A better way to cloud: TI's new KeyStone multicore SoCs revitalize cloud applications, enabling new capabilities and a quantum

   A better way to cloud: TI's new KeyStone multicore SoCs revitalize cloud
 applications, enabling new capabilities and a quantum leap in performance at
                   significantly reduced power consumption

- Industry's first implementation of quad ARM® Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ processors
in infrastructure-class embedded SoC offers developers exceptional capacity &
performance at significantly reduced power for networking, high performance
computing, gaming and media processing applications

- Unmatched combination of Cortex-A15 processors, C66x DSPs, packet
processing, security processing and Ethernet switching, transforms the
real-time cloud into an optimized high performance, power efficient processing

- Scalable KeyStone architecture now features 20+ software compatible devices,
enabling customers to more easily design integrated, power and cost-efficient
products for high-performance markets from a range of devices

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MUNICH, Nov.13, 2012

MUNICH, Nov.13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ELECTRONICA--To most technologists,
cloud computing is about applications, servers, storage and connectivity. To
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) it means much more. Today,
TI is unveiling a BETTER way to cloud with six new multicore System-on-Chips
(SoCs). Based on its award winning KeyStone architecture, TI's SoCs are
designed to revitalize cloud computing, inject new verve and excitement into
pivotal infrastructure systems and, despite their feature rich specifications
and superior performance, actually reduce energy consumption.

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To TI, a BETTER way to cloud means:

  oSafer communities thanks to enhanced weather modeling;
  oHigher returns from time sensitive financial analysis;
  oImproved productivity and safety in energy exploration;
  oFaster commuting on safer highways in safer cars;
  oExceptional video on any screen, anywhere, any time;
  oMore productive and environmentally friendly factories; and
  oAn overall reduction in energy consumption for a greener planet.

TI's new KeyStone multicore SoCs are enabling this – and much more. These
28-nm devices integrate TI's fixed-and floating-point TMS320C66x digital
signal processor (DSP) generation cores – yielding the best performance per
watt ratio in the DSP industry – with multiple ARM^® Cortex™-A15 MPCore™
processors – delivering unprecedented processing capability combined with low
power consumption – facilitating the development of a wide-range of
infrastructure applications that can enable more efficient cloud experiences.
The unique combination of Cortex-A15 processors and C66x DSP cores, with
built-in packet processing and Ethernet switching, is designed to efficiently
offload and enhance the cloud's first generation general purpose servers;
servers that struggle with big data applications like high performance
computing and video processing.

"Using multicore DSPs in a cloud environment enables significant performance
and operational advantages with accelerated compute intensive cloud
applications," said Rob Sherrard, VP of Service Delivery, Nimbix. "When
selecting DSP technology for our accelerated cloud compute environment, TI's
KeyStone multicore SoCs were the obvious choice. TI's multicore software
enables easy integration for a variety of high performance cloud workloads
like video, imaging, analytics and computing and we look forward to working
with TI to help bring significant OPEX savings to high performance compute

TI's six new high-performance SoCs include the 66AK2E02, 66AK2E05, 66AK2H06,
66AK2H12, AM5K2E02 and AM5K2E04, all based on the KeyStone multicore
architecture. With KeyStone's low latency high bandwidth multicore shared
memory controller (MSMC), these new SoCs yield 50 percent higher memory
throughput when compared to other RISC-based SoCs. Together, these processing
elements, with the integration of security processing, networking and
switching, reduce system cost and power consumption, allowing developers to
support the development of more cost-efficient, green applications and
workloads, including high performance computing, video delivery and media and
image processing. With the matchless combination TI has integrated into its
newest multicore SoCs, developers of media and image processing applications
will also create highly dense media solutions.

KeyStone Multicore Features    Applications 
                   1 Cortex-A15
66AK2E02           processor

                  1 C66x DSP   Enterprise video, IP cameras (IPNC), traffic
                                systems (ITS), video analytics, industrial
                              imaging, voice gateways, portable medical
                  4 Cortex-A15
                   1 C66x DSP
66AK2H06           2 Cortex-A15

                   4 C66x DSPs  High performance computing, media processing,
                               video conferencing, off-line image processing
                               & analytics, video recorders (DVR/NVR),
                               gaming, virtual desktop infrastructure,
                   4 Cortex-A15 medical imaging
66AK2H12           processors

                  8 C66x DSPs
                   2 Cortex-A15
AM5K2E02           processors
                                Cloud infrastructure, routers, switches,
                              networking control plane, wireless transport,
                                radio network control, industrial sensor
                  4 Cortex-A15 control

"Visionary and innovative are two words that come to mind when working with
TI's KeyStone devices," said Joe Ye, CEO, CyWee. "Our goal is to offer
solutions that merge the digital and physical worlds, and with TI's new SoCs
we are one step closer to making this a reality by pushing state-of-the-art
video to virtualized server environments. Our collaboration with TI should
enable developers to deliver richer multimedia experiences in a variety of
cloud-based markets, including cloud gaming, virtual office, video
conferencing and remote education."

Simplified development with complete tools and support
TI continues to ease development with its scalable KeyStone architecture,
comprehensive software platform and low-cost tools. In the past two years, TI
has developed over 20 software compatible multicore devices, including
variations of DSP-based solutions, ARM-based solutions and hybrid solutions
with both DSP and ARM-based processing, all based on two generations of the
KeyStone architecture. With compatible platforms across TI's multicore DSPs
and SoCs, customers can more easily design integrated, power and
cost-efficient products for high-performance markets from a range of devices,
starting at just $30 and operating at a clock rate of 850MHz all the way to
15GHz of total processing power.

TI is also making it easier for developers to quickly get started with its
KeyStone multicore solutions by offering easy-to-use, evaluation modules
(EVMs) for less than $1K, reducing developers' programming burdens and
speeding development time with a robust ecosystem of multicore tools and

In addition, TI's Design Network features a worldwide community of respected
and well established companies offering products and services that support TI
multicore solutions. Companies offering supporting solutions to TI's newest
KeyStone-based multicore SoCs include 3L Ltd., 6WIND, Advantech, Aricent,
Azcom Technology, Canonical, CriticalBlue Enea, Ittiam Systems, Mentor
Graphics, mimoOn, MontaVista Software, Nash Technologies, PolyCore Software
and Wind River.

Availability and pricing

TI's 66AK2Hx SoCs are currently available for sampling, with broader device
availability in 1Q13 and EVM availability in 2Q13. AM5K2Ex and 66AK2Ex samples
and EVMs will be available in the second half of 2013. Pricing for these
devices will start at $49 for 1 KU.

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While at Electronica, visit TI at Booth420 (Hall A4) to learn more about the
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TI-based demos. For more information please visit www.ti.com/electronica2012.


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About TI's KeyStone multicore architecture
TI's KeyStone multicore architecture is the platform for true multicore
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low-power multicore devices.Unleashing breakthrough performance, the KeyStone
architecture is the foundation upon which TI's new TMS320C66x DSP generation
was developed. KeyStone differs from any other multicore architecture as it
has the capacity to provide full processing capability to every core in a
multicore device. KeyStone-based devices are optimized for high performance
markets including wireless base stations, mission critical, test and
automation, medical imaging and high performance computing. Learn more at

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