New Cisco Solution Helps Service Providers and Enterprises

New Cisco Solution Helps Service Providers and Enterprises Deliver
Exciting, Profitable Mobile Experiences With Advanced Location-Based
Wi-Fi Technology 
AT&T Brings New Life to Exhibits at Fernbank Museum of Natural
History; Copenhagen Airport Improves Business Operations 
SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/15/12 --  As more Wi-Fi networks
are deployed in airports, retail stores, hotels, hospitals,
universities and other public venues, to meet the needs of the
growing number of connected consumers, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today
introduced its advanced Wi-Fi location data analytics platform to
help businesses enhance customer experiences and create new
monetization opportunities.  
Cisco is providing the Fernbank Museum of Natural History with a
Next-Generation Internet solution delivering rich, new personalized
applications and experiences to visitors on their mobile devices. The
new location based products will work in tandem on the AT&T Wi-Fi
network to provide a new enriching museum network. Additionally,
Copenhagen Airport has also deployed Cisco's new context aware
location data analytics to help improve operational efficiency, make
smarter business decisions and provide a better travel experience for
its passengers. 
These organizations are early adopters of Cisco's contextual data
analytics technology, which is embedded in their Wi-Fi networks to
create new business opportunities, enhance customers' experiences,
and streamline business operations. Building on Cisco's recent
acquisition of ThinkSmart Technologies and the new location services
and analytic features included in the Cisco(R) Mobility Services
Engine (MSE), part of the company's Unified Access solution, Cisco is
committed to providing an intelligent network for retail, travel,
hospitality, healthcare, education and other industries.  
Mobile business opportunities are on the rise, as evidenced by the
Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, which predicts that by
2016 there will be nearly 18.9 billion mobile connections.
Wi-Fi-enabled devices are expected to grow at 300 percent through
2015 to 2 billion globally, according to ABI Research. Wi-Fi traffic
is also expected to grow at a 34 percent rate through 2016, when it
accounts for half of total Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, ABI
Research predicts. This growth, combined with the majority of indoor
data usage, is leading to a new set of user expectations for better
experiences over a Wi-Fi network.  
Innovative Mobile Customer Experiences Enabled by Cisco and its Wi-Fi
Ecosystem Partners 
Fernbank Museum of Natural History
 Fernbank Museum of Natural
History in Atlanta, Ga., is a pioneer in using technology to advance
educational opportunities, focusing on creating innovative,
enlightening experiences that showcase the wonders of the natural
world. As part of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the museum,
AT&T, in collaboration with Cisco, has created a first-of-its-kind
platform using new contextually rich-indoor hyper-location technology
to work in tandem with the newly installed AT&T Wi-Fi network.  
The new, free opt-in Fernbank Museum application, powered by
Meridian, available on November 16, will guide visitors to explore
the Museum with the expertise of a paleontologist. The Fernbank
journal experience includes a combination of audio, video,
touch-screen inter-actives, animation, question-and-answer challenges
and sketchbook activities that are activated according to the user's
location within the Museum.  
As visitors complete the journal sequences, they gain access to
enhanced content, added activities, hidden features, new challenges,
rewards and more. Additionally, the application offers a hands-on
visitor map with directional navigation within the museum and details
on current programming, including exhibitions and IMAX(R) films. 
The new application will transform the way visitors experience
Fernbank -- offering customized capabilities based on individual
preferences that customers can control and modify on repeat visits.
It will also allow Fernbank to publish local in-venue services and
conduct marketing promotions accessible through users' mobile
devices. The analytics platform provides real-time and historical
data on visitor path and flow analysis to assist Fernbank in making
staffing adjustments and optimizing venue operations.  
Copenhagen Airport
 Copenhagen Airport is the main international
airport in the Nordics serving Copenhagen, Denmark and the North
European region. The airport is using Cisco's Advanced Location
Analytics, in partnership with global air transport IT provider SITA,
to track the passenger flow of those coming and going throughout the
international terminal. As a result, Copenhagen Airport can determine
the appropriate level of security personnel and staff that is needed
to support their passengers in a timely manner.  
The analytics captured over the Wi-Fi network also allows Copenhagen
Airport to monitor passenger movements from incoming flights, so they
can staff accordingly in the clearance and customs department.  
Examining passenger movements in the airport with location analytics
was the primary driver for Copenhagen Airport's decision to work with
Cisco and SITA to create a better customer experience for travelers
and improve the passenger flow.  
 Cisco is collaborating
with Qualcomm Technologies' networking and connectivity subsidiary,
Qualcomm Atheros, to deliver precise indoor location capabilities on
mobile devices, while helping ensure interoperability with Cisco
Wi-Fi infrastructure. This collaboration provides a better indoor
location capability in venues with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure, as
well as enhances service discovery, provides greater context, and
delivers a better mobile user experience.  
Intelligent Wi-Fi Network Provides a "Smarter Blue Dot"
 Cisco's new
context-aware Wi-Fi technology enables Wi-Fi networks to deliver a
"smarter blue dot," a new breed of mobile mapping services that
enable informative location-based mobile applications, allowing
mobile users to be better informed of their surroundings while
indoors or at specific venues. Cisco's intelligent Wi-Fi networking
technology delivers richer information and experiences via
network-connected devices over traditional blue dot mobile mapping
services and applications available on standard global-positioning
satellite (GPS)-enabled devices. 
New network capabilities for the Cisco Mobility Services Engine

