Local Technology Company Creates New Website to Fill Void

Local Technology Company Creates New Website to Fill Void

TheOneFile Provides Easy Organization, Storage and Cutting-Edge Security for
All Life's Important Documents

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 29, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drawing on their years of
executive problem solving experience, several local serial entrepreneurs
created YourLifeArchive Inc. last year and have launched the company's first
product, TheOneFile (http://www.theonefile.com), an Internet site designed to
help individuals organize and store their personal information in one secure

Co-founders Jim Kissane and his wife Nancy, both retired executives, had first
talked about the concept in the mid '90s. "It started with a conversation at a
family gathering, when we were discussing the various states of
disorganization of our personal documents," says Jim. "We actually thought of
an Internet application, but realized we were way ahead of the curve. Now
seemed to be the right time to introduce it."

A self-described geek who says he was "a geek before it was chic," Kissane
built his first radio when he was 10 and his first computer back in the '60s.
During the years after that, he was a successful Booz-Allen consultant and led
seven technology units. Several years ago, he and another co-founder, Andy
Schultz, a former Johnson & Johnson marketing executive and founder of Sharn,
Inc. (now a part of Midmark Inc.), began discussing TheOneFile concept.

Key elements of TheOneFile include:

  *Comprehensive and unlimited cloud data storage capabilities: From birth
    certificates and marriage licenses to property titles and living wills,
    there are 123 categories of pre-established data entry. Other categories
    can be added. The website's free form data entry allows members the
    flexibility to create their own storage categories. And unlike most other
    applications, TheOneFile offers unlimited data storage.
  *Security: The site uses the most powerful commercially available
    encryption - 256 bit AES encryption. No one can view/access the user's
    private information directly.
  *Designated, easy access: Users can designate individuals who can access
    specific items to maintain confidentiality while supporting appropriate
    data sharing. Users can access data anywhere through an Internet
  *Safety of data: Cloud storage avoids issues affecting more traditional
    storage options such as lost CDs and computer failures.

"We consider this a new product category that goes well beyond simple storage
to a comprehensive, easy to use and access organization, storage and access
tool," says Kissane. "Our research tells us that our clients, most typically
in the 45 to 75 year old age group, are interested in organization as well as
storage, and appreciate the ability to combine these elements in one secure
product with TheOneFile."

Some of the first users include married couples, seniors and divorcees, but
Tampa resident Barbara Spaulding, 58, says the concept works for many people.

"I think everybody and their brother should have this," says Spaulding, a
former FEMA worker who saw first-hand the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in
2006. "It just makes sense. Everybody in Florida is in a flood zone in my
mind. The cost is a no-brainer. Do you want to take a chance for $89.95 a

TheOneFile offers a free 30-day trial period, with subscription service after
that provided for $8.95 per month or $89.95 per year. Information and a brief
overview demo are available on the website, www.TheOneFile.com.

About YourLifeArchive Inc:

The company is creating new web applications intended to help people become
better organized and less stressed. Developed to provide easy organization and
storage for important documents, the company's TheOneFile product utilizes an
organizing "framework" that offers peace of mind and unlimited data storage
for users, with the highest commercially available level of data security.
Free form data entry allows users to create their own categories and users can
designate individuals and define their specific access. Information is
available on the website, www.theonefile.com.

         Deborah Durkin
         RFB Communications Group
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