MRC Global Inc. Announces Closing Of Term Loan And Redemption Of Senior Secured Notes

   MRC Global Inc. Announces Closing Of Term Loan And Redemption Of Senior
                                Secured Notes

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HOUSTON, Nov. 9, 2012

HOUSTON, Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MRC Global Inc. (NYSE:MRC) announced
today the successful syndication and closing of the previously announced $650
million seven-year senior secured Term Loan B. The company used the proceeds
of the new term loan, together with a draw under the company's global
asset-based lending (ABL) facility, to redeem all of the outstanding 9.50%
Senior Secured Notes due 2016 of McJunkin Red Man Corporation, a wholly owned
subsidiary of the company.

Andrew R. Lane, MRC Global's Chairman, President and CEO, said, "We are very
pleased to complete this refinancing of our long-term debt. These
transactions have extended the maturity of our long-term debt and
significantly reduced our interest expense by taking advantage of historically
low rates. Our new term loan can provide a base for our capital structure in
the years to come."

New Term Loan B

The company has the option under the term loan to pay interest at a base rate,
subject to a floor of 2.25%, plus an applicable margin, or at a rate based on
LIBOR, subject to a floor of 1.25%, plus an applicable margin. The applicable
margin for base rate loans is 400 basis points and the applicable margin for
LIBOR loans is 500 basis points. The margin will step down by 25 basis points
if the company's consolidated total leverage ratio (as defined in the term
loan) is less than 2.50:1.00. At current LIBOR levels, the effective interest
rate of the term loan is equal to 6.25%, as compared to an interest rate of
9.50% on the notes.

During the nine months ended September 30, 2012, the company purchased in the
open market $188.7 million in aggregate principal amount of the notes for
$205.0 million. Borrowings under the company's global ABL facility funded
these purchases. The company expects to reduce its interest expense by over
$50 million per year as a result of these purchases and the redemption of the
notes, assuming the company's current debt levels, the initial interest rate
under the term loan of 6.25% and current interest rates under the company's
global ABL facility.

The term loan is secured by a first lien on all of the company's assets, the
assets of all of the company's domestic subsidiaries and a pledge of all of
the capital stock of the company's domestic subsidiaries and 65% of the
capital stock of the company's first tier foreign subsidiaries, subject to
certain exceptions, other than the assets securing the ABL facility (which
include the company's accounts receivable, inventory and related assets), and
by a second lien on this ABL collateral.

Redemption of Senior Secured Notes

The company also announced today that, pursuant to its call for redemption on
October 24, 2012, $861,319,000 in principal amount of the notes, which
represents all of the notes currently outstanding, has been redeemed.

MRC Global expects to record a charge arising from the redemption of the notes
of approximately $93 million, including the write off of original issue
discount and debt issuance costs on the redeemed notes and for the applicable
redemption premium.

In connection with the redemption of the notes and the entry into the term
loan, the company also amended its existing global ABL facility.

About MRC Global Inc. – Global Supplier of Choice®

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, MRC, a Fortune 500 company, is the largest
global distributor of pipe, valve, and fittings (PVF) and related products and
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Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of
Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. Words
such as "expects," and similar expressions are intended to identify
forward-looking statements.

The company's expectations regarding the interest savings from the
transactions described in this news release are only the company's
expectations regarding these savings. Whether the company is actually
successful in obtaining these savings is dependent on a number of factors,
including (among others) the company's debt levels, the interest rate from
time to time under the term loan and the interest rates and amounts
outstanding under the company's global ABL facility.


James E. Braun, EVP & Chief Financial Officer
MRC Global Inc.

Ken Dennard, Managing Partner

SOURCE MRC Global Inc.

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