HAYS PLC: Director/PDMR Shareholding

Hays plc (the "Company") 
In accordance with DTR 3.1.4(R)(1)(a) the Company hereby notifies you of the
following changes in the interests of directors and persons discharging
managerial responsibility ("PDMRs") arising out of the grant of conditional
awards of Ordinary shares in the Company ("Shares") under the 2012 Performance
Share Plan. 
Today, 8 November 2012, the following conditional awards of Shares were granted
for nil consideration to PDMRs under the rules of the PSP. The number of Shares
under the award was calculated by reference to the price of 81.55 pence per
Share, being the closing middle market price on 7 November 2012. The number of
Shares stated below is the maximum number of Shares available to each PDMR on
satisfaction in full of the applicable performance conditions (excluding
dividend equivalent shares). 
                     DIRECTOR           NUMBER OF SHARES
NAME                     OR PDMR             UNDER PSP AWARD 
Alistair Cox             Director & PDMR           1,427,302
Paul Venables            Director & PDMR           1,029,082
Tim Cook                 PDMR                        427,218
Nick Cox                 PDMR                        492,419
James Cullens            PDMR                        372,846
Sholto Douglas-Home      PDMR                        310,705
Nigel Heap               PDMR                        769,985
Stephen Weston           PDMR                        427,218 
TOTAL SHARES                                       5,256,775 
The vesting of one-half of the Shares under award will depend on the Company's
total shareholder return performance relative to a sector peer group, measured
over the three-year period to 30 June 2015. Vesting of this tranche will also
be dependent on the Remuneration Committee being satisfied with the financial
performance of the Company over the three-year period. The vesting of the
remaining one-half of the Shares under award will depend on achievement of a
target based on the Group's cumulative Earnings per Share ("EPS") performance
over the three financial years from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2015. The lower and
upper EPS growth range for the first year of the cycle, from 1 July 2012 to 30
June 2013, will be based on external consensus forecasts for that year (being a
range of +/- 4% around the consensus forecast EPS of 4.86p per share). The EPS
growth for the remaining two years of the cycle from 1 July 2013 to 30 June
2015 will require additional growth of between RPI+4% and RPI+12% per annum to
achieve threshold and maximum vesting respectively. This approach was adopted
following discussion with major shareholders in 2010. Further information is
set out in the Company's 2012 Remuneration Report published in September 2012. 
For further information in respect of this announcement please contact Neil
Tsappis, Deputy Company Secretary, Hays plc on +44 (0) 20 7383 2266. 
-0- Nov/08/2012 16:16 GMT
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