Adocia is extending its intellectual property to new formulations of monoclonal antibodies

  Adocia is extending its intellectual property to new formulations of
  monoclonal antibodies

These patents cover innovative formulations of monoclonal antibodies enabling
   a subcutaneous injection, in order to improve patients’ lives and reduce
                               treatment costs

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LYON, France -- October 22, 2012

Regulatory News:

Adocia (NYSE Euronext Paris: FR0011184241 - ADOC), a biotech company
specialized in the formulation of therapeutic proteins for the treatment of
diabetes and chronic wounds, announces today that it has filed another three
patent applications covering new formulations of monoclonal antibodies.

More specifically, these patent applications relate to original formulations
that facilitate the subcutaneous administration of antibodies, as well as
innovative formulations that reduce antibody aggregation.

Monoclonal antibodies are therapeutic proteins that are effective in treating
numerous chronic diseases: cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and other
inflammatory diseases. At present, these proteins are mostly administered

Subcutaneous administration is now the preferred method as it makes patients’
lives easier and reduces the costs of treatment. This mode of administration,
however, requires a highly-concentrated formulation of monoclonal antibodies.
These have a high viscosity and create problems when it comes to
administration with subcutaneous injection systems.

Two of the patent applications filed by Adocia relate to innovative
formulations that efficiently reduce the viscosity of concentrated antibody

In a third application, Adocia is seeking patent protection for a new, simple
and effective means of reducing antibody aggregation in both concentrated and
diluted solutions. The regulatory authorities in the United States (FDA) and
Europe (EMA) are more demanding, since these aggregates can be immunogenic and
can result in the treatment being halted.

“We have clearly identified the specific problems that these proteins pose for
the pharmaceutical industry,” said Olivier Soula, Adocia’s research director.
“We think our innovative formulations provide effective, low-cost solutions to
these problems. We are currently presenting the new formulations to a large
number of pharmaceutical companies, which are showing considerable interest in

Adocia is already involved in two collaborations with biopharmaceutical
companies and intends to enter into more.

“Adocia is continuing to innovate in major pharmaceutical industry
applications,” said the company’s President & CEO, Gérard Soula. “The
monoclonal antibody market represents a major opportunity for us, since it was
worth $45 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach $58 billion in 2016.”

About Adocia

“Innovative medicine for everyone, everywhere”

Adocia is a biotech company specialized in the development of best-in-class
drugs from the innovative formulation of certain already-approved therapeutic

Adocia is specialized in insulin therapy and the treatment of the diabetic
foot, one of the main complications of diabetes. Worldwide, more than 366
million individuals are currently suffering from diabetes (with a forecast of
552 million individuals by 2030, i.e. a 51% increase, reaching 70% in emerging
countries). 15% of these patients will develop a foot ulcer during their
lifetime. The markets targeted by Adocia represent more than USD20 billion
(US$17 billion for insulin therapy and USD3 billion for diabetic foot ulcer

Through its BioChaperone® state-of-the-art technological platform, Adocia
intends to enhance the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic proteins and
their ease of use for patients, with the aim of making these medicines
accessible to the broadest public.

Adocia successfully completed two phases I and II studies on the formulation
of a fast-acting human insulin and obtained promising phase I/II results on a
diabetic foot ulcer healing product. Adocia also confirmed the value of its
technology for the formulation of a fast-acting insulin analog by signing an
exclusive worldwide license agreement with a major pharmaceutical company.
Furthermore, Adocia is developing a unique combination of fast-acting insulin
and slow-acting insulin, for an optimal insulin therapy with one single

To be a global leader for the formulation of therapeutic proteins

Based on its experience and recognized know-how, Adocia has extended its
activities to the formulation of monoclonal antibodies, which are gold
standard molecules for the treatment of numerous chronic pathologies
(oncology, inflammation, etc.). In this field, Adocia is engaged in
collaborative programs with two major pharmaceutical companies.

Adocia’s therapeutic innovations aim at bringing solutions to a profoundly
changing global pharmaceutical and economic context, characterized in
particular by the increased prevalence and impact of the targeted pathologies,
population growth and ageing, the need to control public health expenditures
and increasing demand from emerging countries.

Adocia is listed on the regulated market of NYSE Euronext in Paris (ISIN:
FR0011184241, mnemo / Reuters / Bloomberg: ADOC, ADOC.PA, ADOC.FP) and its
share included in the Next Biotech index.

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