Health-Conscious Women are Sixty Percent More Likely to Prefer Popular Brand-Name Drugs, Even if They Cost More

    Health-Conscious Women are Sixty Percent More Likely to Prefer Popular
                   Brand-Name Drugs, Even if They Cost More

The Top Local Markets for Health-Conscious Women are Providence, RI;
Rochester, NY and Hartford, CT

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NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --October is Breast Cancer Awareness
month and in observance, consumer market research firm Scarborough has
analyzed women and healthcare, or, "Health-Conscious Women." Defined by
Scarborough as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor
regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular
exercise routine, Health-Conscious Women make up 16 percent of the U.S. adult
population and 32 percent of the female adult population.


The healthcare statistics on Health-Conscious Women show that they have strong
opinions on healthcare. They are 36 percent more likely than all U.S. adults
to agree strongly that they take medicine as soon as they don't feel well and
60 percent more likely to strongly agree that they prefer popular brand-name
drugs even if they cost more. Thirty-four percent agree that they are often
the first to try the most advanced medicines while 44 percent agree that they
prefer alternative medicine to traditional medicine. Eighty-nine percent of
Health-Conscious Women agree that vitamin supplements improve one's health.

Where do these Health-Conscious Women reside? The top local markets are:
Providence, RI (20% of adult residents are Health-Conscious Women); Rochester,
NY (20%) and Hartford, CT (20%). For the complete list of markets, see below.

Health-Conscious Women are 57 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to be
part of the Silent Generation^*. Thirteen percent of Health-Conscious Women
belong to Generation Y, 21 percent belong to Generation X and 38 percent are
Baby Boomers. Health-Conscious Women may exist within every generation, but
nearly one-quarter (21%) are age 70 or older. Additionally, 13 percent
identify as Black and 14 percent as Hispanic.

Health-Conscious Women are 42 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to
receive Medicare benefits, due to both their age and being 11 percent more
likely to have an annual household income of less than $35K. Thirty percent of
Health-Conscious Women have PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) coverage and
15 percent have HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) coverage.

With regard to specific insurance providers, 35 percent of Health-Conscious
Women have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 12 percent have United Healthcare and seven
percent have Aetna. They are also 26 percent more likely to have purchased
prescription drugs by mail order in the past 30 days.

To reach Health-Conscious Women, on an average weekday, forty-one percent of
Health-Conscious Women read the print or e-edition of their local daily
newspaper and they are 23 percent more likely than all adults to read the food
and cooking section. Twenty-eight percent of Health-Conscious Women watched
the Lifetime network on television in the past 7 days and 26 percent watched
the Food Network in the same time frame. The top radio formats for
Health-Conscious Women are Adult Contemporary (26%), Country (22%) and Pop
Contemporary Hit (21%).

*Scarborough defines the different American generations as Generation Y (age
18-29), Generation X (30-44), Baby Boomers (45-64) and the Silent Generation

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This data is from Scarborough USA+, Release 1, 2012 - Scarborough/GfK MRI
Attitudinal Insights Data. Scarborough measures 210,000 adults aged 18+
annually across a wide variety of media, lifestyle, shopping and demographic

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                     % of Adult Residents
Designated Market
                     Who are Health-
                     Conscious Women
Providence, RI       20%
Rochester, NY        20%
Hartford, CT         20%
Philadelphia, PA     19%
Buffalo, NY          19%
Pittsburgh, PA       18%
Boston, MA           18%
Fort Myers, FL       18%
Harrisburg, PA       18%
Sacramento, CA       18%
New Orleans, LA      18%
Syracuse, NY         18%
New York, NY         17%
Little Rock, AL      17%
Greenville, SC       17%
Tampa, FL            17%
Portland, OR         17%
Detroit, MI          17%
San Francisco, CA    17%
Minneapolis, MN      17%
Tucson, AZ           17%
Austin, TX           17%
San Diego, CA        17%
Greensboro, NC       17%
Houston, TX          17%
Orlando, FL          17%
Kansas City, MO      17%
Tulsa, OK            17%
Miami, FL            17%
Seattle, WA          16%
St. Louis, MO        16%
Baltimore, MD        16%
Chicago, IL          16%
Denver, CO           16%
Fresno, CA           16%
Los Angeles, CA      16%
El Paso, TX          16%
West Palm Beach, FL  16%
Milwaukee, WI        16%
Washington, DC       16%
Albany, NY           16%
Memphis, TN          16%
Norfolk, VA          16%
Richmond, VA         16%
Chattanooga, TN      16%
Harlingen, TX        16%
Colorado Springs, CO 16%
Dallas, TX           16%
Atlanta, GA          15%
Birmingham, AL       15%
Spokane, WA          15%
Albuquerque, NM      15%
Roanoke, VA          15%
Jacksonville, FL     15%
Cleveland, OH        15%
Phoenix, AZ          15%
Green Bay, WI        15%
Raleigh, NC          15%
Mobile, AL           15%
Louisville, KY       15%
Charlotte, NC        15%
Nashville, TN        15%
San Antonio, TX      15%
Las Vegas, NV        15%
Cincinnati, OH       15%
Bakersfield, CA      14%
Des Moines, IA       14%
Flint, MI            14%
Oklahoma City, OK    14%
Indianapolis, IN     14%
Columbus, OH         14%
Toledo, OH           14%
Grand Rapids, MI     14%
Knoxville, TN        14%
Salt Lake City, UT   14%
Honolulu, HI         13%
Lexington, KY        12%

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