Paddy Power plc PAP Director/PDMR Shareholding

  Paddy Power plc (PAP) - Director/PDMR Shareholding

RNS Number : 9330O
Paddy Power plc
17 October 2012

      Notification of Transactions of (1) Persons Discharging Managerial
  Responsibility and (2) Persons closely associated with Persons Discharging
                          Managerial Responsibility

This form is intended for use by an issuer making a notification required by
   Rules 7.2 and 7.3 of the Central Bank of Ireland's Market Abuse Rules in
    relation to a person falling within either of the above categories of
 individual. These categories are defined in Regulation 12 (8) of the Market
Abuse (Directive 2003/6/EC) Regulations 2005 and are detailed as part of this

       All relevant boxes should be completed in block capital letters.

1  Name of the Issuer                    2  Name   of    person    discharging 
                                            managerial responsibilities
                                            PATRICK KENNEDY (DIRECTOR)
3  State whether notification relates to 4  Indicate whether the  notification 
   a person  closely associated  with  a    is in respect of a holding of  the 
   person     discharging     managerial    person referred to in 2 or 3 above
   responsibilities  named   in  2   and    or in respect of a  non-beneficial 
   identify the connected person            interest


   N/A                                      NOTIFICATION REFERS TO AN INTEREST
                                            OF THE PERSON NAMED AT 2 ABOVE.
5  Description of shares or  derivatives 6  Name of registered  shareholder(s) 
   or other financial instruments linked    and, if more  than one, number  of 
   to them                                  shares  or  derivatives  or  other 
                                            financial  instruments  linked  to 
                                           them, held by each shareholder

   ORDINARY SHARES OF €0.10 EACH            

                                           PATRICK KENNEDY

7  State the nature of the transaction   8  Number of  shares, derivatives  or 
                                            other financial instruments linked
                                           to them acquired

   GRANT      OF      OPTIONS      UNDER    
9  Number of shares, derivatives or     10 Price per share  or derivative  or 
   other financial instruments linked to    other financial instrument  linked 
   them disposed of                        to them or value of transaction


   N/A                                      N/A
11 Date and place of transaction         12 Date    issuer     informed     of 
   16 OCTOBER 2012, DUBLIN
                                            16 OCTOBER 2012
13 Any additional information            14 Name  of  contact  and   telephone 
                                            number for queries
                                            SUSAN O'CONNOR, +353 1 9051000

   Person authorised  on  behalf of  the  issuer responsible  for  making  the 



   Date of notification ___17 OCTOBER 2012________________

      Information required under Irish Stock Exchange Listing Rule 6.10

The following additional  information is  required to be  disclosed under  ISE 
Listing Rule  6.10 in  respect of  interests in  securities of  a director  or 
secretary or their  connected persons.  An issuer  is not  being required  to 
submit the information below to the Central Bank in respect of any PDMR who is
also a director/secretary/connected persons.

15 Name of director or secretary (if 16 State whether the notification relates
   not required to be stated in  box    to a single
                                        transaction being notified in
                                       accordance with the Market Abuse Rules
                                        and ISE LR 6.10
                                        NOTIFICATION RELATES TO A SINGLE
                                       TRANSACTION BEING NOTIFIED IN
                                        ACCORDANCE WITH THE MARKET ABUSE RULES
                                        AND ISE LR 6.10

17 Description of class of share     18 Percentage of  issued  class  acquired 
                                        (treasury shares of that class  should 
                                       not  be   taken  into   account   when 
                                        calculating percentage)

19 Percentage of issued class        20 Total holding  following  notification 
   disposed (treasury shares of that    and total percentage holding following
   class should not be taken into       notification  (any   treasury   shares 
   account when calculating            should not be taken into account  when 
   percentage)                          calculating percentage)


   N/A                                  N/A


If a person  whose interests are  required to be  disclosed under ISE  Listing 
Rule 6.10  has  been  granted  options by  the  issuer,  please  complete  the 
following boxes:

21 Date of grant                           22 Period during which  or date  on 
                                              which it can be exercised
   16 OCTOBER 2012
                                              4 DECEMBER 2015 TO 3 MAY 2016
23 Total amount paid (if any) for grant of 24 Description of  shares  involved 
   the option                                 (class and number)

   NIL                                        279  ORDINARY  SHARES  OF  €0.10 
25 Exercise price  (if  fixed at  time  of 26 Total  number  of  shares   over 
   grant) or indication that the price  is    which options are held following
   to be fixed at the time of exercise        notification

   €41.36 PER SHARE                           PADDY POWER PLC 2004 LONG TERM
                                              INCENTIVE PLAN - 310,000


                                              PADDY POWER PLC SHARESAVE SCHEME
                                              - 1,515


Name and signature of duly designated officer of issuer responsible for making


Date of notification ____17 OCTOBER 2012_____________

The duly  designated  officer  of  the  issuer  responsible  for  making  this 
notification  acknowledges  and  confirms  that  he/she  is  aware  that   the 
information as has been provided in response  to the questions 15 to 26  above 
is not information which has been required  by or which has been requested  by 
the Central Bank, and is information which  is required to be provided to  the 
Irish Stock Exchange only.

                     This information is provided by RNS
           The company news service from the London Stock Exchange


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