OmniTI Announces Enhanced Version of OmniOS, Open Source Operating System for the Solaris Community

  OmniTI Announces Enhanced Version of OmniOS, Open Source Operating System
  for the Solaris Community

 Improved ZFS Support, Enhanced Management Tools, Now Available in Amazon EC2

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FULTON, Md. -- November 13, 2012

OmniTI, a provider of web application development and infrastructure
management for companies that require scalable, high-performance, mission
critical solutions, today announced the release of their newest version of
OmniOS, an open source operating system for application developers in the
Solaris community looking for a reliable, innovative application deployment.

Publicly released in April 2012, OmniOS is a continuation of the OpenSolaris
legacy and aims to address the longstanding issues that occurred when Oracle
discontinued open development of the operating system. OmniOS builds on
Illumos to make a complete OS. It is a cost-effective and open alternative to
Oracle Solaris 11.

This new release represents the best-available version of OmniOS for
production deployments.

Key new features include:

1. Multiple ZFS Enhancements: OmniTI has added  support for ZFS feature flags
as well as a new ZFS pool format that facilitates portability of zpools among
Illumos distributions. This helps developers avoid vendor lock in and allows
distributors to integrate more features, such as ZFS I/O throttling
capabilities, recently developed by Joyent. ZFS I/O throttling also provides
more consistent I/O latency to competing zones, and is now available in

2. Kayak Network Installer: Kayak now features a richer tool set in the
mini-root environment, allowing administrators to better diagnose and correct
issues encountered during network installations.

3. Updated DTrace Functionality: The dynamic tracing framework now supports
time-ordered output (-x temporal), making results easier to understand on
multi-processor systems.

4. Improved IPMI Support: This allows ipmitool to operate via the local BMC
device rather than being limited to LAN operation. Administrators may now
interact with their IPMI modules directly from the OS, even those that may not
be configured with network access.

According to Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of OmniTI, “OmniOS has been well received
by the Open Source community since our launch last spring and our customers
have experienced great results. This new version enhances the stability and
security of OmniOS, giving customers even more flexibility in a stable robust
environment. OmniOS fills a need in the post-Solaris world for a lightweight
installation focused on traditional enterprise environments as well as cloud

The newest version of OmniOS is immediately available for download at In addition, the new stable version has also been made
available for Amazon Web Service (AWS) users as a public Amazon Machine Image
(AMI), for those deploying in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Amazon EC2
is a web service that provides re-sizable compute capacity in the cloud,
designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. OmniOS brings the
power of ZFS and DTrace to developers working in this environment.

OmniTI uses OmniOS for customer applications, and is making it generally
available to the Solaris community for free with the intention that it becomes
a standard platform for open source development. In addition to the growing
open source community around OmniOS, OmniTI also offers more traditional
commercial support.

About OmniTI
Founded in 1997, OmniTI designs, builds, and operates web infrastructures and
applications for companies that require scalable, high-performance, mission
critical solutions. Targeted to B2C organizations, the company’s expert
engineers specialize in providing complex, high-transaction, and large-volume
data applications. Unlike competitors that offer limited web design,
development or database services, OmniTI offers end-to-end, purpose built
technology solutions that include strategic consulting, web design and
development, database services, Internet architecture support and managed
services. OmniTI is committed to continuous innovation that enables businesses
on the web to move at customer speed.


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