Ultra Mobile Unveils New Standard in Wireless Industry with First $49-a-Month Unlimited US Talk, Text, 4G Data Plan to Include

  Ultra Mobile Unveils New Standard in Wireless Industry with First
  $49-a-Month Unlimited US Talk, Text, 4G Data Plan to Include 1000 Minutes of
  Free International Calls

Mobile Telecom Company Targets Frequent International Callers with No-Contract
Monthly Plans That Eliminate Need for Prepaid Calling Cards, Work with Any
Unlocked Phone with SIM Card

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NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES -- October 30, 2012

Ultra Mobile™, a wireless phone and mobile money platform that enhances the
quality of life for its customers, today launched the only unlimited US voice,
text and 4G datamobile phone service at $49-a-month that includes up to 1000
minutes of free direct-dial international calls and unlimited text to 194
countries. With Ultra Mobile’s first-in-class plans, customers can use a SIM
card on virtually any unlocked mobile phone to access the company’s nationwide
GSM network. Ultra Mobile is eliminating the need for calling cards and global
texting add-ons by including international communication as standard on all of
its no-contract mobile plans. Ultra Mobile plans are designed to appeal to
anyone looking for inexpensive wireless service, especially the frequent
international caller. In addition, the company intends to utilize its wireless
platform to offer customers convenient mobile money services for paying bills,
making purchases, and sending money worldwide. These mobile money services
complement Ultra Mobile’s international offering and offer further
conveniences to several of the company’s target customers -- immigrants,
students from abroad or extended visitors to the United States.

With rates of two cents a minute to 75% of the international destinations
Americans call most such as Canada, Mexico, China, and India, the company is
poised to capture a significant share of the U.S. prepaid wireless market,
which in the second quarter of this year exceeded 100 million users according
to a recent report by analyst Chetan Sharma. Prior to launch, more than
400,000 Ultra SIM cards were purchased by agents and will be distributed to
more than 10,000 retail stores nationwide. The strong demand highlights the
anticipation about the service and its potential to disrupt both the prepaid
mobile and international calling industries.

“It’s time for a mobile carrier to offer inexpensive international calling and
convenient mobile money in the palm of your hand,” saidDavid Glickman,
founder and CEO of Ultra Mobile. “For years, other mobile operators have
chosen to charge rates of typically a dollar a minute or more to consumers
calling family or friends abroad. We will begin to deliver on our promise of
affordability and ease of use by enabling customers to call Asia, Latin
America, Europe, or Africa, using minutes already included in their
$49-a-month plan at no additional cost.”

With international call rates that are more transparent and typically less
expensive than calling card or mobile operator rates, Ultra Mobile intends to
change the way those who live in America, but hold strong bonds to their
family members around the world, connect to each other every day. In many
countries, SIM cards are ubiquitous at local retailers and newsstands,
providing easy access to international calling from any GSM mobile phone.
Today, Ultra Mobile is providing this higher standard of service to mobile
phone consumers in the United States. As a nationwide mobile virtual network
operator (MVNO), Ultra Mobile enables customers to bring their own device or
phone that uses a SIM card, including smart phones such as iPhones^® and
Androids™, to the company’s HSPA+ 42 Mbps network, which is leased from a
major wireless carrier and covers approximately 184 million points of presence
(POPs) nationwide.

“We’re excited that Ultra Mobile already is being viewed as an industry
pioneer and consumer ally,” added Glickman, who has been a telecom innovator,
serial entrepreneur and leader of multinational telecom companies for more
than 20 years. “At a recent trade show, the retailer store owners told us they
are eager to sell the first low-cost plan that includes the global call time
many customers have been requesting. They are also enthusiastic about our
soon-to-be-launched mobile money products that we previewed at the trade
show.” Glickman explained that one of the company’s target customer segments,
the 40 million individuals living in the US who were born abroad, are in need
of mobile money services that offer accessibility, ease of use, no barriers to
entry, less fees, and low balance requirements.

