PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 14th November 2012

        PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 14th November 2012

  PR Newswire

  LONDON, November 14, 2012

LONDON, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Hunter Communications signs satellite agreement, Nomad expands mobile offering
and Movaluate to revolutionise second-hand mobile market

Hunter Communications, atelecomsprovider specialising in the procurement of
bandwidth for business clients, has announced the signing of a pre-sale
agreement for the sale of a brand new satellite fromSATMEX , a Latin
American communications company.

The satellite is still under construction, although the agreement envisages a
launch in 2015 that will boost Hunter Communications' coverage across the US,
Canada and South America over the 15-yearlifespanof the device. Hunter has
ordered the first everSamtex7 satellite, a product created bySAMTEXin
conjunction with US aerospace giant Boeing. It swiftly follows theSamtex5
satellite, which will be repositioned after the next launch to provide even
greater coverage for the US market.

Speaking after the announcement, Hunter's President, BrentPerrott, enthused
over the ability of the new satellite to provide "full KU-band coverage over
North America and particularly over Canada, which has had few alternatives for
many years".

Nomad Editions, a start-up digital magazine publisher, has announced a
broadening of its services, with the company now offering to work with mobile
marketers to increase their content production capabilities.

The company will focus on helping publishers and advertisers to increase the
amount of content marketing delivered through digital magazines, drawing on
its experience over the past two years: Nomad has published over 300 digital
magazines since 2010 alone.

The new service will offer clients the chance to delegate the responsibility
for integrating digital magazines and content marketing to the company, which
pledges to work closely with clients' marketing teams to produce a
comprehensive digital product. According to MarjorieMartay, Nomad's Executive
VP, the company hopes to "apply our knowledge to driving profitable customer
action for our clients".

Movaluate, an innovative company providing mobile phone valuation services,
has launched a new initiative that gives everydaysmartphoneowners the
ability to instantly value their device, in an attempt to cut waste from the
second-hand mobile sale market.

A "tag" combining NFCandQRtechnologies will be deployed to participating
customers seeking a valuation, which will automatically detect the type and
age of the device before delivering that information toMovaluateHQ. The
company will then send users a price report, giving users a better insight
into what their device is worth on the open market. The service will be
completely free of charge and is available today.

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