per kilometer), increased 10.3%
    in the third quarter as a result of the ongoing growth and consolidation
    strategy of the four (4) hubs (Bogotá, Lima, San Salvador and San José in
    Costa Rica). The Company opened five (5) new routes during this period,
    along with additional flights to existing routes in South America.
  *Passenger traffic measured in RPK (Revenue passenger kilometer) rose 9.1%
    in the third quarter, whereas the load factor reached 81.8% for the third
    quarter of 2012.
  *Cost per available seat kilometer, excluding fuel costs (CASK ex Fuel),
    decreased 6%.
  *In compliance with its fleet renovation and modernization plan,
    AviancaTaca added five (5) aircraft to its fleet in the third quarter: one
    (1) Airbus A330, two (2) Airbus A319 and two (2) Airbus A320, whereas one
    (1) Airbus A319 was retired from service.
  *During this third quarter, the Company announced that it will be adopting
    the Avianca brand name for the group's airlines starting in the first
    quarter of 2013.


AviancaTaca’s third quarter 2012 financial results reflect the implementation
of its integration, renovation and growth strategy, which began in early 2010.
In line with the strategy, the Company incurred non-recurring costs during the
third quarter which affected operating expenses and exceeded COP$11 billion.

Consolidated revenue in the third quarter increased 3.5% over the same period
in 2011. It should be noted that there was a positive adjustment of COP$81.61
billion in the third quarter of 2011, due to the extraordinary recognition of
revenue from expired tickets in TACA. This adjustment for Avianca took place
in the fourth quarter of 2011. The increase seen in the third quarter of 2012
is mainly due to the growth in ticket sales, which increased 1.4%. This
increase was driven by: 1. A 13.6% increase in passenger traffic, going from
5.4 million in Q3 2011 to 6.2 million; and 2. A decrease in average ticket
fares due to the marketing strategies for Ecuador and domestic routes in

AviancaTaca continued its market expansion strategy in Peru and Ecuador. The
Company increased passenger numbers by 47.2% in Peru in comparison to the
third quarter of 2011, whereas capacity has been streamlined in Ecuador,
adjusting to new market conditions and increasing the market's connectivity
with the four hubs operated by the Company.

AviancaTaca opened the following routes in the third quarter of 2012:
Bogotá-Yopal (14 flights per week), Salvador-Cali, Salvador-Guayaquil,
Lima-Cali and Lima-Medellín. In turn, weekly frequency was increased on the
following international routes: Bogotá-Madrid (+3), Lima-Santa Cruz (+4),
Lima-Caracas (+3) and Bogotá-Lima (+1). Frequencies were increased on domestic
routes, including Medellín-Cartagena (+28), Medellín-Cúcuta (+7),
Bogotá-Medellín (+10), Medellín-Cali (+7) and Cali-Cartagena (+5).

The consolidated operating costs and expenses for the third quarter of 2012
rose by 5.7%, reaching COP$1.77 trillion, mostly due to higher fuel costs.
Isolating the increase in fuel costs, total operating costs and expenses only
rose 3.7%, in line with Company's total revenue growth. This increase is
primarily due to a 10.3% growth in operations measured in ASKs, the expansion
programs (mainly in the domestic market in Peru) and non-recurring expenses
for projects aimed at optimizing the Company's maintenance and operating

Continuing with its fuel hedging policy, AviancaTaca hedged the equivalent of
30% of fuel consumption for the third quarter 2012. In addition, 
approximately 28% of estimated gallons to be used in the next 12 months were
hedged as of September 30, 2012.

AviancaTaca reported operating profits of COP$209.223 billion for the third
quarter 2012.

EBITDAR Calculation ^1

The EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) and
EBITDAR (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortization and
airplane rental) indicators for AviancaTaca are stated below.

