Coventor Strengthens Industry's Only Integrated MEMS+IC

Coventor Strengthens Industry's Only Integrated MEMS+IC Co-Design
Solution With Advanced 3D Modeling in Newest Version of MEMS+
MEMS+ 3.0 Features New Fluidic, Package and Noise Simulation
Capabilities; an Expanded Component Library; and Performance
Enhancements to Accelerate Overall Throughput for Complex Designs 
CARY, NC -- (Marketwire) -- 11/07/12 --  Coventor(R), Inc., the
leading supplier of design automation software for developing
micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), today introduced the MEMS+(R)
3.0 design platform, the latest version of its unique MEMS+IC
co-design platform aimed at accelerating development of complex 3D
systems with state-of-the-art actuators, accelerometers and
gyroscopes, microphones and other types of MEMS devices. 
With the new release, the MEMS+ 3.0 platform delivers key
advancements for simulating the dynamics of MEMS actuators and
sensors, adds new components for modeling a wider range of MEMS
designs, and provides speed and capacity improvement across the
entire tool suite. These capabilities enable MEMS designers to
explore device concepts and optimize designs much faster than using
conventional field solvers, with most simulations running in seconds
or minutes rather than hours or days. The MEMS+ platform also
eliminates months of engineering effort required to handcraft the
models for IC simulation with a common model for MEMS and ASIC
co-design that bridges the gap between the accuracy required by MEMS
designers and the simulation speed required by ASIC designers.  
Integrated MEMS+IC Co-design 
Rapid adoption of MEMS in consumer electronics, especially smart
phones and tablets, is demanding shorter product development cycles.
MEMS-based products typically include one or more MEMS devices
fabricated with a specialized process, an ASIC fabricated with a
standard CMOS semiconductor process, and a package. For development
of these devices, MEMS and ASIC designers use different, incompatible
tool chains that result in multiple design respins with the ASIC
design lagging the MEMS design by nine to eighteen months due to
inefficient communication.  
According to Coventor's CEO Mike Jamiolkowski, "Coventor's MEMS+
changes the design paradigm. It's a unique platform that enables
truly integrated MEMS and ASIC co-design and verifi
cation. MEMS+ 3.0
adds major new advancements for simulating complex coupling dynamics
between MEMS, ASIC and packaging with a speed and capacity that's not
available from other tools."  
"The MEMS+ solution provides us with an excellent platform to design
MEMS in the context of the IC and other systems we are developing.
The integration with the other design tools in our environment
enables a seamless exchange between the different design domains. We
look forward to leveraging the enhancements in the new release that
improve the overall performance of the tool, and add new modeling
capabilities for micromechanical effects which are important to us,"
said Anssi Blomqvist, senior manager, Product Development at Murata
Electronics Oy. 
MEMS+ 3.0 Platform Builds on Foundation of Success 
The MEMS+ 3.0 platform leverages more than a decade of industry
success with Coventor's Architect3D(R) and CoventorWare(R) products
for 3D design entry and simulation. Its tight integration with MATLAB
and Simulink from The MathWorks and the Virtuoso custom IC design
solution from Cadence Design Systems provides a robust environment
for simulating with confidence the complex physics from MEMS devices
together with IC circuits and control systems. 
The new release offers an enlarged, comprehensive MEMS component
library and new fluidic simulation capabilities that include gas
damping for sensors and actuators and pressure loads for microphones.
The addition of fluidics to the existing mechanical and electrostatic
modeling capabilities platform enables fully coupled simulations that
predict performance metrics like noise or actuation time previously
done through costly build and test cycles. In addition, the ability
to selectively linearize compute-intensive portions of MEMS models
provides greater speed, which is critical during the initial phases
of MEMS and IC co-simulation. 
"As a long-time user of Coventor's Architect3D and Analyzer products,
I am excited to see the latest release will include new brick and
shell elements, Timoshenko beams, squeeze film damping, and packaging
effects. These new features will enable more accurate and thorough
exploration of the dynamic behavior of our MEMS devices prior to
prototyping," commented Jonathan Hammond, principal engineer at RF
Micro Devices, Inc. (RFMD). 
Other advancements include improved Cadence design tool integration
that provides true multi-physics simulation in the Virtuoso
environment and MEMS+ model support for the multi-threaded spice APS
simulator, complete multi-physics input/output and full scripting
interface support in the MATLAB environment, and a new built-in
simulator that handles basic MEMS analysis tasks. 
 Early release versions of the MEMS+ 3.0 software are
available now. General release is scheduled for early in the first
quarter of 2013. 
About Coventor
 Coventor, Inc. is the market leader in automated
design solutions for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and
virtual fabrication of MEMS and semiconductor devices. Coventor
serves a worldwide customer base of integrated device manufacturers,
fabless design houses, independent foundries, and R&D organizations
that develop MEMS-based products for automotive, aerospace,
industrial, defense, and consumer electronics applications, including
smart phones, tablets, and gaming systems. Coventor's software tools
and expertise enable its customers to simulate and optimize MEMS
device designs and fabrication processes before committing to
time-consuming and costly build-and-test cycles. The company is
headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and has offices in California's
Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Paris, France. More
information is available at 
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