LG Television Launches World's First 3-D Global Media Platform; 3doo Achieves "Premium App" Placement on Newest LG Televisions,

LG Television Launches World's First 3-D Global Media Platform; 3doo Achieves
   "Premium App" Placement on Newest LG Televisions, Projects Worldwide LG
                           Availability in December

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NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2012

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --3doo Inc., the first global platform
to distribute content entirely in 3-D, today announced that LG Electronics,
the world's second largest television manufacturer, is pre-installing the 3doo
platform in its newest line of LG Cinema 3-D televisions sold in Germany, with
worldwide LG availability projected in early December.

LG has further agreed to pre-install the 3doo platform on its "Premium App"
section of its Cinema 3D TV, which delivers to viewers "the total-immersion
brilliance of Full HD 3D picture quality, battery-free 3D glasses, 2D to 3D
conversion, our Magic Remote and a virtually frameless Cinema Screen design,"
according to LG, which has shipped millions of 3-D televisions worldwide.

"LG's decision to launch 3doo on its newest 3-D televisions to deliver
high-quality 3-D content to millions more television viewers is yet another
significant step forward in our company's growth model," stated Michael
Stougiannos, CEO of 3doo Inc. "With the push of just one button, 3doo will
quickly and easily connect millions of LG television consumers, first in
Germany and soon around the world, to ever-expanding and eye-popping 3-D

"With our industry-leading Cinema 3D Smart TV lineup, LG has set standards
with regards to 3D user experience, Smart TV navigation and content
availability," stated Caroline Funk, Head of Smart TV of LG Electronics
Germany. "By pre-installing the 3doo platform in the 'Premium App' section of
our latest TVs, we enable our customers to experience a truly amazing 3D
marketplace leveraging all advantages of our award-winning 3D technology."

The LG installation of the 3doo platform follows on the heels of Panasonic's
installation earlier in 2012 of the 3doo platform on its newest line of VIERA
3-D televisions in the United States, Europe and Canada, alongside Panasonic's
other premium entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant
Video and Hulu.

3doo also announced that its global reach on Panasonic's 3-D televisions has
just been expanded to include major Asian and Middle Eastern consumer markets
such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,
Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as major Latin
American markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Panama.

Using 3doo, consumers enjoy a growing library of free 3-D videos and will
shortly also enjoy 3-D Live events and paid on-demand 3-D content. 3doo is the
only platform that brings together content providers, electronic
manufacturers, movie studios, television stations, and advertisers and
connects them with the rapidly expanding mass market of the 3-D end users
around the world.

3doo targets all owners of 3-D Smart-TVs, 3-D smart phones, tablets and mobile
devices of all relevant brands worldwide. Through signed contracts with major
television manufacturers such as LG and Panasonic, 3doo aims to reach a
potential customer base of 67 million 3-D TV units worldwide in 2012, and more
than 350 million by 2015, based on recent Display Search data.

"The home entertainment industry has responded to the success of 3-D movies
with a flood of 3-D products, but still confronts major problems such as the
lack of sufficient available 3-D content; the need of 3-D content producers to
access the necessary distribution infrastructure; and the inability of end
users to access quality 3-D content," stated Stougiannos.

He added that 3doo is currently in negotiations with other leading global
television and mobile device manufacturers as well as established content
providers to vastly expand its user base across all major markets worldwide.

3doo also plans to introduce 3-D commercials directly into user living rooms
worldwide, creating a new sector for the global advertising industry. 3doo is
also creating the digital space for "my3doo" 3-D social networking, to allow
users to share their content and social networking activities in 3-D
worldwide. A beta version of "my3doo" is currently available to Panasonic's
VIERA television consumers.

3doo's internal access and usage numbers have doubled from September 2012 to
October 2012 in categories such as banner ad impressions, total film viewings,
total households and total gross contacts.

Producers interested in marketing their 3-D videos to LG and Panasonic 3-D TVs
around the globe can sign up immediately – at no charge – at www.3doo.com.

For more information on LG's Cinema 3D televisions, please see


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