Third Quarter 2012
COP$ millions                   Q3 2011     Q3 2012     Var %
Operating Income                1,919,607   1,986,581   3.5%
Operating Costs and Expenses    1,138,611   1,180,750   3.7%   
Fuel Costs                      543,066     596,608     9.9%
Operating Profit (EBIT)         237,930     209,223     -12.1%
Depreciation and Amortization   88,519      68,514      -22.6%
EBITDA                          326,449     277,737     -14.9%
EBITDA Margin                   17.01%      13.98%      -3.0%
Airplane Rental                 117,960     128,381     8.8%
EBITDAR                         444,409     406,118     -8.6%
EBITDAR Margin                  23.15%      20.44%      -2.7%


Operating Income

Operating income showed a 3.5% increase compared to the third quarter of 2011,
reaching COP$1.98 trillion.

Ticket Sales. Income in terms of ticket sales (PAX) was COP$1.7 trillion, an
increase of 1.4% over the same quarter in 2011, excluding the one-time
adjustment for expired tickets during the third quarter of 2011 of COP$81.6
billion. Eliminating this adjustments, ticket sales revenue rose 6.5% mainly
due to a 13.6% rise in passenger traffic with the Company carrying more than
6.1 million passengers. Ticket sales accounted for almost 87% of total income
for this period.

Cargo & Mail Services. Income from cargo and mail services grew 21.1% mainly
due to a 13.7% increase in the volume of tons transported. Cargo and mail
services income represents 11% of total quarterly income.

Related Activities. The 19.2% increase in related activities revenue is mainly
due to an increase in revenues of the frequent flier program LifeMiles and
higher leasing fees for property in the domestic terminal (Puente Aéreo) in

Income in COP$ millions          ^Q3 2011   ^Q3 2012   ^Var %
OPERATING INCOME:                 1,919,607   1,986,581   3.5  %
Ticket Sales (PAX)                1,711,907   1,735,601   1.4  %
Cargo & Mail Services             178,994     216,769     21.1 %
Related Activities                28,706      34,211      19.2 %
Income from ASK COP$              Q3 2011     Q3 2012     Var %
TRASK                             222         209         -6.2 %
RASK                              198         182         -8.1 %
Cargo and Mail Services per ASK   21          23          9.8  %

Operating Costs and Expenses

Operating costs and expenses increased during the third quarter by 5.7% over
the same period of the previous year. Such growth is due mainly to increases
in the cost of fuel, employment costs due to strategic expansion in Peru, the
change in the employee hiring policy in Colombia and an increase in aircraft
equipment rental costs to support the Company’s growth strategy. By the end of
the third quarter, operating costs and expenses were COP$1.77 trillion.

COP$ million                            Q3 2011    Q3 2012    Var %
Operating Costs and Expenses (Ex Fuel)   1,138,611   1,180,750   3.7%
Fuel Costs                               543,066     596,608     9.9^%
Total                                    1,681,677   1,777,358   5.7%

Salaries, Social Benefits and Other Benefits. In the third quarter of 2012,
salary, social benefits and other benefits rose to COP$218.51 billion,
representing an increase of 8% compared to Q3 2011. This increase is mainly
due to hiring more staff to support the growth of operations and the change in
the hiring policy used in Colombia, arising from changing indirect hires to
direct staff.

Rental of Aircraft and Other Equipment. The cost of renting aircraft and other
equipment during the third quarter of 2012 increased 8.8% compared to the same
period in 2011. The growth is explained by the incorporation of six (6)
aircraft that were added under operating leases over the last 12 months and
two of which replaced Company-owned airplanes that were removed from service.

Insurance. In the third quarter of 2012 insurance expense reached COP$10.19
billion, representing a 4.1% decline over the same period the previous year.
This is a result of better rates mainly in the aircraft insurance policy.

Airport and Other Facilities. During the third quarter of 2012, the category
of airport and other facilities rose to COP$176.16 billion, an increase of
6.6% over the same period in 2011. This is due to the increase in passenger
traffic and cycles of 13.6% and 9.8%, respectively.

Fuel. The fuel costs for the period rose to COP$596.61 billion, an increase of
9.9% over the third quarter in 2011. This is explained by a 13.2% increase in
the number of gallons consumed as a result of expanded operations and a 2.6%
decrease in the underlying unit price.

Aircraft and Airport Equipment Maintenance. For the third quarter of 2012, the
cost of maintaining aircraft and airport equipment declined 5.2% to COP$78.36
billion. This decrease is due to insurance recoveries and reserves.

