New IEEE 1149.1-2012 JTAG Standard, Supporting Re-Usable IC

New IEEE 1149.1-2012 JTAG Standard, Supporting Re-Usable IC Test
Structures, Passes Ballot 
ANAHEIM, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/07/12 --  ITC - International Test
Conference -- Intellitech Corporation announced today that the
proposed IEEE 1149.1-2012 JTAG standard has reached consensus with an
eighty-five percent approval in a recent IEEE ballot. The standard
incorporates industry best practices for enabling IC test re-use from
silicon to systems. Structural and procedural description languages
have been standardized to support re-use of on-chip infrastructure IP
blocks such as MemoryBIST, IOBIST, Logic BIST, SERDES PRBS, droop
injectors, temperature and voltage monitors. The hierarchical
description extensions to 1149.1 BSDL allow self-contained
infrastructure IP descriptions which can then be instantiated at
higher levels. A hierarchical documentation language, PDL (Procedural
Definition Language), based on the open source Tcl allows the IP
vendor to describe the necessary steps to configure the IP via JTAG,
initiate tests, and retrieve the results. The standard describes
eight foundational instructions which provide support for programming
I/O, tracking die through a unique ID, and executing on-chip tests
in-situ without the integrity of the tests being impacted by the IC
ecosystem. The standard reaches a critical balance for the system
integrator, the IC purchaser, and the IC vendor. There are rules and
documentation requirements which protect the system integrator and
rules which protect the IC vendor from false indictments of the IC in
the field. 
IEEE 1149.1-2012 now describes IEEE 1500 Wrapper Serial Port
architectures and provides 1149.1 TAP access to those IEEE 1500
serial ports. A new synergy exists between the standards where
1149.1-2012 domain control enables the fixed IEEE 1500 bus to be
segmented through power domains or stacked die. The capability
enables IEEE 1149.1-2012 as "3D-SIC ready"; a stack using 1149.1 and
1500 can be described with a single BSDL and a package file for each
1500 wrapped die. Since major EDA companies support IC test through
IEEE 1500, incremental changes can be made to EDA tools to take
advantage of the new on-chip structures and higher level of
abstraction provided by 1149.1 BSDL and PDL. These languages would
not replace but com
plement IEEE 1450.6 CTL. 
"I am very pleased with the work the Working Group has accomplished.
There were a number of critical decisions the working group made that
resulted in a robust standard that will drastically reduce test
related engineering while enhancing IC and system test capabilities,"
said CJ Clark, Intellitech CEO and chair of IEEE 1149.1. "Our ballot
group consisted of a large cross section of the industry. Ballot
members with affiliations from Alcatel-Lucent, AMD, ARM, Cadence,
Cisco, Freescale, Intel, Intellitech, NXP, ST Microelectronics,
Synopsys, Texas Instruments and Teradyne all voted with approval," he
"Intellitech has been a pioneer in the use of 1149.1 with silicon
instruments, laying the fundamental groundwork of re-usable register
definitions, mnemonics and use of Tcl for procedures in the late
1990s back when many were focused on the boundary-scan half of the
1149.1 standard. Naturally, we continue to maintain our leadership
position with NEBULA and Eclipse tools which support the new
capabilities of the standard. At the same time we will be helping
rapidly grow the use of 1149.1-2012 through a free BSDL compiler
compliant with the new standard at
and the freely available NEBULA product for accessing internal JTAG
using 1149.1-2012 available at,"
Clark concluded. 
Additional information can be found at the IEEE website 
About Intellitech 
BSDL - Boundary Scan Description Language. A formal description
language for scan registers that has been part of IEEE 1149.1 since
BIST - Built In Self-Test. Logic design to perform a test and return
a result with minimal stimuli from outside the IC. 
CTL - Core Test Language 
ECID - Electronic Chip Identification 
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 
IEEE 1500 - Standard for Embedded Core Test 
Infrastructure IP - On-chip IP which are Design-for-Yield and
Design-for-Test structures used for enhancing yield, enhancing IC
test or performing external IC ecosystem test at the system level. 
TAP - Test Access Port. The dedicated serial port on all IEEE 1149.1
compliant pins which gives access to all scan based structures. 
Tcl - Tool Command Language 
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