Siemens Enterprise Communications Survey Highlights Untapped Potential of Teams

  Siemens Enterprise Communications Survey Highlights Untapped Potential of

Virtual teams use legacy tools and feel frustrated by current collaboration

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RESTON, Va., Oct. 24, 2012

RESTON, Va., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --A study conducted by Siemens
Enterprise Communications on the state of today's working business teams found
great potential for productivity improvements. Seventy-nine percent of
responders report working as part of a virtual team frequently while only 44
percent find their virtual interactions as productive as working face-to-face.
The study also found that employees don't have the tools they need to
effectively work as part of a virtual team, or find the tools they have
frustrating and overwhelming to use, highlighting the opportunity enterprises
have to address the untapped potential of their teams to improve business

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state of today's working business teams:

The study examined both the tools employees use and their perceptions of the
effectiveness of mobile working. A distributed, remote, mobile workforce is a
reality for most businesses today, but many have done little more than equip
employees with a laptop, desk phone and mobile e-mail. Additionally, employees
are often not prepared or trained to interact and build relationships in a
largely virtual world.

The study found:

  o43 percent of users feel frustrated and overwhelmed by their current
    collaboration tools
  oE-mail (93 percent) and phone (89 percent) are most commonly used by
    virtual teams and only 54 percent feel that those tools are sufficient
  o72 percent feel teamwork would be more effective via video, yet only 34
    percent use it
  o75 percent find virtual team members are likely to be distracted
  oOnly 8 percent of businesses have processes in place to manage team
    performance to ensure optimal team output

"This study reinforces what we hear every day from prospects and highlights
the real opportunity enterprises have if they can improve the connection and
collaboration among virtual teams," said Chris Hummel, Chief Commercial
Officer, Siemens Enterprise Communications. "This survey further underpins our
recently released amplifyTEAMS campaign. Our vision is to deliver
communications solutions that redefine the way employees work. Simple to use
across any device - bringing together all channels of communication including
social, video, text, transcription, presence, and analytics into a simple,
central, intuitive experience that empowers workers the way they work to
dramatically improve performance."

Read our blog on amplifyTEAMS

Study Recommendations:

  oShift focus "from ports to people." The focus for the industry at large,
    and for customers, must transcend the technology. Today's opportunity is
    to empower workers and improve the way teams connect, collaborate and
  oAlign user experience with new work lifestyles. Mobility is now the norm
    and users expect the tools they use at work to be as simple and elegant as
    the technology they use in their personal lives. Enterprises should deploy
    communication solutions that allow users to effortlessly move among media
    – voice, text, video and social – all with a consistent, intuitive and
    'joyful' user experience.
  oEmbed unified communications in the way your people work. Communication
    solutions must be closely integrated with the existing applications,
    directories, social networks and groupware enterprises already use, and
    must reduce the complexity and simplify the users' view of content, to
    provide only the information users need in the format they require.

It is time for enterprises to revisit the untapped potential of team
performance – to look at team collaboration as a corporate asset. Siemens
Enterprise Communications' amplifyTEAMS vision is aimed at allowing
organizations to unleash the untapped potential of their teams, in the context
of the new landscape of communications and work lifestyles. It is intended to
deliver fully integrated communications solutions that synchronize
technologies, harmonize the user experience, weave communications directly
into the way businesses operate and empower employees and teams. The result is
a more competitive enterprise. One that amplifies collective effort and
dramatically improves business performance.

Pillars of the amplifyTEAMS Vision include:

  oVibrant Conversations: HD experiences that enable all forms of media
    exchange in real-time.
  oThought Trails: Never lose a thought by recording and transcribing content
    that can be served up to support every discussion.
  oBe Seamless: The tools you use feel like second nature, learn from the way
    you work, are self-aware and adapt to your prevailing situation and needs.
  oFocus: Control your communications world by only interrupting you with
    what you deem to be critical and suppressing what's not.
  oGo Beyond: Inclusive of outside applications to expand into your work

amplifyTEAMS is the vision to unlock your organization's potential. Read the
white paper here.

Siemens Enterprise Communications designed and executed the research survey
via the Web during September and October 2012 – generating responses from nine
countries including North America, Latin America and Western Europe.
Respondent sample size was captured at n=320, generating statistically
significant findings at a 95% confidence level within +/- 5% interval, with a
99.7% completion rate among respondents.

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