INITIUM Launch a New Model of QCM Molecular Interaction Analyzer

INITIUM Launch a New Model of QCM Molecular Interaction Analyzer 'AFFINIX Q8' 
Enhanced performance with 8-channel multi monitoring and low-volume
sensors-Initium Inc. 
Chigasaki, Japan, Oct 25, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - Initium Inc. has developed
jointly with Research Development Division of ULVAC, Inc. and is launching a
new model of QCM(quartz crystal microbalance) molecular interaction analyzer,
AFFINIX Series can analyze molecular association, dissociation, polymerization
and decomposition, in label-free and real-time manner, by measuring resonant
frequency change of a crystal oscillator. These instruments have been used in
wide research areas from biomolecule studies such as proteins and DNA to
material evaluations such as nano particles and thin films. 
AFFINIX Q8 has been developed to enable simultaneous 8-sensor measurements
with low-volume sensors. 
1. Background 
Initium has developed and launched molecular interaction analysis systems that
are simple and easy-to-use, since it was established. As the molecular
interaction analysis becomes popular, customers need larger number of samples
to measure and faster speed of measurements. Initium decided to develop a new
model that keeps to be simple and easy to operate and that has achieved
enhanced throughput of experiments and reduction in the running cost for
2. Features 
i. Simultaneous 8-sensor Measurements
The newly developed measuring system enables simultaneous measurements up to 8
sensors and thereby dramatically accelerates experimental process for
researchers who measure a numerous number of samples. 
ii. Reduction of Sample Consumption Down to 1/5 of the Conventional System
The newly developed low-volume (100 uL) sensor allows measurements with 1/100
of the sample consumption compared to the conventional system AFFINIX QN and
1/5 compared to AFFINIX QNu. This will drastically reduce the running cost for
biological experiments with valuable samples. 
iii. Easy to Handle Sensor
The downsized sensor has drastically improved usability by allowing operations
using a commercial 8-channel pipette. The sensor is designed to easily separate
the measuring cup from the sensor substrate and has thus improved usability for
pre-measurement molecular immobilization process and post-measurement sensor
surface analysis. 
iv. Rapid Start of Measurements and Easy Maintenance
The time to initial frequency stabilization has been reduced half. You can
promptly start experiments. No special maintenance is required other than
simple cleaning of a stirrer. 
v. Space-saving and Excellent Design
The 8-channel instrument can be installed in the same space for a 1-channel
instrument thorough space-saving design and is rather small compared to
competitive instruments, having no problem with securing experiment operation
space in your laboratory. 
3. Application Fields 
This new model is expected to be useful in the "biomolecular interaction
analysis" market and the "material evaluations" market. 
Both markets are for fundamental research at universities and public research
laboratories as well as for evaluations of products and materials under
development at pharmaceutical company,  diagnostic company, chemical company,
material company, etc. 
AFFINIXQ8 can widely cover basic research fields and product evaluation
- Examples of "Biomolecular interaction analysis"
Protein-protein interaction, Protein-peptide interaction, Antigen-antibody
reaction, aggregation of beta-amyloids,  DNA-protein interaction,
polysaccharide measurement, Lipid membrane evaluation and its interaction with
proteins, evaluation of therapeutic antibodies and other biologics, evaluation
of diagnostic antibodies and reagent, etc. 
- Examples of "Material evaluations"
Nano particules adsorption, polymer thin film evaluation, detergent
evaluation, evaluation of dental material surfaces, Protein interaction on
material surfaces, Nanotubes adsorption, etc. 
4. Composition of Product 
The product comes already equipped with a control PC, measurement software and
a complete set of consumables, in addition to the main system. You can use the
system straightaway on the day of your purchase. 
The optional accessories available in conventional models (AFFINIX QN, AFFINIX
QNu etc.) such as the immobilization kit and analysis software can be used on
AFFINIX Q8 as well. 
5. Sales Plan
The annual sales target is 20 units. 
6. Prices and Delivery Time 
i. Planned retail price for a complete set of AFFINIX Q8:
7 million JPY (standard model, not including tax, retail price in Japan)
5.5 million JPY (limited specification model, not including tax, retail price
in Japan) 
ii. Standard delivery time: 3 months after order 
7. Time to Launch
December 2012 
About Initium Inc. 
Initium Inc. was established on October 1, 1999 as a university-based venture
company intended to commercialize the study outcomes achieved by Professor
Yoshio Okahata, Tokyo Institute of Technology. It became a 100% subsidiary of
ULVAC, Inc. on March 31, 2005 when an agreement was made with ULVAC, Inc. to
take over the conventional businesses of AFFINIX Series and to aim at new
business enlargement in collaboration with ULVAC, Inc. For more information,
please visit . 
About ULVAC, Inc. 
ULVAC, Inc., is a Japan-based vacuum equipment manufacturer. ULVAC was founded
in 1952 and has contributed to development of industry and technology through
comprehensive use of vacuum technology and its peripheral technology. We
created "ULVAC SOLUTIONS" based on our one of a kind technologies
built upon long years of research, development, and production technology
innovations. We offer this solution composed of equipment, materials, analytic
evaluation, vacuum components and other various services, for flat panel
displays, solar cells, semiconductors, electronic components, and general
industrial equipment. For more information, please visit . 
Initium Inc. Sales
TEL: +81-467-95-5020 / FAX: +81-467-95-5021
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