Frankenstorm Is Coming To Connecticut: Are You Prepared?

           Frankenstorm Is Coming To Connecticut: Are You Prepared?

Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States brace for first winter storm of the season

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CONNECTICUT, Oct. 26, 2012

CONNECTICUT, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hurricane Sandy has already caused
significant damage to the Caribbean islands and is on track to hit the
Northeast parts of the United States as soon as Monday morning. To make
matters worse, there is a winter storm in Sandy's track and together, they
could become the troublesome "Frankenstorm."


As a major energy provider in Connecticut, Direct Energy wants to ensure that
people know how to safeguard their families, homes and businesses. Direct
Energy is providing useful tips in helping prepare for possible flooding,
severe weather, snow and avoiding electrical issues during the aftermath:

  oStock non-perishable food supplies, a first aid kit, a battery-powered
    radio, flashlights, blankets and extra batteries in air-tight containers.
  oAdjust refrigerator temperatures to the coldest settings to reduce the
    potential for food spoiling if the power is temporarily lost.
  oHave a non-electric analog telephone or a fully-charged cell phone
    available in case you need to make an emergency call during a power
  oRemove fuses from air conditioning system to prevent damage.
  oTurn off water to prevent flooding from broken pipes.
  oTurn off gas to prevent leaks from occurring.
  oTurn off electricity at the main circuit breaker or fuse box to protect
    appliances from power surges.
  oNever use a generator indoors, including garages, basements and
    crawlspaces, even with ventilation. Exhaust fumes contain high levels of
    carbon monoxide which can be deadly if inhaled. Even when left outside,
    keep generators away from doors and windows, and at least 10 feet away
    from your home.
  oDo not use electrical or gas appliances that have been wet, and do not
    turn on damaged appliances because of the hazards of electric shock or
  oAvoid unnecessary road travel while crews are out clearing roads. Anyone
    taking to the streets and highways should consult local traffic
    information systems to anticipate driving conditions and adjust speeds and
    driving accordingly.
  oIf you live in an area that is frequently prone to flooding, stockpile
    emergency building materials,including plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber
    nails, hammer and saw, pry bar,shovels, and sandbags.

Most importantly, have an evacuation plan in place that you and your family
can memorize easily. If time allows, be sure to practice the evacuation
procedures before a true emergency occurs. This should contain the safest
routes with several options, in case some choices are flooded out.

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