CSR Announces COACH16™ - Advanced New Processor for High-End Compact, Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

  CSR Announces COACH16™ - Advanced New Processor for High-End Compact,
  Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

  CSR extends system-on-a-chip imaging technology leadership beyond Digital
                                Still Cameras

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CAMBRIDGE, England & SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- November 05, 2012

CSR plc (LSE: CSR)(NASDAQ: CSRE) today introduced COACH16™, a new flagship
Digital Camera Processor that provides support for the most advanced features
in today’s high-performance still and motion-image portable devices, including
Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens
Cameras (MILC) and high-end Digital Still Cameras (DSC). The performance of
COACH16 also makes it perfect for camcorders and other mobile video
applications, including those in sport cameras, security cameras and mobile
drive recorders.

Already a global leader in system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for digital
cameras, the introduction of COACH16 signals CSR’s leadership in the newest
and most powerful categories of cameras and imaging devices. In addition,
COACH16 is pre-configured to address the growing need for geo-location and
wireless connectivity in mobile imaging devices. For example, coupled with
SiRFstarV™, CSR’s high-performance GNSS location engine, COACH16 supports
photo geo-tagging and data logging, telling the user exactly where an image or
video-clip was captured. And coupled with the UniFi® CSR6030™, CSR’s
single-chip IEEE 802.11b/g/n solution, support for Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Direct™
comes pre-integrated, offering COACH16 based cameras hassle-free Wi-Fi
connectivity to printers, TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones and the Internet for
easy upload and sharing of images, automatic photo back-ups, streaming of live
video, and remote control.

Image quality is the highest priority for all photographers and this priority
takes on even greater importance among users of DSLR and MILC equipment. In
Digital Camera Processors, reducing “noise” within the image is one of the
biggest challenges to delivering high image quality, particularly with images
taken under low-light, when noise is greatest. CSR’s image processing engine
is widely regarded as the best in the industry, with the highest level of
noise-reduction available, together with excellent colour reproduction, sensor
and lens artifacts correction, and image enhancement engines. The COACH16
processor pushes the boundaries of what photographers can achieve with the
newest, most powerful camera systems.

New COACH16 features unleash photo creativity

The COACH16 not only takes advantage of the power of the latest version of
CSR’s image processing engine, it gives photographers at every level greater
performance and access to a number of new and improved capabilities.

“The demand for new and powerful features for mobile imaging applications and
devices continues to expand and accelerate, and the COACH16 digital camera
processor is the latest evidence of CSR’s commitment to continued leadership
in this area,” said Anthony Murray, Business Group SVP, CSR. “The combination
of performance and features in the COACH16 will allow device and application
developers to greatly broaden their offerings, and will unleash a new wave of
creativity from users of these new devices.”

Full HD support: 1080p60 (also referred to as “Full HD”) video delivers double
the performance of 1080i60 (interlaced) video, and at 60 frames per second.
COACH16 also supports all common video formats including mp4, AVCHD™, AVCHD
2.0, iFrame, and others. It has a new generation of temporal filter engine for
superior low light performance and also supports a second video stream during
Full HD recording.

Hi-Resolution Electronic Viewfinder support: In early models, MILC camera
electronic viewfinders typically offered images with low-resolution and
high-latency, both of which offer significant challenges for serious
photographers. The COACH16 not only contains dedicated hardware to serve the
electronic viewfinder, it does so with high-resolution and very low latency –
even at the highest video frame rates.

Endless Sustained Burst: Thanks to its high throughput, the COACH16 processor
offers extremely fast click-to-click performance – enabling true endless
sustained burst photography with minimal lag while the user is forced to wait
for the processor to “catch up”. Even with very high-resolution camera, the
COACH16 is designed to maintain an endless “burst” at a high frame rate.

Super-Resolution Video Technology: The COACH16 utilises new super-resolution
video technology to create much sharper, realistic video images by processing
the full size images from the sensor and downscaling them to video resolution
using a highly sophisticated RGB scaler. With COACH16, video taken with
digital cameras can now have the same high-quality look and feel as video from
the best camcorders.

Multi-Frame Noise Reduction: Digital images taken under low light level
conditions commonly contain high levels of random digital “noise” within the
data stream. CSR’s digital camera processing technology has long been
recognised for the ability to reduce that noise. The COACH16 takes that noise
reduction to the next level with the new Multi-Frame Noise Reduction (MFNR)
technology. When a low-light picture is taken, MFNR technology actually
captures several images in a fraction of a second, and then uses a special
hardware-accelerated algorithm to mix the best parts of each into one image
with the lowest possible amount of noise. And since COACH16 accomplishes this
in hardware, the process is far faster than anything possible with software
solutions that attempt to imitate this feature. The result is more accurate,
nearly instantaneous, and yields better low-light pictures.

Smart Flash: When flash is used, photographers are often frustrated with the
results, which can include a washed-out subject in the foreground and an
underexposed background. Smart Flash takes TWO pictures in very rapid
succession – one with flash, one without – and uses a hardware-based algorithm
to combine them. Since Smart Flash is hardware-accelerated, the processing and
combining of the images, including precise picture alignment and motion
compensation, occur with minimal lag.

Native USB 3.0 support: As camera image size increases, and as more users take
HD video with their “still” cameras, storage demands increase well into the
multi-gigabyte range. The need to move these images from the camera to other
storage or display devices exposes the limitation of the transfer speeds of
USB 2.0. COACH16 includes native support for USB 3.0 which offers transfer
rates ten times higher than USB 2.0.

About CSR

CSR is a global provider of innovative silicon and software solutions for the
location-aware, media-rich, cloud-connected world. Our platforms are optimised
for the automotive navigation and infotainment, digital cameras and imaging,
connected home infotainment and wireless audio markets. We provide solutions
to complex problems in the audio-visual, connectivity and location technology
domains across a broad range of markets, with a technology portfolio that
includes GPS/GNSS systems, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, FM, NFC, aptX® and CVC™ audio
codecs, JPEG, MPEG, H.264 imaging, PDL printing, microcontrollers, DSPs and
broadband receivers. CSR's technology solutions and market platforms enable
its customers to deliver a superior user experience and are adopted by leaders
in the auto, computer, home and mobile markets. More information can be found
at www.csr.com. Keep up to date with CSR on our technical blog or CSR people
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