New Uses Cause Rise in BOTOX Injections Says San Francisco

New Uses Cause Rise in BOTOX Injections Says San Francisco Plastic
Dr. Karen Horton Says Her San Francisco Plastic Surgery Patients Are
Now Using BOTOX(R) Injections to Improve Their Lives in a Number of
New, Non-Cosmetic Ways 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/08/12 --  According to the
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), BOTOX(R) Cosmetic is the
most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure across the country
with over 5.7 million treatments performed last year. Having
increased by more than five percent since 2010, board-certified San
Francisco Plastic Surgeon Dr. Karen Horton and Courtney McSpadden, NP
say BOTOX(R) is one of the most commonly requested procedures at
their practice, largely due to several new benefits doctors have
found for its use in improving a patient's life. While originally
intended as an aesthetic wrinkle reduction product, Dr. Horton and
McSpadden say BOTOX(R) is now being used to treat a variety of
patient concerns such as excessive sweating, migraines, and even
urinary incontinence in a quick, effective manner.  
Manufactured by Allergan, BOTOX(R) and BOTOX(R) Cosmetic are
FDA-approved injectable fillers for treating the lines above and
between the eyebrows. Along with Dysport(R), developed by Medicis,
Dr. Horton and McSpadden say BOTOX(R) and other injectable fillers
have been able to provide unprecedented results over the past few
years in enhancing the appearance of facial lines and rejuvenating
the face. Now, McSpadden says patients have found BOTOX(R) also works
well to counteract other issues they are facing, and a majority are
reporting a significant response to the procedure. 
"BOTOX(R) can be used to treat a number of medical conditions,
including cervical dystonia, eye disorders, upper limb spasticity,
chronic migraine, urinary incontinence, and hyperhidrosis," says
McSpadden. "BOTOX(R) Cosmetic is also frequently used 'off-label' for
other areas of the face and body for cosmetic purposes, including in
the forehead, around the eyes (crow's feet), 'bunny lines' (the
scrunching muscles on each side of the nose), the upper lip for a
gummy smile or for vertical lip lines, dimples in the chin, the
corners of the mouth, and even the neck." 
During the procedure, Dr. Horton and McSpadden say BOTOX(R) is
injected into the muscle beneath the skin to the desired treatment
area, blocking the action of acetylcholine and inhibiting the
function of the muscles so that they are unable to contract. They say
the effects can take up to two weeks before patients experience the
full result, but many begin to notice an improvement within 24 to 48
hours. Whether they are looking to increase the vibrancy of their
appearance or stop excessive sweating, Dr. Horton and McSpadden say
studies of both BOTOX(R) and Dysport(R) have confirmed both the
safety and effectiveness of the procedure.  
"Most people respond very well to BOTOX(R) or other neuromodulator
treatments, and the results are effective, if done in the correct
location and using the appropriate doses," says McSpadden. "It is
considered safe to continue using BOTOX(R) year after year, as it
does not 'build up' in your system, and after 20+ years of use and
clinical studies, there is no known reason to stop treatments if the
patient likes the results and tolerates the treatment well."  
As with any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Horton and McSpadden encourage
their San Francisco Plastic Surgery patients to consult with a
board-certified Plastic Surgeon and an experienced aesthetic nurse
before undergoing any treatment. By choosing the right practice, they
say patients can find the procedure that provides the right results
for their needs, regardless of whether their goals are aesthetic or
About Karen Horton, MD, FACS, FRCSC 
Dr. Karen Horton earned her medical degree from the University of
Toronto Medical School, after which she completed five years of
training in Plastic Surgery. She is board-certified in Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery and a Fellow of the Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, as well as a Fellow of the
American College of Surgeons. Dr. Horton has published several
textbook chapters and scholarly articles on her techniques in Plastic
Surgery, in addition to receiving numerous research awards. She
offers a wide range of procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical,
including everything from breast augmentation and reconstruction, to
dermal fillers. 
About Courtney McSpadden, NP 
A graduate of UCLA and Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, Courtney
McSpadden, NP is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner with Dr.
Horton's practice. Dedicated to helping others through medicine, she
has also worked in gynecology and obstetrics, and as a health
educator for new and expecting parents. McSpadden has gained
extensive experience in a wide variety of cosmetic injections and
skin treatments from BOTOX(R) Cosmetic to intense pulse light
Located at 2100 Webster Street Suite 506 in San Francisco, CA 94115,
Dr. Horton's practice can be reached at (415) 923-3067. It can also
be contacted online via the websites or 
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