Affymetrix Introduces Axiom® Biobank Arrays for Genotyping Studies

  Affymetrix Introduces Axiom® Biobank Arrays for Genotyping Studies

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- November 01, 2012

Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFX) today introduced Axiom^® Biobank Arrays, a
flexible and high-powered functional biology solution for affordably
genotyping large sample collections such as those screened at biobanks, genome
centers, and core labs.

Axiom^® Biobank Arrays were designed in close collaboration with several
leading research institutions as best-in-class next-generation products that
enable researchers to capture genotypes of a wide range of potential
disease-causing variants in a single experiment. The arrays, available in both
catalog and custom versions, incorporate multiple content categories including
a powerful advanced design Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) panel of
genotype-tested markers for high-coverage analysis in major ethnic groups,
rare coding SNPs and indel markers for exome analysis from Affymetrix’
content-leading Axiom^® Exome Array, ADME and other clinically relevant
markers, and newly discovered loss-of-function variants including sequence
insertions and deletions from recent exome sequencing initiatives.

Dr. Daniel MacArthur, Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital
explained, “Loss-of-Function (LoF) variants are genetic changes that are
predicted to be seriously disruptive to the function of protein-coding genes.
These come in many forms, ranging from a single base change that creates a
premature stop codon in the middle of a gene, all the way up to massive
deletions that remove one or more genes completely. We know these types of
genetic changes are highly enriched for effects on disease risk, but fully
uncovering these effects will require examining them in tens of thousands of
people.Flexible, cost-effective technologies like the Axiom^® technology will
enable powerful experiments on this scale.”

This new content and the highly automated sample processing capabilities of
the Axiom^® Genotyping Solution platform will enable high throughput projects
from large sample cohorts such as the established biobank collections around
the world. Dr.Andrew Brooks, COO of theworld’s largest university-based
biorepository, RUCDR Infinite Biologics,stated “Sample collections are
increasingatan unprecedented rateandin order to maximize utility of
theselarge studies new technologies are required that allow for in depth
analysis of genetic variationwhich combines the quality control process with
valuable discovery based dataat very low price points. Axiom Biobank Arrays
enable this and the easy high throughput workflow we haveas a part of our
technology infrastructureallows forrapid, large scale implementation.”

Axiom^® Biobank Arrays are the most powerful, advanced and cost-effective in
their class with over 600,000 variants and provide customers the flexibility
to add up to 50,000 of their own variants and the additional freedom to fully
interchange variants in any of the content categories to meet the needs of
their specific studies. Axiom Biobank Arrays contain a powerful GWAS panel
that employs a unique upstream design strategy selecting variants optimized
for downstream imputation analysis to provide coverage across millions of SNPs
and indels using an approach based on technology licensed from the University
of Oxford. This provides power unmatched by competing product offerings for
this number of variants.

With Affymetrix’ advanced manufacturing technology, Axiom Biobank Arrays, like
all Axiom arrays, have extensive customization capability and content can be
quickly and cost effectively added or interchanged based on customers’
specific needs. Customers can use the pre-designed array or submit their own
content or select from the Axiom database of already genotype-tested SNPs and
indels which cover genetic variation in over 26 million markers from the 1000
Genome Phase I March 2012 release. In addition to the broadly applicable Axiom
Genotyping Arrays, Affymetrix plans to leverage its capabilities to build a
range of affordable biobank genotyping arrays optimized for screening various
sample collections, including those focused on particular diseases, specific
geographic populations or ethnicities, and other study groups.

Affymetrix is now accepting orders for the new Axiom^® Biobank Arrays and can
ship custom versions of the array within 4-6 weeks.

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Products mentioned in this release are for research use only. Not for
diagnostic procedures.

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