Hillcrest Labs Introduces 9-Axis Freespace® Sensor Module

          Hillcrest Labs Introduces 9-Axis Freespace® Sensor Module

- Combines MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer with Freespace
MotionEngine™ software and a single 32-bit MCU -

- Enables precise motion control in wearable computing and HMDs for augmented
reality, virtual reality, military simulation, and many other applications -

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ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 8, 2012

ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hillcrest Labs, a market leader
in multiplatform motion software and products, today announced the newest
addition to its family of Freespace^® Sensor Modules: the FSM-9, a
fully-integrated 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU). The FSM-9 is a
turnkey solution that combines MEMS sensor hardware with Hillcrest's Freespace
MotionEngine^™ Universal sensor fusion software and a 32-bit microcontroller
(MCU) in a compact surface-mount package. The FSM-9 is designed to enable fast
development of high quality motion controlled products.

"The FSM-9 is an off-the-shelf motion solution that delivers ultimate
performance for the rapidly growing markets where head-mounted displays and
other wearable computers are used," said Chad Lucien, senior vice president of
sales and marketing at Hillcrest Labs. "Our ultra-high performance 9-axis
sensor fusion and calibration software, low power system, and low cost
package, enables customers to easily and quickly integrate motion into
products for these markets and a wide range of other applications."

The FSM-9 combines Hillcrest's MotionEngine Universal software on an embedded
microprocessor, along with a 3-axis digital gyroscope, 3-axis digital
accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer (compass). MotionEngine software
combined with a proprietary factory testing and calibration process provides
360 degrees of high-performance motion data, including: heading, linear
acceleration, angular position, angular velocity, and cursor position. Key
features of the FSM-9 include: configurable sampling rates for motion output
up to 250 Hz, contextual smoothing for jitter-free visualization, proprietary
calibration methods to reduce gyro drift, comprehensive automated calibration,
and advanced magnetic field interference tracking and filtering to improve
performance in various environmental settings. Motion data communication is
through either USB or SPI, and the module is supported by libfreespace,
Hillcrest's open source motion control API, enabling easy integration into
existing applications.

Compared to Hillcrest's 6-axis module (the FSM-6), the 9-axis module includes
a heading reading, offers enhanced angular position accuracy, and reduces
gyroscope drift. As such, the FSM-9 is an ideal solution for head-mounted
displays (HMDs) and wearable computing used for virtual/augmented reality
systems, military simulation, and law enforcement applications. In addition,
the FSM-9 can be used in industrial automation, robotics, pedestrian
navigation, health and fitness, and medical diagnostic products. Hillcrest
currently works with numerous companies in these specialty areas, and expects
the FSM-9 to be used by select customers in the coming months.

Freespace MotionEngine Universal is an extension of Hillcrest's MotionEngine
Smart TV software embedded in the line of Roku 2 streaming media players and
LG's Smart TVs. Other companies that have licensed Hillcrest's technology for
use in their products include: Atmel, Eastman Kodak, Logitech, SMK
Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., TCL Multimedia, Universal
Electronics (UEI), and others. Hillcrest's global intellectual property
portfolio includes more than 200 patent filings, covering critical methods for
motion control of Smart TVs and other motion systems.

Hillcrest has received numerous awards and recognitions including the
prestigious CES Innovations Honoree Award multiple times, EE Times' ACE Award,
PC World's 100 Best Products and Greatest Tech Designs, Popular Mechanics'
Editors Choice, ECN's Reader's Choice Tech, and many others. Additional
information about Hillcrest's broad portfolio of natural motion control
products is available at: www.HillcrestLabs.com. Follow Hillcrest on Facebook
at www.facebook.com/HillcrestLabs or Twitter at @HillcrestLabs.

About Hillcrest Lab
Hillcrest Laboratories (a.k.a. Hillcrest Labs) is a market leader in
multiplatform motion software and products. The company provides motion
solutions under the Freespace^® brand for Smart TVs, Blu-ray and streaming
media players, smartphones and tablets, game controllers, and other markets.
For consumers, Hillcrest offers the Kylo^® browser, a free Web browser for TV.
For additional information, visit www.hillcrestlabs.com.

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Laboratories, Inc. All company names and other trademarks remain property of
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