XING, the International Social Network for Business Professionals, Adopts Message Systems to Boost Its Member Engagement

  XING, the International Social Network for Business Professionals, Adopts
  Message Systems to Boost Its Member Engagement Efforts

  Consolidating transactional messaging and email marketing operations on a
 unified platform enables XING to communicate with customers more clearly and
                      create a seamless brand experience

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COLUMBIA, Md. -- October 23, 2012

Message Systems announced today that XING, the social network for business
professionals, has consolidated its member communications operations on the
company’s recently launched Customer Conversation Hub. The Message Systems
Customer Conversation Hub solution will enable XING to originate and manage
all its member communications through a single system and unified interface,
rather than maintaining separate systems for automated transactional messages
and marketing email as it had in the past. With a centralized customer
messaging capability, XING has far greater flexibility in how it manages its
member engagement efforts, and will be able to maintain a consistent brand
experience across all its message-based communications.

“The complexities of customer communications in the social networking
environment call for state-of-the-art messaging infrastructure, and we’re
delighted that XING has brought together all of its email operations on the
Customer Conversation Hub,” said George Schlossnagle, CEO of Message Systems.
“We work with most of the largest social networks in the world, so we’ve seen
that member engagement is a constant challenge for these companies. We’re
confident that with the Customer Conversation Hub, XING will not only provide
its members with a seamless email experience, but that this improved
communication experience will drive increased return traffic, more time spent
on-site and greater amounts of social sharing. We’re delighted to welcome XING
to the Message Systems community, and we’re pleased to be working with our
partner Return Path to help XING realize its important member engagement and
overall business objectives.”

This implementation grew out of a project XING has pursued with Return Path, a
close Message Systems partner, to solve certain email deliverability issues
and improve the social network’s overall email performance. Having
successfully reached the original objectives set for the project, the two
companies turned their attention to resolving the problems raised by XING’s
two-track messaging operations. XING had been outsourcing much of its
marketing-oriented customer communications to an email services provider, and
handled direct member communication – system-triggered messages – through an
on-premise open-source MTA-based product. With this arrangement, the look and
feel of the messages that XING members received varied widely depending on the
purpose of the communication at hand. Because the brand experience for members
could be confusing, XING decision-makers were eager to eliminate the divide
between its marketing-oriented and transactional messaging operations.

“The Message Systems solution is a big upgrade not just in our email
capabilities, but in our overall ability to communicate effectively with our
global member base,” said Holger Burger, director of site operations at XING.
“Our challenge at XING is to maintain a beneficial ongoing conversation with
our members, so convenience and ease of use are critical. For instance, being
able to send digest emails with multiple member requests in a single message
rather than multiple individual emails for each request increases convenience
levels and makes it easier for members to get the most value from the XING
experience. We’re already seeing positive results from our Customer
Conversation Hub implementation and look forward to passing on more of these
benefits to our members in the months and years ahead.”

From the email performance standpoint, XING made the transition to Message
Systems to continue building on the positive deliverability results it was
seeing through its work with Return Path, and it also wanted to ensure it
could scale volumes to support the fast growth of its member network. Just as
important was improving its ability to track metrics including click and open
rates, feedback loop monitoring and other measures. In the past, XING had such
limited visibility into its messaging operations that if, for instance, a
password request email got caught in a member’s spam folder, there was no way
for XING’s customer team to detect this problem, and member satisfaction
suffered. On the transactional side of its messaging operations, there was
potential for these kinds of problems to escalate and degrade member
experiences because XING sends out more than 100 distinct system-generated
emails for communications such as notifications of new connection requests,
new connection confirmations, job openings and many more. Additionally, since
XING supports 18 different languages and operates in dozens of countries
around the world, coordinating such complex system-triggered communications –
and maintaining compliance with local privacy regulations – is a daunting data
management task. With the Customer Conservation Hub, XING now has the ability
to orchestrate two-way customer interactions based on any number of customer
data sources and successfully handle all of these issues.

“XING has been a valued client of Return Path for many years now, and we’re
excited that Message Systems has been able to help this innovative company to
bring their member engagement efforts to a higher level,” said Matt Blumberg,
CEO at Return Path. “Our work with XING has focused on core deliverability and
ISP relations, which is the essential foundation to any message-based customer
engagement program, and we’ve successfully boosted their inbox placement rates
into the mid-90% range. We look forward to working with XING and Message
Systems to further these efforts and cement XING’s market position as the
leading international social network for business professionals.”

About Message Systems

Message Systems solutions power many of the world’s largest, most complex
email, text and cross-channel messaging operations. Our solutions enable
companies to integrate messaging with any number of data sources and
applications in order to orchestrate real-time two-way customer interactions
through any messaging stream. The result is more effective customer
communication that boosts engagement, drives down costs, increases revenue and
builds closer relationships. Founded in 1997, Message Systems is headquartered
in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains offices around the globe. World-class
brands that rely on Message Systems solutions include Facebook, US Airways,
PayPal,, Angie’s List, Yesmail and many Fortune 500 leaders in
banking, consumer technology and telecommunications. For more information, go
to or call 877.887.3031

About Xing

XING is the social network for business professionals. More than 12 million
members worldwide use XING to boost their business, job, and career. XING is a
platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet
up, find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and
generate business ideas. Members can meet and exchange views in over 50,000
specialist groups, while also getting together at networking events. The
platform is operated by XING AG, which was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in
2003, has been publicly listed since 2006, and listed on the TecDAX since
September 2011. In December 2010, XING acquired amiando AG, a Munich-based
company and Europe’s leading provider of online event management and
ticketing. Please visit for more information.

About Return Path

Return Path is the worldwide leader in email intelligence. We analyze more
data about email than anyone else in the world and use that data to power
products that ensure that only emails people want and expect reach the inbox.
Our industry-leading email intelligence solutions utilize the world’s most
comprehensive set of data to maximize the performance and accountability of
email, build trust across the entire email ecosystem and protect users from
spam and other abuse. We help businesses build better relationships with their
customers and improve their email ROI; and we help ISPs and other mailbox
providers enhance network performance and drive customer retention.
Information about Return Path can be found at:


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