Managing the Maze of Health Plan Decisions

  Managing the Maze ofHealthPlan Decisions

                     How Can I Benefit from My Benefits?

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ST. LOUIS -- October 19, 2012

The final months can be the most wonderful time of the year! Holidays are
great, but can be stressful as we navigate these last months of 2012. Make at
least one thing easier on yourself and your family by knowing the “ins and
outs” of choosing the right health plan for 2013. The choices we must make to
take care of our health, including health benefits, are not going away. In
fact, it’s more important now than ever to be a savvy shopper.

More than 77 percent of workers say they’ve made mistakes in their benefit
decisions in the past, with 42 percent saying they waste money every year,
according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Aflac. The
most common mistakes include choosing the wrong deductible, not taking
advantage of their flexible spending account and passing on coverage like
dental and vision that they later wish they had taken, according to the same

As employers continue to see their health costs increase – and try to offset
this by passing along more of the cost to their employees – and as insurers
add new plan features such as online tools and disease management programs –
it’s critical that you do your homework and carefully choose a plan that helps
you save money and brings the most value.

So for those purchasing health insurance through an employer where open
enrollment time has arrived or is right around the corner, consider the
following tips to help you evaluate your choices:

•Do your homework and take advantage of the tools offered to you. For
example, your company may offer benefit plan meetings where you can ask
questions and compare plan options. A little time invested in this meeting can
help you choose the best plan for your family’s needs.

•Examine your family’s past health care spending. The best way to determine a
good plan fit is to understand what health care services your family used this

•Before continuing on your current plan, read the detail. Many employees will
carry over their plan choice from year to year without examining the details –
for example, have the co-pays and deductibles increased? Often employers will
change these levels as a result of the increasing cost of health care
services. It pays to read the detail.

•Prescriptions are one of the most utilized benefits. What coverage is
provided by the plans you’re considering? Are your current prescriptions
covered and at what level?

•Verify in advance that your physician and hospital are part of the network
for the plan you are choosing. This is especially important if you are
switching your insurance company or you are switching to a different health

•Take advantage of your health care flexible spending account, if
appropriate. Health care flexible spending accounts use pre-tax dollars to
help pay health care expenses like co-pays and deductibles but you must
carefully estimate and use all the money in these accounts during the course
of the year.

•One way employers are able to help keep costs down – for the company and for
their employees – is through wellness initiatives. These may include smoking
cessation courses, discounted gym memberships, weight management seminars and
chronic disease management programs. Determine whether your company or
insurance plan offers these types of initiatives and take advantage of them.

Exploring your health benefit options now, during open enrollment, is crucial.
It not only helps you save time and money, it can help you lead a healthier
lifestyle. And that’s a wonderful thing.

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