Depreciation, Amortization and Reserves. For the third quarter of 2012, the
cost of depreciation, amortization and reserves showed a 22.6% drop compared
to the same quarter in the previous year, corresponding to the change of
methodology used for estimating engine maintenance costs.

Passenger Services. Passenger  service costs for Q3 2012 rose to COP$64.22
billion, an 8.4% increase over the same quarter in 2011. This increase is
explained mainly by the 13.6% growth in passenger traffic as well as the
purchase of on board service equipment and charter flight servicing.

Fees, General Services and Miscellaneous. The fees, general services and
miscellaneous items contracted by the Company reached COP$79.58 billion, a
0.7% decrease against the same period in 2011. The drop is explained by lower
expenditure on aircraft engineer inspection fees and consulting services in
comparison to the third quarter 2011.

Sales Expenses. Sales expenses increased to COP$247.35 billion in Q3 2012, up
4.2% over the same quarter in 2011. This is due to higher Amadeus fees and a
change in the Avianca contracting model.

Administrative Expenses. Administrative expenses totaled COP$109.49 billion in
the third quarter of 2012, an increase of 15.8% over the same period in 2011.
This increase is mainly due to higher expenses for general insurance, taxes
and professional fees, the reclassification of the tourism tax (1% of agency
fees starting in 2012) and higher non-recurring extraordinary expenses for
projects such as the standardization of terms and conditions in aircraft
financing contracts, an assessment report of the regional fleet and the
project to consolidate and optimize the Operations and Maintenance

Despite the extraordinary expenses, the increase in fuel costs and higher
staff count to cover the Company's increased business, total unit costs fell
4.2% over the period.

OPERATION COSTS PER ASK COP$                  Q3 2011  Q3 2012  Var %
Fuel                                           62.9      62.7      -0.4%
Salaries, Social Benefits and Other Benefits   23.5      23.0      -2.1%
Airport and Other Facilities                   19.1      18.5      -3.3%
Aircraft and Other Equipment Rental            13.7      13.5      -1.3%
Depreciation, Amortization and Reserves        10.3      7.2       -29.8%
Fees, General Services and Miscellaneous       9.3       8.4       -9.9%
Aircraft and Airport Equipment Maintenance     9.6       8.2       -14.0%
Passenger Services                             6.9       6.7       -1.8%
Insurance                                      1.2       1.1       -13.1%
Sales                                          27.5      26.0      -5.5%
Administration                                 11.0      11.5      5.0%
Total CASK                                     194.8     186.7     -4.2%
Total CASK Ex Fuel                             131.9     124.0     -6.0%


OPERATIONAL STATISTICS  Q3 2011    Q3 2012    Var %
ASK                      8,630,920   9,518,975   10.3%
RPK                      7,141,112   7,790,12    9.1%
Cycles                   58,234      63,951      9.8%
Block Hours              109,903     120,089     9.3%
Total Passengers         5,420,473   6,159,330   13.6%
Load Factor              82.74%      81.84%      -1.1%
Average Exchange Rate    1,793.49    1,797.36    0.2%

In summary, third quarter 2012 earnings are in line with Company forecast for
the period and represent an improvement in terms of profitability and
efficiency in comparison to the third quarter of 2011, where a one-time
adjustment related to expired tickets was recorded in TACA earnings resulting
in a positive impact on profits for the quarter. A pro-forma summary without
that adjustment is shown below.

COP$ million                   Q3 2011    Q3 2012    Var %
Operating Income                1,837,986   1,986,581   8.1%
Operating Costs and Expenses    1,138,611   1,200,750   5.5%
Fuel Costs                      543,066     596,608     9.9%
Operating Profit (EBIT)         156,309     189,223     21.1%
Depreciation and Amortization   88,519      88,514      0.0%
EBITDA                          244,828     277,737     13.4%
EBITDA Margin                   13.32%      13.98%      0.7%
Airplane Rental                 117,960     128,381     8.8%
EBITDAR                         362,788     406,118     11.9%
EBITDAR Margin                  19.74%      20.44%      0.7%

                         FOURTH QUARTER 2012 OUTLOOK

For the fourth quarter of 2012, AviancaTaca Holding through its subsidiary
companies will seek:

