Thinix drops a bombshell - RetroUI Pro™ Completely Transforms the Windows 8 User Experience

 Thinix drops a bombshell - RetroUI Pro™ Completely Transforms the Windows 8
                               User Experience

- Take charge of Metro; Run Windows 8 Apps in a window, bring back the start
menu and the taskbar

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MILFORD, Iowa, Nov. 7, 2012

MILFORD, Iowa, Nov. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Thinix® has released RetroUI™ Pro,
groundbreaking new software that fundamentally improves the user experience of
Windows 8 computers. Included with RetroUI Pro isnew patent-pending
technology called RetroUI Enforce™. Enforce brings back the Windows taskbar
and Start button when the Windows 8 Start screen (Metro) is active. Windows
Store (Metro) apps are now windowed so you can resize them and reposition them
around the desktop. RetroUI Pro also replaces the missing Start menu with a
customizable start menu that integrates the Modern UI (Metro) features so you
don't have to search for the charms bar or hidden corners anymore. These
features dramatically improve the user experience and virtually eliminate the
learning curve for anyone new to Windows 8.


Download a full 7 day trial of the new RetroUI today from

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Background on the Missing Start Menu:

Windows 8 is coming to a desktop, laptop, or tablet near you, and it has some
great new features. But did you know that Microsoft has hidden the taskbar and
completely removed the Start menu in Windows 8?Windows 8 now relies on hidden
features such as hot-corners and the charms bar, which are not necessarily
intuitive. These changes have left many traditional Windows users wondering
how to use Windows 8.

"We did significant user testing of Windows 8 in a business environment. We
identified a number of challenges that may cause some inefficiency," said
Anthony Clark, VP of Business Development at Thinix. "Lost access to the
taskbar and start menu, a change in the ability to multi-task, and a UI with
critical features hidden off the screen were the biggest issues. This drove us
to develop the new Enforce technology and other features of RetroUI Pro."

RetroUI Pro – Saves the day:

RetroUI Pro brings revolutionary technologies to Windows 8, enabling it to be
used efficiently on every type of PC. RetroUI Enforce allows the Windows 8
Start screen to run while the Windows taskbar remains visible.Enforce also
squeezes Windows Store (Metro) apps into resizable windows, and allows users
to quickly toggle them in and out of full-screen. RetroUI also brings back the
features people are used to in the Start menu and delivers exciting new
features that make it even better. The result of all these things is a vastly
improved user experience.

RetroUI Pro – Core Features at a Glance:

  oBrings back the start menu with a modern look and feel
  oTakes charge of Metro to bring back the taskbar and new RetroUI start menu
  oForces Windows Store (Metro) apps to run in resizable and movable windows
  oSkip Metro and return to the classic desktop at login
  oPin classic apps, default Windows Store apps, websites, and more to your
  oTabletView™ allows you to organize and access your pinned favorites

New Patent-Pending UI RetroUI™ Enforce™ Technology

Enforce™ significantly improves the user experience of Windows 8by bringing
back the taskbar whenever the Windows 8 Start screen is running. This allows
you to return to the classic desktop by just clicking on the taskbar or switch
to a running classic desktop program by clicking it in the taskbar. Enforce
technology also allows users to run Windows Store (Metro) apps to in a
window. This means you can resize these Metro applications and move them
around, similar to classic Windows applications.

"Because tablets and desktops are so different, and the things you do on them
is so different, some of the trade-offs designed into Windows 8 to make it
tablet compatible have sacrificed usability on normal PCs." said Don Van Oort,
CTO of Thinix."RetroUI Pro corrects these issues and makes using Windows 8
dramatically better, easier, and more fun on desktops and laptops."

User-Friendly Front-End / Enterprise Back-End:

RetroUI is first and foremost built around providing a great user
experience.The new RetroUI start menu does everything you think a start menu
should do, plus integrates the new Windows 8 features. It's designed for
end-users, and makes it simple to 'pin' your favorite things organize them
just the way you want.Users can open nearly anything ranging from classic
Windows applications, documents, default Windows Store apps, and websites.
Users can easily access new Windows 8 features like the Task switcher, Charms
bar, Metro and Search.The shutdown options menu are also now back in the
start menu.

RetroUI is also designed for the enterprise with a true multi-user
architecture, inheritance, and security that make enterprise deployment easy
to manage. RetroUI also works on VMware virtual machines, and over Remote
Desktop, Citrix, and other remote protocols. With these tools, you can do
things like connect iPads to Windows 8 machines over RDP.

Something New – TabletView™

TabletView is a new concept which allows users to organize pinned favorites
and launch them with a single touch. TabletView can be integrated into the
start menu for desktop and laptop users, or can run full-screen for tablet PC
users. TabletView features state-of-the art drag-and-drop technology to allow
users to organize and arrange their favorite apps, websites, and much more.

Skip over the Windows 8 (Metro) Start Screen:

Some people may want to bypass the new Modern UI altogether. For these users,
RetroUI can skip the Start screen and automatically return to the classic
Windows desktop after login. An advanced option can completely block all the
new Modern UI features.

Software you can Trust:

RetroUI is designed and built entirely in the United States by Thinix and
doesn't violate the security of your device.RetroUI is digitally signed and
fully supported and contains no spyware, adware, or viruses. RetroUI Pro is
compatible with the current RTM version of Windows 8, and not Windows RT or
the consumer/developer preview versions.


RetroUI Pro is currently available in 19 languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Availability and Pricing

RetroUI Pro is immediately available for purchase starting at $4.95 /PC or
$9.95 for a 3-PC license for personal computers. Business and Education
Licenses with options for long-term support are available. Visit
for more information.

About Thinix

Thinix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of R & D Industries, Inc. a 28 year old
technology research, development and engineering firm with market focuseson
engineering, software development, OEM software and hardware solutions, user
interface technology, embedded systems architecture, cryptography, network and
PC security architecture, cloud computing, and virtualization solutions.
Thinix technology is installed worldwide in consumer, military, hospitality,
education, government, healthcare, and agricultural applications.

Thinix®, RetroUI™, Thinix RetroUI™, and Thinix Enforce™ are registered
trademarks and/or trademarks of Thinix / R & D Industries, Inc. in the United
States and/or other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein
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Contact: Anthony Clark, Vice President of Business Development, Thinix®
RetroUI,, +1-712-338-2999,, @ThinixUSA /
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