Hitachi Chemical Developed Novel Molecular Testing System for Personalized Medicine – Novel mRNA Quantitative Assay for

  Hitachi Chemical Developed Novel Molecular Testing System for Personalized
  Medicine – Novel mRNA Quantitative Assay for Biomarker Discovery and
  Prediction of Drug Efficacy

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TOKYO -- November 15, 2012

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:4217)(Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO:
Kazuyuki Tanaka; Capital: 15.5 billion yen; hereinafter referred to as
"Hitachi Chemical"), in the field of life sciences, developed a novel mRNA
quantitative assay called "Hem(A)^+ System"^i. This is a simple,
high-throughput, reproducible method, that offers a wide range of applications
in clinical biomarker discovery and molecular testing to target personalized

In today's aging society, maintaining good health and improving quality of
life while reducing healthcare costs is a key challenge. We are facing the
growing need for medical treatments with high efficacy and minimum adverse
effects. As a result, "personalized medicine" is receiving significant
attention as an approach to meet such needs.

By targeting personalized medicine, Hitachi Chemical developed the "Hem(A)^+
System," to address this need for improved medical treatments. This system can
extract and quantify leukocyte-derived mRNA from a very small amount of whole
blood (0.05 mL). It employs simple filtration to capture leukocyte prior to
extraction and purification of mRNA. This eliminates interference by a large
amount of red blood cells in whole blood, and enables sensitive detection of
the changes in mRNA levels. Also, the system adopts a 96-well microplate
format, making it suitable for simultaneous processing of multiple samples.
The best feature of this system is that it simulates the drug response of an
individual in a test tube by using whole blood samples stimulated with the
drug. This system successfully brought a new "ex vivo" concept, which measures
in vivo response in an in vitro assay, to practice and makes it possible to
predict drug efficacy.

With this system, Hitachi Chemical plans to conduct contract test services for
pharmaceutical companies to find novel biomarkers and select subjects for
clinical trials by predicting drug efficacy, and eventually aims to have this
system as a companion diagnostic^iii.

We are actively conducting collaborative research in a wide range of clinical
fields in Japan and the US. We had poster presentations at the SITC 27^th
Annual Meeting^iv held in the late October, on predictive markers for the
efficacy of a breast cancer drug and dendritic cell vaccine therapy for
cancers^v. We will also have a poster presentation at the 2012 ASH Annual
Meeting and Exposition^vi scheduled in early December about the predictive
markers of effect of a multiple myeloma drug and adverse effect.


About Hitachi Chemical:
Hitachi Chemical is a chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo.
The company has 16,713 employees, a sales volume of 473.1 billion yen (fiscal
2011, consolidated), with many products holding top market share. Its products
are aimed at a wide range of materials and parts, including functional
materials and high-tech parts/system segments. The company is also focusing
its efforts on "life sciences" as one of four core business areas, selling
products such as OPTIGEN Systems for allergy diagnosis and Hitachi Clinical
Analyzers for clinical chemistry testing.

       "Hem(A)^+ System": Assay system developed by Hitachi Chemical Research
^i    Center, Inc. (Location: California, President: Bunichiro Nakajima;
       abbreviated to "HCR"), a US subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical.
       "Personalized medicine": Medical model to provide the best prevention
^ii    and treatment optimized for each person. It often refers to "the right
       treatment for the right individual at the right time".
       "Companion Diagnostics": Diagnostic examination to select patients who
^iii   are likely to benefit from certain medication by predicting efficacy
       and adverse reactions of drugs. The naming is from "diagnostics used as
       a companion to drugs."
       "SITC 27^th Annual Meeting": Annual meeting of the Society for
^iv    Immunotherapy of Cancer: Held in North Bethesda, Maryland, USA, October
       26-28, 2012. SITC 27th Annual Meeting:
^v     "Dendritic cell vaccine therapy for cancers": An immunotherapy for
       advanced cancers.
       "2012 ASH Annual Meeting": Annual Meeting of the American Society of
^vi    Hematology": To be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 8-11, 2012.
       2012 ASH Annual Meeting and


Hitachi Chemical Research Center, Inc.
Wakako Matsumoto, 949-725-2721
Manager Business Development
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