--  Network Services Discovery - businesses can use Wi-Fi networks to
    detect, connect and engage mobile users connected to their Wi-Fi
--  Location Analytics that provide real-time location analytics and
    historical trends as mobile users travel around a business's facility.
--  Mobile Concierge feature allows organizations to engage with mobile
    users through a native application on a smart mobile device. Cisco
    offers a software developer kit (SDK) for Mobile Concierge to ease
    development of applications and services that use the Cisco MSE.
    Mobile Concierge also provides businesses with an intelligence
    platform for building marketing promotions targeted directly at its

Supporting Quotes 

--  Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager, Wireless Networking
    Group, Cisco
     "The influx in mobile devices provides enterprises with
    unique ways to transform the end-user experience. The Fernbank Museum
    of Natural History, AT&T and Copenhagen Airport are leading the
    trend of using Wi-Fi to introduce exciting mobile experiences for
    customers that adapts to their interests and behaviors, and increases
    revenue. With rich radio frequency innovation in wireless networking
    infrastructure, our recent investment in ThinkSmart Technologies for
    location data analytics, and new indoor hyper-location capabilities we
    are unlocking an unsurpassed end-user experience and powerful business
    benefits. These mobile networking advancements mark the end of the
    days of inaccurate, two-dimensional maps and 'good-enough' services
    offered to people at indoor-locations and venues."
--  Joey Schultz, vice president of consumer marketing, AT&T
    "AT&T's vision is to expand the value of Wi-Fi networks from
    high-quality connectivity to a business innovation platform -- a
    direct result of our commitment to consumers and the business
    community that serves them. We view the Fernbank Museum as a showcase
    of technology innovation applied towards changing the relevance of a
    business proposition to its consumers."
    * Joey Schultz, vice president of consumer marketing, AT&T also
    serves as a board member on the Fernbank Museum of Natural History
--  Jennifer Grant Warner, senior vice president and chief programming
    officer, Fernbank Museum of Natural History
     "We are delighted to work
    with AT&T and Cisco to offer the first-of-its-kind application to
    amplify the education value that we provide at Fernbank Museum. This
    groundbreaking technology maximizes convenience and engagement
    opportunities for visitors and offers an educational experience like
    no other -- while offering analytics to derive improved business
    planning and marketing strategies."
--  Christian Poulsen, assets and technical director, Copenhagen Airport
    "Copenhagen Airport, in partnership with SITA, chose Cisco for its
    real-time location analytics solution, giving us more insight into
    meaningful data about passenger patterns. A positive passenger
    experience is valuable to us and we strive to provide the travelers
    with a stress-free airport experience. In the future, we are looking
    to also implement push notifications with flight information and other
    relevant material pertinent to a passenger, as well as ensuring an
    appropriate level of staffing is present to assist the travelers in a
    timely manner."
--  Cormac Conroy, vice president, location products and technology,
     "Indoor location represents a significant opportunity for
    Qualcomm to enhance the mobile experience and provide businesses with
    a new way to reach, interact with and profit from connected consumers.
    Through delivery of a complete indoor-location solution, we are
    accelerating indoor location services for public and private venues
    that utilize Cisco wireless infrastructure. Our combined strengths
    will make indoor location technology as ubiquitous as outdoor
    location-based services are now."

Editor's and Blogger's Note 

--  At 6 p.m. (EST) today media and bloggers are invited to attend a
    public demonstration of the new Wi-Fi app at the Fernbank Museum of
    Natural History in Atlanta. Interviews are available with Fernbank
    Museum, AT&T and Cisco executives and Fernbank patrons. To
    register and attend, please contact Brandi Berry, director of public
    relations and promotions at Fernbank Museum, at 404-929-6339 or or Kevin Petschow, Cisco, at
    847-678-5462 or

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Embedded Photos 

--  Cisco Mobility Services Engine
--  Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager, Wireless Networking
    Business Unit, Cisco
--  Kelly Ahuja, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile
    Internet Technology Group, Cisco
--  Fernbank Museum Application, powered by Meridian

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