Golden Minerals Announces Third Quarter Results and $2.0 Million in Exploration Property Sales

Golden Minerals Announces Third Quarter Results and $2.0 Million in 
Exploration Property Sales 
GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 8, 2012 /CNW/ - Golden Minerals Company ("Golden Minerals" 
or the "Company") (NYSE MKT: AUMN) (TSX: AUM) announces results for the 
quarter ending September 30, 2012 and $2.0 million in fourth quarter 
exploration property sales. 
Financial Results 
For the third quarter 2012, Golden Minerals recorded a 45 percent increase in 
revenue to $7.1 million from the sale of metals at its Velardena Operations in 
Mexico, as compared to revenue of $4.9 million in the second quarter 2012. 
Also during the third quarter, the Company recorded a $57.2 million non-cash 
reduction in goodwill related to its September 2011 transaction with ECU 
Silver Mining Inc. The goodwill was initially established primarily as a 
result of recognizing, for accounting purposes, a deferred tax liability for 
the difference between the fair value of the Velardena property acquired in 
the ECU transaction and the Mexican tax basis of the property. Since September 
2011, an approximate 20% decrease in forecasted future gold and silver prices 
and certain changes to assumptions related to the long term operating plan for 
the Velardena Operations has resulted in the reduction of goodwill. There was 
no reduction in the carrying value of the long-lived Velardena property. 
The Company's cash and short term investments balance increased by $30.9 
million during the quarter to $54.0 million as of September 30, 2012. The 
increase is due to $36.9 million in net proceeds received from a registered 
offering and private placement of our securities during the quarter, offset by 
the expenditures described above plus capital expenditures of $2.0 million and 
an increase in net working capital of $2.2 million, both related primarily to 
the Velardena Operations. 
The Company is continuing plans for a two-phased expansion of the Velardena 
Operations. Phase One is underway and the Company expects production to 
achieve a rate of 850 tonnes throughput per day during the third quarter 2013. 
The Company is continuing work on its plans for a subsequent Phase Two 
expansion to 1,150 tonnes per day throughput. 
During the third quarter 2012 we began to open access to new stopes for 
mining.  Due to the acquisition of additional equipment and the arrival of 
equipment from Argentina, we are increasing mine development activity. We 
accessed non-exploited ore zones in the Santa Juana mining area in the third 
quarter 2012 and expect to increase ore extraction in non-exploited vein areas 
during the fourth quarter 2012. 
We have completed the installation and commissioning of a new flotation 
circuit at the end of the oxide plant leach circuit. The new flotation circuit 
is intended to recover gold and silver from material that has been leached in 
the oxide plant, and it is currently producing a lead/silver concentrate that 
will be sold with the lead/silver concentrate produced at the sulfide plant. 
The Company is performing additional test work to determine whether the 
remaining gold bearing pyrites in the tailings are best recovered using 
flotation or gravity concentration methods. During the third quarter 2012 we 
continued to advance the San Mateo ramp, which is expected to connect with the 
lower Santa Juana workings in the fourth quarter 2013. This connection will 
provide new access to facilitate ore removal from the lower Santa Juana 
workings and other veins that are accessed by the San Mateo ramp unit.  We 
also have continued to improve ventilation and ore control procedures in the 
mine and to optimize the oxide and sulfide plants.  We expect to complete a 
significant expansion of the laboratory at about year-end 2012, which will 
permit improved plant response to changing metallurgical conditions. 
In early November 2012 the Company began a 2,000-meter, 10-hole drilling 
program at the Quevar Norte and Sur areas at El Quevar in northwestern 
Argentina, focused on outlining new mineralized zones. Also, the Company has 
identified two prospects with potential to host economic precious metal 
mineralization on currently held ground in Mexico, unrelated to Velardena or 
our holdings in Zacatecas. The Company plans to drill one of these prospects 
in 2012. 
Exploration Property Sales 
In October 2012, the Company closed on the sale of 100 percent of its interest 
in two of its exploration subsidiaries, Silex Bolivia S.A. and Minera Memisa 
S.A., to a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation for $250,000. 
In early November 2012, the Company completed the sale of four claims in 
Mexico to Exploraciones Mineras Parreña, a subsidiary of Fresnillo PLC. The 
claims total over 16,000 hectares and are located approximately 40 kilometers 
southwest of the city of Fresnillo. The sales price of the transaction was 
approximately $1.7 million. 
These asset sales will be included in the Company's fourth quarter 2012 
Additional information regarding third quarter financial results may be found 
in the Company's 10-Q Quarterly Report which is available on the Golden 
Minerals website at 
About Golden Minerals 
Golden Minerals is a Delaware corporation based in Golden, Colorado, primarily 
engaged in the ramp-up and expansion of existing production at the Velardena 
operations in Mexico and advancement of the evaluation stage El Quevar project 
in Argentina. 
Forward-Looking Statements 
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of 
Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act, and 
applicable Canadian securities laws, including statements regarding of the 
timing of anticipated production ramp-up at the Velardena Operations to 850 
tonnes per day and 1,150 tonnes per day throughput rates; the timing of 
anticipated opening of new stopes for mining, plant optimization efforts, the 
sufficiency of mobile mining and other equipment on site for mine development 
activities, the potential expansion of Velardena Operations throughput rates 
to 1,150 tonnes per day using autoclave processing and the possible timing and 
processing components of such an expansion; and planned exploration drilling. 
These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, including timing and 
availability of external funding to complete the planned expansion to 1,150 
tonnes per day throughput; unexpected events at the Velardena Operations, 
including further delays or problems in mine development and plant 
optimization; operational changes or problems; variations in ore grade and 
relative amounts, grades and metallurgical characteristics of oxide and 
sulfide ores; delays or failure in receiving required board or government 
approvals or permits; technical, permitting, mining, metallurgical or 
processing issues; failure to achieve anticipated production and improvements 
in head grades, recoveries and concentrate production and quality at the 
Velardena Operations; delays in or failure to realize anticipated benefits of 
plant optimization efforts; failure to realize anticipated metal production 
increases from the addition of the bulk flotation process at the oxide plant; 
failure to realize anticipated production or increases in production from the 
anticipated increase in mine development and the commencement of mining in new 
stopes; loss of and inability to adequately replace skilled mining and 
management personnel; possible disputes with customers or joint venture 
partners; failure of undeveloped ore or veins to meet expectations; 
interpretations and changes in interpretations of geologic information; 
volatility or other changes in the U.S. and Canadian securities markets; 
availability and cost of materials, supplies and electrical power required for 
mining operations and exploration; fluctuations in silver, gold, zinc and lead 
prices, costs and general economic conditions; changes in political 
conditions, tax, environmental and other laws; and diminution of physical 
safety of employees in Mexico, and other conditions in the countries in which 
the Company operates.  Additional risks relating to Golden Minerals Company 
may be found in the periodic and current reports filed with the Securities 
Exchange Commission by Golden Minerals Company, including the Annual Report on 
Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2011. 
Golden Minerals Company  Jerry W. Danni  (303) 839-5060  Executive Vice 
(Expressed in United States dollars) 

