Standards Group formed to enable Internet of Things growth

  Standards Group formed to enable Internet of Things growth

  ARM, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, CSR and Neul sign up as Promoters – more
                             partners now needed

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. & LONDON -- November 01, 2012

Weightless, the global organisation responsible for delivering royalty-free
open standards to enable the Internet of Things, today announced a new Special
Interest Group (SIG) to accelerate the adoption of “Weightless” as a wireless
wide area global standard for machine to machine (M2M) short to mid-range

ARM, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, CSR and Neul have today formally signed the
‘SIG Promoter Agreement’ which details how they will back Weightless’s mission
to establish a new standard and encourage its adoption worldwide. The
Weightless standard this group will define is on track for completion in early

Weightless argues that a standard designed specifically for short to mid-range
machine communications within white space is needed. Weightless technology has
been optimised for this specific scenario and is delivered as a royalty-free
open standard.

The formation of the SIG is a major step in building a new Communications
Global Standard for M2M and Internet of Things (IoT). The Special Interest
Group has been formed to support a rapidly expanding need to meet the demands
of embedded intelligence everywhere, creating efficiencies in countless ways
by giving the world access to data, the means to analyze it and then to act
upon it in a managed way.

This means a common set of standards that deliver the key requirements for M2M
communications, including a chipset cost under $2, a range of up to 10km and a
battery life of 10 years.

Professor William Webb, CEO of Weightless
“This is a very important milestone for Weightless. The SIG now has a Board
comprising leading players spanning processors, networks, chipsets and
innovative wireless technologies. Weightless has gained a solid legal
framework enabling royalty-free licensing of terminal-related technology. Our
plan is to rapidly grow membership from our current base of 50 high-technology
companies and I would strongly encourage interested parties to join this
world-changing initiative.”

Mike Muller, chief technology officer, ARM
“The Internet of Things requires new thinking about technology. As data levels
soar across the world, new ways need to be found to ensure
wirelesscommunication can be seamless. This includes the next wave of
connectivity across smart grids, enhanced healthcare, smart cities, asset
tracking, sensors and future applications as yet unimagined. With common
standards we can all benefit from intelligence embedded and connected
everywhere, so the ARM team is excited about the huge potential this standard
will unlock.”

Paul Brodrick, Utilities Business Development Director, Cable&Wireless
“Having another agreed standard is going to accelerate the growth and
acceptance of M2M communications. I believe that the work of the SIG will help
to bring the benefits of smarter short to mid-range communications to a much
wider audience.”

Dr. Steven D. Gray, CTO of CSR plc
“CSR has a business strategy to be a major supplier in M2M applications with
low energy SoCs with wireless connectivity. Weightless presents potential to
address some M2M market applications such as smart meters, asset tracking and
remote sensors. Contributing in the SIG will help CSR to better understand
market needs.”

James Collier, CEO Neul Ltd
“The IoT is the engine for economic growth in the next decade, much of which
will come from new and innovative applications. This new generation of smart
devices and applications simply haven’t been possible before the emergence of
a ubiquitous IoT communication network. Weightless will enable this new growth
and Neul is excited to be part of the SIG that will make it a reality.”

About Weightless

Weightless, based in Cambridge, UK, is the world’s leading white space M2M
standards body.

Machine communications, often termed M2M, has long been forecast to be a
sector with massive growth. Recent forecasts of 50 billion connected devices
by 2020 from cars to sensors to traffic lights to healthcare applications and
much more.

Weightless’ central mission is to co-ordinate industry players to foster the
development of a new and revolutionary communications standard (called
Weightless) to enable efficient machine-to-machine communications in white

Weightless is currently signing up members, and has strong traction from a
wide variety of industry players.

Further details can be viewed at

About TV White Space

White space is the unused and underused parts of the wireless spectrum. For
example, around the world many TV channels are left vacant in most locations.
Weightless technology initially opens up these channels and will also allow
underused frequencies within other UHF licensed and unlicensed bands be used
efficiently for wireless communication.

About ARM

ARM designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products,
from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging,
automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering
includes RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling
software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products,
peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design
services, training, support and maintenance, and the company’s broad partner
community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable
path to market for leading electronics companies. Find out more about ARM by
going to

About Cable&Wireless Worldwide

Cable&Wireless Worldwide provides integrated communications and data hosting
services to large enterprises and mid-market customers in both the public and
private sectors. With an unrivalled heritage and a globally significant
network Cable&Wireless Worldwide can provide robust secure and resilient
connectivity to over 150 countries.

To find out more, visit

About CSR

CSR is a global provider of innovative silicon and software solutions for the
location-aware, media-rich, cloud-connected world. Our platforms are optimized
for the automotive navigation and infotainment, digital cameras and imaging,
connected home infotainment and wireless audio markets. We provide solutions
to complex problems in the audio-visual, connectivity and location technology
domains across a broad range of markets, with a technology portfolio that
includes GPS/GNSS systems, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, FM, NFC, aptX® and CVC™ audio
codecs, JPEG, MPEG, H.264 imaging, PDL printing, microcontrollers, DSPs and
broadband receivers. CSR's technology solutions and market platforms enable
its customers to deliver a superior user experience and are adopted by leaders
in the auto, computer, home and mobile markets. More information can be found

About Neul

The name Neul is pronounced like ‘fuel’ and is from the Gaelic word for
Neul was formed in Cambridge, UK in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs with
successful track record. The core management team was responsible for building
Europe's most successful fabless semiconductor company, CSR.

Neul aims to unify the fragmented world of Internet of the Things (IoT) and
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, with the world’s first white space
wireless system and a new, open M2M communications standard called Weightless.

Neul is transforming wireless data communications being the first to enable
access to large amounts of unused and underused UHF spectrum, vastly reducing
the costs of base stations and the terminals needed for wide area wireless
networks. This will enable Neul’s customers to build networks and applications
that offer completely new kinds of devices, services and business models.

Neul’s vision is to bring about a revolution in the way devices and
applications communicate. Towards the predicted 50 billion connected IoT and
M2M devices, through smart metering to local broadband delivery,
transportation and beyond. Neul is helping to create 'the internet of

Further details can be viewed at


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