Prior to forming the company, the Ultra Mobile management team created the
award-winning IndiaLD™, the leading international long-distance provider to
the non-resident Indian community. This telecom experience provided the
executives with expertise in serving today’s global families.

“Ultra Mobile has an opportunity to capture the frequent international caller
market, especially people who have relied on calling cards for the past
decade,” saidCliff Tompkins, founder and CEO of RayzMobile, an independent
major agent of mobile telecom services to thousands of retailers. “Unlike apps
or calling card services that require callers to dial another number to
connect internationally, or utilize the internet or unpredictable WiFi, Ultra
Mobile is effortless. Users can easily make and receive ridiculously low-cost
direct calls on their mobile phones to virtually anyone around the world just
as they would make calls to across the street. Combining this wireless phone
service with mobile money is a whole new approach and will undoubtedly appeal
to consumers.”

Getting Ultra Mobile Service

Consumers can go to Ultra.me to review plan options; find a retailer in their
area that can help them to identify and purchase the right plan; or sign up
for the service online. For less frequent international callers, Ultra Mobile
offers a plan for $39 a month with unlimited US talk and global text and
unlimited data, plus $5 of international talk credit, and a $29-a-month option
with unlimited US talk and global text. Consumers can design their own Ultra
Mobile plan by purchasing additional minutes for international talk or
high-speed 4G data available at low rates.

Ultra Mobile Service Features

Ultra Mobile has developed its offerings with the following unique features:

  *Able to Bring Your Own Phone – Ultra Mobile customers don’t need to
    purchase an expensive new cell phone, but can use the company’s unlimited
    talk and text and data services on any unlocked phone that works on the
    1900 MHZ frequency that is used by GSM operators, including AT&T and
    T-Mobile. For 4G high-speed data usage, a customer’s phone must support
  *True International Direct Dialat Inexpensive Prices – Consumers can call
    more than 70 countries, including the 10 most commonly called nations, at
    just two cents a minute, and experience substantially low rates for 124
    other countries.
  *No Hassles – Ultra Mobile does not require a contract, Internet access or
    a credit check for service. The price per minute is the same for every
    call to a country, not just a first call as common with calling cards.
    There is no need for the initiator and receiver of a call to download
    apps. There is no risk of losing calls that are connected to WiFi
    networks. The service allows for direct international dial from customers’
    phones, including numbers on their contact list, which is not the case
    with apps. Ultra Mobile does not require its customers to enter into
    multi-level marketing agreements to provide excellent prices.
  *Nationwide 4G Data Plans for Social Media, Internet Access – Customers can
    enjoy social media and Internet usage at fast 4G speeds up to 42 MBPS and
    reasonable prices.
  *Flexibility in Packages and Add-Ons – With a variety of plans, data and
    international talk add-ons, Ultra Mobile is able is customize packages for
    every consumer’s needs.
  *$29-a-month plan Appealing to Domestic Callers – Consumers who don’t
    frequently call internationally will find the $29-a-month plan a very
    attractive option for ongoing service for themselves and their families.
  *Future Mobile Money Offerings – In 2013, Ultra Mobile will be introducing
    products that provide financial conveniences to customers who are


Based in New York and Los Angeles, Ultra Mobile develops wireless phone and
mobile money solutions to improve the quality of life for its customers. The
company’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable services that
connect individuals with their extended families and friends living around the
world. As the first nationwide MVNO with inexpensive international
direct-calling options, the company launched its initial offering, the only
voice, text and 4G data mobile phone service enabling consumers to make direct
international calls from their own cell phones on a high-quality GSM network
for as little as two cents a minute. Prior to launch, Ultra Mobile sold more
than 400,000 SIM cards that will be distributed to more than 10,000 stores
around the country. The company will unveil its mobile money solutions in
2013. Ultra Mobile’s management team are telecom innovators and advocates
supporting social equity in telecommunications.Learn why everyone’s talking
about Ultra Mobile at Ultra.me and follow the company on social media at
Facebook.com/AskUltra and Twitter.com/AskUltra.


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