                                    September 30,  December 31,
                                    2012           2011
                                    (in thousands, except share data)


Current assets

 Cash and cash equivalents          $ 53,561       $ 48,649

 Investments                        417            -

 Trade receivables                  1,199          -

 Inventories                        5,170          5,312

 Value added tax receivable         3,033          1,317

 Prepaid expenses and other assets  1,177          3,119

  Total current assets              64,557         58,397

Property, plant and equipment, net  282,031        284,199

Goodwill                            12,942         70,155

Prepaid expenses and other assets   197            264

  Total assets                      $ 359,727      $ 413,015

Liabilities and Equity

Current liabilities

 Accounts payable and other accrued $ 6,034        $ 8,070

 Other current liabilities          7,512          7,505

  Total current liabilities         13,546         15,575

 Asset retirement obligation        2,226          3,781

 Deferred tax liability             49,226         55,603

Other long term liabilities         217            288

  Total liabilities                 65,215         75,247

Commitments and contingencies


 Common stock, $.01 par value,

  100,000,000 shares authorized;
  42,578,333 and 35,690,035 shares  424            355
  issued and outstanding,

 Additional paid in capital         491,411        453,756

 Accumulated deficit                (197,308)      (116,221)

 Accumulated other comprehensive    (15)           (122)

  Parent company's shareholder's    294,512        337,768

  Total liabilities and equity      $ 359,727      $ 413,015



(Expressed in United States dollars) (Unaudited)
                         Three Months Ended      Nine Months Ended
                         September 30,           September 30,
                         2012        2011        2012        2011
                         (in thousands, except share data)


 Sale of metals          $ 7,063     $ -         $ 18,384    $ -

Costs and expenses:

 Costs applicable to
 sale of metals
 (exclusive              (8,573)     (965)       (23,103)    (965)

 of depreciation shown

 Exploration expense     (1,207)     (4,639)     (5,419)     (12,645)

 El Quevar project       (985)       (5,520)     (3,574)     (23,276)

 Velardena project       (767)       -           (6,291)     -

 Administrative expense  (1,934)     (1,836)     (5,787)     (6,242)

 Severence and
 acquisition related     -           (5,353)     -           (7,050)

 Stock based             (308)       (3,260)     (831)       (5,328)

 Reclamation and         (40)        (31)        (185)       (126)
 accretion expense

 Goodwill Impairment     (57,213)    -           (57,213)    -

 Other operating income  264         (76)        479         340
 & (expenses), net

 Depreciation, depletion (2,774)     (717)       (6,617)     (1,580)
 and amortization

  Total costs and        (73,537)    (22,397)    (108,541)   (56,872)

 Loss from operations    (66,474)    (22,397)    (90,157)    (56,872)

Other income and

 Interest and other      162         11,099      2,323       11,240

 Royalty income          14          155         371         285

 Interest expense        -           (337)       -           (337)

 Gain (loss) on foreign  368         (1,432)     802         (1,646)

  Total other income and 544         9,485       3,496       9,542

 Loss from operations    (65,930)    (12,912)    (86,661)    (47,330)
 before income taxes

 Income taxes benefit    2,614       1,168       5,574       1,070

 Net loss                $ (63,316)  $ (11,744)  $ (81,087)  $ (46,260)

Comprehensive loss:

 Unrealized gain (loss)  166         251         107         (309)
 on securities

 Comprehensive loss      $ (63,150)  $ (11,493)  $ (80,980)  $ (46,569)

Net loss per common
share – basic and

 Loss                    $ (1.74)    $ (0.59)    $ (2.27)    $ (2.79)

Weighted average common
stock outstanding -      36,318,747  19,989,334  35,762,251  16,605,896
basic and diluted (1)

(1)       Potentially dilutive shares have not been included because to
          do so would be anti-dilutive.

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SOURCE: Golden Minerals Company

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