FedEx Expands SenseAware(SM) Availability to International Markets; Adds New Capabilities to Provide Customers with Greater

  FedEx Expands SenseAware(SM) Availability to International Markets; Adds New
  Capabilities to Provide Customers with Greater Flexibility and Reach

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- November 05, 2012

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) today announced an expansion and enhancement of
itsSenseAware^SM service, providing customers with broader international
availability and the ability to use the service with carriers outside the
FedEx network. The release of the next generation of the SenseAware device,
SenseAware 2000, offers customers more accurate near real-time location
information, improved cellular connectivity and longer battery life.

FedEx Expands SenseAware(SM) Availability to International Markets; Adds New
Capabilities to Provide ...

FedEx Expands SenseAware(SM) Availability to International Markets; Adds New
Capabilities to Provide Customers with Greater Flexibility and Reach. (Photo:
Business Wire)

These enhancements give the service greater reach and provide customers
richer, more customizable information for monitoring critical and high value
shipments and inventory.

“SenseAware is all about information, and the innovative service increases
visibility, allowing customers to make better and more timely decisions,” said
Carl Asmus, vice president of market development for FedEx. “Our customers now
have more actionable intelligence at their fingertips to make informed
decisions and identify opportunities to improve their global supply chain, a
tremendous value for any business.”

SenseAware service expands to international markets

Initially available for shipments only in the U.S., SenseAware can now help
customers monitor shipments and inventory in Canada, the United Kingdom,
Australia and Singapore. SenseAware is also targeting further international

“SenseAware provides unmatched visibility and insight into global shipments,
which is especially important in this increasingly complex global business
environment,” Asmus said. “Our international expansion program is allowing us
to better serve our customers by providing access to markets where our
customers have a need to monitor their supply chain.”

SenseAware is now carrier neutral

The SenseAware service is now available on a growing list of air and ground
transportation carriers, delivering more transportation options to customers
in order to better fit their specific needs and still benefit from the peace
of mind and quality assurance provided by SenseAware. Beyond the FedEx
network, the service is now available on the following carriers:

  *Delta Air Lines (including Delta Connection Carriers)
  *Southwest Airlines
  *United Airlines mainline jets
  *Third party ground carriers (when used consistently with their rules and
  *Private fleets

As SenseAware continues to expand service availability on other carriers,
updates will be posted at

Technology enhancements and upgrades

  *SenseAware 2000: The new device offers customers improved benefits over
    the original SenseAware 1000 device first offered in November 2009. These
    include increased battery life, improved GPS technology, and better
    cellular connectivity.
  *Accessories: SenseAware 2000 device is designed to support a temperature
    probe which has a temperature measurement range of -80°C to 60°C (-112°F
    to 140°F).

The SenseAware platform has added a variety of new key application
improvements, including:

  *Route Geo-fences: Customers can now create a geo-fence along the actual
    route a shipment should follow and set up alerts to notify the customer if
    the shipment deviates from this pre-established route. This feature is
    available on ground shipments.
  *Environmental Data Specification: When setting up a journey or creating a
    template, customers can now choose which environmental data, such as
    temperature, humidity or barometric pressure, is collected. This ensures
    that the device only collects data for specific environments requested,
    thus streamlining the amount of information the customer receives.
  *Nonevent Geo-fence Triggers: Triggers can be set up to alert or notify
    customers when geo-fence events do not occur as expected by a specified
    time. This helps customers determine if a package has gotten off pace or
    off track.

About SenseAware

SenseAware is a first-of-its-kind service that provides near real-time access
to a package’s vital statistics within the in-transit supply chain or
stationary inventory monitoring. The SenseAware service has the ability to
share that information continually across global supply chain stakeholders.  A
multi-sensor device, deeply integrated with a powerful web-based application,
enables customers in a broad range of industries to stay connected to their
high-value, critical shipments. The SenseAware service can provide:

  *Current location of the shipments (when traveling on the ground)
  *Accurate temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure readings
  *Alerts or notifications when a shipment’s contents have been exposed to

SenseAware is a contract-only service but can be easily adopted without
infrastructure or large managed-service commitments. The added flexibility of
the SenseAware device enables it to be used for monitoring of inventory,
single shipments, or large palletized shipments. Customers simply set up a
shipment in the SenseAware application and place the activated device in the
package before shipping. SenseAware can also be used to conduct targeted
experiments for supply chain development.

SenseAware service is available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and
Singapore. For more information on SenseAware as well as applicable service
restrictions, visit

About FedEx Corp.

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) provides customers and businesses worldwide with a
broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. With
annual revenues of $43 billion, the company offers integrated business
applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed
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