Brekford Corp. Selected by City of Baltimore to Manage Largest

Brekford Corp. Selected by City of Baltimore to Manage Largest
Combined Automated Speed and Red Light Enforcement Program in North
Company Expects Program to Generate Over $135 Million in Gross
Citations Revenue Over Initial Five-Year Term of Contract, While
Ensuring Safety of Pedestrians and Motorists 
HANOVER, MD -- (Marketwire) -- 11/08/12 --  Brekford Corp. (OTCBB:
BFDI) (OTCQB: BFDI) ("Brekford" or "the Company"), a leading provider
of public safety technology and automated traffic enforcement
solutions, vehicle upfitting, and rugged mobile technology, today
announced that it has been selected to manage the automated speed and
red light enforcement program by the City of Baltimore, Maryland. The
Company was selected from among three finalists, including Xerox
State and Local Solutions, Inc. and Redflex Holdings. The program has
been managed for more than 10 years by Xerox State and Local
Solutions, Inc.  
Brekford's speed cameras, also known as photographic speed monitoring
systems, use special equipment to automatically measure the speed of
vehicles and produce photos of the rear license plates of those that
are violating speed limits. A study by the Chochrane Collaboration
for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ("IHHS") concluded
that this type of speed enforcement technology has been instrumental
in reducing injurious and fatal crashes by as much at 58 percent. 
Automated red light enforcement systems operate in a similar manner
to reduce the incidence of "T-bone" and other types of accidents that
are considered among the most dangerous in urban traffic
Based upon publicly available information, the Company believes that
tickets issued under Baltimore's automated speed and red light
enforcement program should generate gross citations in excess of $135
million during the initial 5-year term of the program under
Brekford's management. The initial term of the pending contract
between Brekford and the Baltimore Department of Transportation will
be for five (5) years, and the City will have the option to renew the
contract up to three (3) more times for periods of one (1) year each,
for a total contract term of up to eight (8) years.  
"Brekford has established a strong reputation as manager of automated
ic enforcement programs in partnership with law enforcement
agencies throughout the State of Maryland," noted C. B. Brechin,
Chief Executive Officer of Brekford Corp. "Our selection as the new
vendor for Baltimore's speed and red light camera program, wherein we
were bidding against the program's incumbent vendor, a unit of Xerox
Corporation, and Australia-based Redflex Holdings, two of the largest
companies in the automated traffic enforcement industry, clearly
illustrates our ability to be competitive on large-scale projects. As
an example, Xerox is the Automated Traffic Camera provider for many
of the largest cities in America and has provided programs in a
number of countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia and others for over
18 years." 
In response to questions from the City of Baltimore's Board of
Estimates during the competitive bidding process, the incumbent
(Xerox) stated the following in a public hearing: 

--  "With 81 Red Light, 75 Fixed Speed and eight (8) PCUs, the City of
    Baltimore ATVES program is the single largest combined red light and
    speed program in North America. Based on the City's estimates, the
    City's ATVES program will generate more than a half million violations
    per year, also making it the highest volume program in the United
    States and Canada. With a population exceeding 600,000, Baltimore is
    also one of the 20 largest cities in the country."

"We look forward to working with law enforcement to reduce the amount
of speeding and reckless driving in the City of Baltimore, especially
in school zones where children are at particular risk of injury,"
stated Brechin. "In addition to the ability to enhance safety in
school and work zones and at dangerous intersections, this
violator-funded program provides proceeds to the City that can be
used to fund other public safety initiatives and assist the police
department in the effective management of its critical resources. The
incorporation of automated speed and red light enforcement with
Baltimore's police efforts demonstrates the City's commitment to
ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike. The cameras are
deployed in a manner that is fair, transparent and will provide the
greatest benefit to the City and its residents." 
"Brekford will assume the management of Baltimore's 83 speed cameras
(of which 8 portable cameras move around the city to 87 different
locations) and 81 red light cameras, which issue $40 and $75
citations, respectively, that are payable by the registered owners of
the vehicles cited for violations," added Maurice Nelson, Managing
Director of Automated Traffic Enforcement at Brekford.  
"We believe the City took a bold step forward by switching firms,"
continued Nelson. "We are local. We're not a $23 billion corporation.
We are going to pay attention to quality control and provide the best
service to the City of Baltimore and its citizens." 
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About Brekford Corp. 
Brekford Corp. has provided state-of-the-art mobile technology and
traffic safety solutions to the U.S. military, various federal
entities and numerous security and public safety agencies throughout
the United States for more than ten years. The Company's 360-degree
solution includes automated traffic enforcement programs, an
end-to-end suite of mobile computer and video technology products,
and turn-key law enforcement vehicle upfitting services.  
The Company is headquartered in Hanover, Maryland (Baltimore
metropolitan area) and its common stock trades on the OTC Bulletin
Board and OTCQB under the symbol "BFDI." Additional information about
Brekford may be found online at 
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C.B. Brechin