  *To continue with the market development strategy for domestic operations
    in Ecuador and Peru; to further strengthen market presence within South
    America and traffic between South and North America; and to maintain its
    domestic market share in Colombia;

  *To continue its fleet renovation and standardization plan in order to
    satisfy client needs and improve operating costs; and
  *To further improve operations and reduce operating costs in order to
    mitigate the negative effect of a possible increase in international oil

As a result of the above, AviancaTaca Holdings reaffirms its forecast:

Financial and Operational Forecast  FY 2012 vs FY 2011
PAX                                  10% - 14%
ASK                                  8% - 12%
LOAD FACTOR                          77% - 79%
% EBIT                               6% - 8%

Notes with regard to the statement of future expectations

This report contains statements of future expectations.

These may include words such as “expect”, “estimate”, “anticipate” “forecast”,
“plan”, “believe” and similar expressions. These statements and the statements
regarding the Company’s beliefs and expectations do not represent historical
facts and are based on the plans, current projects, estimates, forecasts and
therefore should not be overestimated. Statements regarding future
expectations involve certain risks and uncertainties. AviancaTaca Holding S.A.
warns that a significant number of factors may cause the current results to be
materially different from those contained in any statement with regard to
future expectations. Statements of this kind refer only to the date on which
they are made, and the Company does not take responsibility for publicly
updating any of them, due to the occurrence of future or other events.

                        September 30,   September
                        2011           30,            Variation   %
Ticket Sales (PAX)      1,711,907       1,735,601          23,694        1.4%
Cargo & Mail Services   178,994         216,769            37,775        21.1%
Related Activities      28,706          34,211          5,505         19.2%
                        1,919,607       1,986,581          66,974        3.5%
Fuel                       543,066      596,608        53,542          9.9%
Salaries, Social
Benefits and Other         202,406      218,509        16,103          8.0%
Airport and Other          165,185      176,155        10,970          6.6%
Aircraft and Other         117,960      128,381        10,421          8.8%
Equipment Rental
Amortization and           88,519       68,514         (20,005)        -22.6%
Fees, General Services     80,120       79,582         (538)           -0.7%
and Miscellaneous
Aircraft and Airport       82,649       78,363         (4,286)         -5.2%
Equipment Maintenance
Passenger Services         59,267       64,216         4,949           8.4%
Insurance                  10,629       10,190         (439)           -4.1%
Total Operating Costs      1,349,801    1,420,518      70,717          5.2%
GROSS PROFIT               569,806      566,063       (3,743)         -0.7%
Sales                      237,351      247,353        10,002          4.2%
Administration             94,525       109,487        14,962          15.8%
Total Operating            331,876      356,840        24,964          7.5%
Operating Profit           237,930      209,223        (28,707)        -12.1%
RETIREMENT PENSIONS        21,266       5,710         (15,556)        -73.1%
Operating Profit after     216,664      203,513       (13,151)        -6.1%
Retirement Pensions
Profit from Trades,        (31,197)     16,085         47,282          -151.6%
Recoveries and Other
Financial – Interest       10,292       5,016          (5,276)         -51.3%
and Other
Finance – Exchange         (28,345)     (11,974)      16,371          -57.8%
differential – Net
Total Non-Operating        (49,250)     9,127         58,377          -118.5%
Finance – Interest and     72,393       81,906           9,513         13.1%
Asset tax                  2,887        2,888          1.0           0.0%
Total Non-Operating        75,280       84,794         9,514         12.6%
Pre-tax Profit and         92,134       127,846        35,712        38.8%
Minority Interest
Current and Other          2,987        26,762           23,775        795.9%
Deferred                   773          (657)          (1,430)       -185.0%
Income Tax                 3,760        26,105         22,345        594.3%
Loss before minority       88,374       101,741          13,367        15.1%
MINORITY INTEREST          (330)        (705)          (375)         113.6%
Net Income for the         $ 88,044     $ 101,036      $ 12,992      14.8%

^1 EDBITDAR and EDITDA are not accounting metrics and are not to be considered
separately in place of the Net Profit calculated in accordance with existing
accounting standards. Additionally, due to the specifics of each Company,
these calculations are not entirely comparable to similar calculations made by
other companies.


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